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Durham Report Finds That FBI was Biased Against Trump, Should Never Have Opened Russian Collusion Investigation

John Durham Documented the Biggest Illegal Dirty Trick in U.S. History

Durham exposes the truth of how the FBI tried to get Trump removed from office based on their lies and those of Hillary Clinton.
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Watergate was a minnow compared to the Russian collusion hoax manufactured by Hillary Clinton and utilized by the corrupt FBI, which would be a whale in comparison.

The FBI knew it was fake in August of 2016, but they disregarded that fact in what can only be described as treason.

But, you and I know that no one will suffer consequences for their acts like the people involved in the Watergate break-in, That’s because they were Republicans. No Democratic privilege for them.

Special Counsel John Durham exposed the largest political hoax in the history of this country. Compare that to the J6 political prisoners, some of whom rotted in prison for two years for misdemeanors.

Between the FBI and Robert Mueller, they spent in excess of $50 million taxpayer dollars for purely political reasons.

Durham laid out the entire mess and he named names, but the lamestream media has called a lid on the story. They won’t report it for love or money.

Durham stated in his report that neither the FBI nor the CIA had even a small amount of proof of collusion. But, remember, they knew that from the start.

But, more importantly, Durham discovered a meeting in the White House with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

In that meeting, Brennan laid out Hillary’s strategy, but they kept that to themselves because they were scared of Trump winning the White House and showing what a true conservative could do. Then Biden took over and demonstrated what a liberal can’t do.

Specifically, Durham’s report says:

“What the FBI knew from its intelligence collections as of early 2017. As the record reflects, as of early 2017, the FBI still did not possess any intelligence showing that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officers during the campaign.”

From The Gateway Pundit

These unidentified sources reportedly stated that (i) U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted communications of members of Trump’s campaign and other Trump associates that showed repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election; (ii) former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had been one of the individuals picked up on the intercepted “calls;” and (iii) the intercepted communications between Trump associates and Russians had been initially captured by the NSA.

However, official FBI documentation reflects that all three of these highly concerning claims of Trump-related contacts with Russian intelligence were untrue. Indeed, in a contemporaneous critique of the Times article prepared by Peter Strzok, who was steeped in the details of Crossfire Hurricane, all three of the above-referenced allegations were explicitly refuted. Strzok’s evaluation of the allegations included the following:

  • The FBI had not seen any evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with Russian intelligence officers. He characterized this allegation as misleading and inaccurate as written. He noted that there had been some individuals in contact with Russians, both governmental and non-governmental, but none of these individuals had an affiliation with Russian intelligence. He also noted previous contact between Carter Page and a Russian intelligence officer, but this contact did not occur during Page’s association with the Trump campaign.
  • The FBI had no information in its holdings, nor had it received any such information from other members of the Intelligence Community, that Paul Manafort had been a party to a call with any Russian government official. Strzok noted that the Intelligence Community had not provided the FBI with any such information even though the FBI had advised certain agencies of its interest in anything they might hold or collect regarding Manafort.
  • Regarding the allegation that the NSA initially captured these communications between Trump campaign officials and Trump associates and the Russians, Strzok repeated that if such communications had been collected by the NSA, the FBI was not aware of that fact.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 21

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  2. The Rebel says:

    Will it ever be possible to eradicate all the drunks, liars, pedophiles, perverts, whores, and thieves from DC politics? Until that day————————-ROME continues to burn !!!!!

  3. Bill Shillingford says:

    AND regardless of the findings NO Democrat will go to jail. But if Republicans did this you can bet there would be jail time involved. But given majority of voters gave no idea as who or what they are voting for we are a dying Republic/ Democracy

    • cm cmcovington says:

      Bill Barr keeps running his mouth, and he was part of this also.

  4. Ron C says:

    The taxpayers were injured by these lies why aren’t the FBI agents responsible being sued to ruins and Hillary herself also?

  5. All of the CRIMINALS mentioned in this report must be locked up just as they did the Jan6 individuals who were lead on by the FBI. How does this trash sleep at night or look into a mirror? No mercy from this corner.

