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14 FBI Whistleblowers Expose What’s REALLY Going on at the Rogue Agency

14 FBI Whistleblowers Expose What’s REALLY Going on at the Rogue Agency

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There is a problem at the FBI, but you are probably aware of this. According to Rep. Jim Jordan, there are presently 14 whistleblowers who have come out and accused the FBI of making choices based on political factors, if doing so would require breaking the law and harassing ordinary people who have valid concerns.

According to Rep. Jordan, “Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers, and they are good people. There are lots of good people in the FBI. It’s the top that is the problem.”

“Some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us what’s going on, the political nature now of the Justice Department, talking about the school board issue, about a whole host of issues.”

Jordan had revealed that six whistleblowers had come forward earlier in the summer. Two of them knew details about the domestic terrorist memo and its reference to parents. There were four more people who had details of what happened on January 6th.

Sen. Chuck Grassley stated in July that informants about Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings and the FBI’s cover-up of his crimes had visited his office.

Jordan also said, “It’s becoming a well-worn trail of agents who say this has got to stop, and thank goodness for them and that American people recognize it, and I believe they’re going to make a big change on November 8.”

What did FBI Director Christopher Wray do to agents who were pro-American and on the right? He punished them because he said they “espoused conspiratorial notions.” At least one of them was fired.

Rep. Jordan fired back with his second letter to Wray in June 2022, which included the following:

We continue to investigate allegations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is retaliating against FBI employees for engaging in disfavored political speech. On May 6, 2022, we sent you a letter that detailed examples of the FBI suspending the security clearances of FBI employees for their participation in protected First Amendment activity.

To date, you have failed to acknowledge our letter or begin to arrange for the requested briefing. Since our May 6 letter, we have received new protected whistleblower disclosures that suggest the FBI’s actions are far more pervasive than previously known. Multiple whistleblowers have called it a “purge” of FBI employees holding conservative views.

As one example, the FBI targeted ———– , who works in the FBI’s ———- by suspending security clearance and eventually indefinitely suspending ——— from duty and pay. ———-  had apparently shared personal views that the FBI was not being entirely forthcoming about the events of January 6. As a result, the FBI determined that ——– had “espoused conspiratorial views” and “promoted unreliable information which indicates support for the events of January 6,” and therefore the FBI questioned ——- allegiance to the United States.


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Comments 8

  1. John Morris III says:

    Make the Bastards walk the plank!

  2. ROBERT JONES says:

    RTFUS, RTFU: Well need to double the real professionals that don’t want to see their professions burned down by the top one’s who light the matches. Its time and you can make the Red House your Chicken Coupe and get our lazy-destructive back stabbers out. It’s your USA too, remember that and it is not you or us that need to help keep destroying it just to pay the Communist that and don’t think they don’t have a pit that will put your naked bodies right in and light the matches. Time for more of you to step up and crack some eggs. they are shells only, rotten smell and wiping your asses too. Step up.

    • gregory jasick says:

      LAUGH AFFIRMITIVE Action vs ASS The BEST n BRIGHTEST Chickens Have CUMM hommie to ROOST!!!


  3. Lorraine E Blazich says:

    Congress should defund the fbi. The fbi should be shut down until puppet joe is out of office and a conservative president appoints a new man or woman to be the head of the fbi . As it stands now the fbi is nothing more than the ”hit” men for the leaders of our country’s socialist party.

    • turdbreath says:

      Instead of socialist party, I refer to it as marxist party.

      • gregory jasick says:

        NO! They are IDENTIFIABLE by Their ACTIONS!!!!

        satanists ! Occultists ! Druid erf WorSHITTERS! Osiris’s Lost ‘ cock’ Heads !

  4. Ron C says:

    Nonsense the FBI is corrupt to the bone, there is probably only a couple dozen good men in the FBI, Fact!

  5. mka says:

    So what is going to be done? Another useless investigation,where all guilty parties get better jobs at cnn. I get so angry when these communist,socialist never get the old fbi at the gate treatment.
    They have waited long enough for Hillary to proclaim the statute of limitations is out. Waiting for the same thing for the criminal doper(hunter biden) and the big guy.Face it,we have been sold out and the republicans are as impotent to do anything as a capon in a hen house.

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