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1,000-Page GOP Report Alleges Deep ‘Rot’ At Top Levels Of FBI, DOJ

1,000-Page GOP Report Alleges Deep ‘Rot’ At Top Levels Of FBI, DOJ

Meet today's FBI and DOJ, the enforcement arm of the DNC.
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What a surprise. Deep rot in the FBI and DOJ? Who would have ever thunk it? Just because Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland are competing to see who is the most corrupt person in law enforcement, does that mean the FBI and DOJ are corrupt? Actually, it does.

When you send 30 heavily armed agents with SWAT/Gestapo-like tactics to arrest a man who pushed an agitator away from his son who was harassing him, you know they not only crossed the line, but that they have gone so far they can no longer see the line. Yet, dozens of pregnancy centers have been firebombed or vandalized and not a single arrest has been made, which should tell you something.

House Republicans have released a report accusing the FBI and DOJ of corruption. The report is 1,050 pages long. The report includes testimony from the numerous whistleblowers who do not like the FBI and the DOJ of becoming the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. Their testimony points to the fact that they are targeting conservative Americans. At the same time, they have covered up for Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

The report says:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken. The “rot” at the FBI “festers in and proceeds from Washington.”

“Over the last year, a multitude of whistleblowers have approached Judiciary Committee Republicans with allegations of political bias by the FBI’s senior leadership and misuses of the agency’s federal law-enforcement powers. These whistleblowers have risked their careers out of fidelity to principle and a commitment to restoring public trust in the FBI. This report begins to tell their stories. Even at this early stage, one startling conclusion is clear: the FBI and its parent agency, the Justice Department, have become political institutions.”

“The American people entrust the FBI with enormous power to fairly and evenhandedly enforce federal laws. As this report documents, the FBI has abused its law-enforcement authority in several ways — violating the fundamental civil rights of American citizens and chilling their participation in the political process.”

The report covers allegations that the FBI is padding and manipulating the number of “domestic terrorism” cases in order to use those numbers to bash conservatives. Why did we never hear about domestic terrorism as leftists were burning down large portions of American cities such as Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis?

From The Daily Wire

Other FBI and Justice Department controversies the report covers are the DOJ’s reported targeting of concerned parents, the FBI’s abuse of foreign surveillance authority, and the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s home.

“The American people entrust the FBI with enormous power to fairly and evenhandedly enforce federal laws. As this report documents, the FBI has abused its law-enforcement authority in several ways — violating the fundamental civil rights of American citizens and chilling their participation in the political process,” the report says.

“Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray have weaponized federal law enforcement to target the Administration’s political opponents and protect political allies,” it continues. “Instead of using their enormous law-enforcement capabilities to make America safer, the FBI is investing its limited time and resources to further a leftist political agenda. The American people deserve better, as do the many patriotic Americans who joined the Bureau to make America a better place.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 18

  1. PROUDWHITE says:

    When w e TAKE the House/Senate START Prosecuting these FBI Criminals. After we take the Presidency, PROSECUTE Biden and the DEMOCRATS.

    • Paul says:

      Hang the top two by their nuts until dead. That will set the proper example!

      • turdbreath says:

        Only problem is the top two have no nuts. Try another method.

      • sue smith says:

        they don’t have any or they’d stand up to the bullies.

      • alix says:

        I think youre right Paul. They have none.

    • Christian Wolf says:

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch… When you wake up Wednesday and see the democRATs have stolen another election, don’t be surprised. They are LIARS. They are CHEATS. They are THIEVES. They are also MURDERERS… They will steal this election. Just like they did in 2020. And they will do it in broad daylight, and dare you to do anything about it. We are in very sad, very dangerous time. Only the Good Lord Himself can help us against these diabolically evil demons… Pray that He has had enough of their debautchery.

    • Recce1 says:

      Congress doesn’t have the power to prosecute, at least not constitutionally. It’s the administration that enforces the law through the DOJ and its investigative agencies like the FBI as provided in Article 2 of the Constitution. Under Article 3 the courts adjudicate the law.

      So, if the GOP wins the midterms decisively, they should appoint a Senate Select CHURCH type committee in either the House or Senate to thoroughly investigate and recommend for prosecution, with severe penalties, those agencies and individuals that were involved in the sham investigations of Trump and conservatives and their attempts to rig elections with false information.

      Conservative constitutionalists have to win both Houses and elect someone like Trump or DeSantis to the presidency, someone with the intestinal fortitude to risk extreme backlash from disloyal groups. The survival of a democratic (VERY small d) Republic with an exegetically rather than eisegetically interpreted Constitution and a free market capitalist economy under true Contrat Law depends on it.

      Then they’ll have to do a deep, deep cleaning of MANY agencies along with perhaps abolishing some and combing others for a DRAMATIC shrinking of the federal BEHEMOTH.

  2. Tom says:

    The GOP BETTER have intense surveillance of mail- votes and machines because the FB, the DOJ and McConnell will do ANYTHING to steal this election. Otherwise, their futures are about to change.

    • Paul says:

      I agree, I won’t believe the Red Wave until it has been successfully completed. They’ve already tried cheating in PA and I’m sure elsewhere that hasn’t been spotted yet.

  3. Drosack says:


  4. Colsteve says:

    I think Paul is being rationally cautious. The big media has been quiet as of late so as not to play down a sure thing for those stealing SOBs. Better to be surprised and then elated, of course a fake out than to be caught red handed.
    What can we do if overwhelming evidence of election theft tilts the vote to Biden and his thieves? DOJ, FBI and a resistant SCOTUS means we are doomed for more of the same. Last week in Brazil with the assiof the CIA and FBI may be a prelude to the results. I hope not.

    • billi says:

      That department of the FBI/CIA designed to upset and replace dictators has been very busy here staging a Coup against Trump and any ally of Trump. Think thats not true. Think about it. !!!

  5. If the Roof of a building is leaking take off the Roof and Replace the Whole Top Floor and Jail them too

  6. Larry! says:

    Treason much? wakeup people!!!!

  7. m says:

    May these scumbags be investigated & actions taken to get them out of their posititons.
    this has gone on long enough. The american people are burdened with what Biden has done to this country & to them. Now, we have to deal with these scumbags of the FBI, DOJ.
    The american people have had enough. The Republicans will take the house & senate back.
    Then, they had better do as they promised the american people to deal with these agencies.

  8. Red Realist says:

    How can anyone think the midterms will be fair when the election thieves got away SCOTT FREE two years ago!?!?!? Does anyone really think they’re gonna play fair this time?? Why should they? They know quite well that many of them would be headed to jail if the honest constitution loving party won back power. So they’ll cheat like the dickens to hold their ground.
    Only Almighty God can turn this nation back to a moral course and put conservatives in power.
    America needs to pray like we’ve never prayed before.

  9. kirk harlen says:

    Only the American people [all of US] can keep the government from falling into communism fascism? We have to continually be on watch — as we know the politicians are not going to follow- our constitution. So, we the people are the only ones that will be able to keep our democratic republic on tract. Wake up people– freedom isn’t free-We have to continually fight for it. SSGT USMC

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