  6. Robert O'Campo says:

    Genuine Conservatives take GREAT exception to spineless comments like “But you and I know that no one will suffer consequences for their acts…”!!! We must not throw in the towel and allow these TRAITORS to walk! The DC Culture of Corruption Must END!!! We MUST prevail upon our elected officials to damn the torpedoes and to take legal action NOW!!! These criminals MUST be prosecuted to the Full extent of the Law!!! ALL of them!!!

    • haldaniels says:

      So, during the last years of “Joey’s” Vice Presidency the “Government Prosecutor” of Ukraine
      started the investigation of Burisma Holdings, where Hunter was employed @ $50,000 per month,
      the U.S. Government was holding up monetary aid to Ukraine until the investigation was over. But,
      pal Joey who coincidentally was the decision maker, at that time, of whether or not Ukraine would
      get the aid, threatened Ukraine that if the Prosecutor was not fired they WOULD NOT get that aid!
      The prosecutor was in fact fired and Ukraine got the aid. VP Joe Biden had even bragged about HIM getting the prosecutor fired. Now if that’s not “quid pro quo”, what is? Remember the old saying: “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….” but in this case it wasn’t a duck, it was a “snake in the grass” which is exactly what the present POTUS of the U.S, is. IMPEACH HIM!

  7. Denno Dogg says:

    The biggest crime committed during the “Watergate” incident was the leaking of classified and confidential information to the Wa Post by deputy director Marc Felt. His protracted leaks and cover up by the WaPost earned him the aptly given nickname “Deep Throat”, and gave falsely earned credibility to two bullschiff artist reporters.

  8. julia says:

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  9. Hunter's Crakpipe says:

    You cannot be any more dishonest or stupid. Go back to the basement Libturd.

  10. I would never in my 67 years believe this could happen to our great country. This last year in a half, I would believe just about anything now, we see it daily. What is happening to our great country is heart breaking. I feel for our children & grandchildren, they will never know the great spirt of growing up in America where we all loved our county and we all got along with others. I will be voting for the best President in my era President Trump! I’m so happy I am not a Democrat any longer, it seems they don’t respect anything we the people want for our country, they just want to push for all these weirdo’s out there and not stand up for our rights!

  11. Joan L. says:

    “Durham stated…not even a small amount of proof of collusion.” I’d say Mr. Durham totally missed that there was a HUGE proof of collusion (but it wasn’t fomented by Pres. Trump). The collusion was committed by Democrats and other leftist operatives, including CIA, FBI, DOJ and particularly Hillary Clinton who was bent on doing everything she could do to undermine Mr. Trump’s campaign to become President. This Russian Collusion plot needs to be refocused on the instigators to identify the laws broken and the characters involved to bring every one of them to justice. They should make whole the $50+million of taxpayer funds used on this illegal slandering of Pres. Trump and they should spend years in jail for the harm they have caused. Had President Trump not been targeted he would have likely won in 2020 and the additional harm to the nation would not have occurred. (i.e. raging inflation, market devaluation, the debt explosion, rampant unfettered illegal immigration, war in Ukraine, KIA in Afghanistan, China beating the drums against Taiwan, etc.)

  12. CPO Bill says:

    The Dirtiest Trick was getting stuck with that crooked lying piece of schiff biden!

  13. CharlieSeattle says:

    Defund the DOJ and FBI and start over.

  14. RockyMtn1776 says:

    I’d say this is the 2nd biggest dirty trick. My guess for the number one spot would be Covid. This entire story was a lie from beginning to end. There have been many scams but none on a worldwide scale involving so many lives and so much money. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been pulled off on the entire world. The amazing part of it is, they got away with it!

  15. Steve says:

    Time to put thoes in Charge of the fbi and killary clinton in federal pen

  16. Lyudmila says:

    Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton – the names of these criminals will remain in the history of America for all ages, for treason, for treason against our people, for the overthrow of our President Donald Trump! SHAME TO THE TRAITORS!

  17. Alyssa Harris says:

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  18. Gerald Ladd says:

    This is what our two tier justice system looks like! It will never change!

  19. To the administrator, You always provide in-depth analysis and understanding.

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