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Jamie Raskin is a Liar and Fire is Hot: Bill Barr Destroys Democratic Propagandist

Jamie Raskin is a Liar and Fire is Hot: Bill Barr Destroys Democratic Propagandist

Jamie Raskin does what he does best.....LIE!

Jamie Raskin is an unapologetic liar. He claimed that there is nothing to the Biden bribery scheme because he claimed the Justice Department had investigated the allegations in 2020 but decided not to move further because then-U.S. Attorney Scott Brady “found no evidence to corroborate” them. Bill Barr called BS. The DOJ did not dismiss the case. They were convinced that the investigation must continue and he assigned US Attorney Scott Brady to vet the evidence. They never dropped the case.

Raskin was not satisfied with just one lie, so then claimed that Rudy Guiliani is the one who fed the information used on the FD-1023 form. Barr called that an outright lie because the report began with a credible FBI source and everything after that was developed within the DOJ and the FBI. The FBI met with Raskin and Rep Comer and showed them the FD-1023 form with the evidence of the Biden bribery scheme and of course, Raskin denied it. I think they tightened his head scarf too tight.

Barr said he assigned Brady the task of vetting the document to determine its credibility. Barr says Raskin is confused. I guess when you get confused, you lie. Barr explained that there were so many investigations ongoing involving Joe Biden, he did not want them blending in together. At no time were the bribery charges debunked. Biden denies the charges, but he has yet to explain why his family needed so many shell companies. This is something money launderers use to conceal where money comes from and where it goes to.

From The Blaze

But in a new interview with Fox News, Barr described Raskin as “confused” and explained what happened with the contents of that now-infamous FD-1023 form.

Barr said he assigned Brady the task of vetting the document to determine its credibility. He established this “intake process,” he explained, because there were a number of ongoing investigations related to the Biden family and he wanted to avoid “proliferating investigations around the country going in to the election year, all related to the Bidens.”

“It was stuff that was developed within the department and the FBI from [a] confidential human source. And that information was checked out and it was determined that it was not likely to have been disinformation,” he said.

“It doesn’t say whether it’s true or not. But there was no sign that it was disinformation,” Barr added. “And so it was provided to the ongoing investigation in Delaware to follow up on and to check out.”

Later in the interview, Barr said the protracted investigation into Hunter Biden, which is being led by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, is damaging the nation.

The investigation has been ongoing for more than four years, and its lack of conclusion is leaving Barr personally “flummoxed” and “impatient,” he admitted.

“I think it’s time to fish or cut bait and find out what actually happened in that investigation,” Barr said.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 21

  1. Happy Warrior says:

    He’s also a fool & not just for his politics. Does this old white dude not look at himself in the mirror before he leaves the house in the morning? That dew rag is ridiculous!

    • Joldy says:

      I agree what a pathetic stupid looking old fool. Do they not have a dress code or is he above it as a vermin democrat

      • AliceFoster says:

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    • Denno Dogg says:

      Raskin is looking for sympathy due to his “cancer”. It would seem that he started wearing the rag the day that he announced it. My wife had both radiation and chemotherapy for months and didn’t start losing her hair until about her 6th week of chemo, but I realize that the symptoms could differ between individuals. My question is, has anybody even verified the treatment that he has received so far? If he wasn’t such a foul liar, this question wouldn’t be necessary.

    • Zer Noone says:

      I think Raskin looks like Steven Van Zandt without the guitar, only uglier. That was after realigning my thoughts because at first, I thought it was an old Biker chick.

    • B. Clinton says:

      CNN…the home of Fake news and Anderson Anderson love this fool…he is living on their network

    • Renee says:

      If you’re talking about Ruskin he has Cancer

  2. Lisa says:

    bill barr is a TRAITOR, hey barr, why did you take it away from Miami and moved it to DC? you are a f’ing traitor and need to be hanged in a public square

  3. Richard says:

    Why is no one talking about the non reporting of the $5 million in the bribery case with the IRS? Did Hunter report his $5 million also? So not only is there is a bribery case, but a non reporting of this money to the IRS.

    • Denno Dogg says:

      Because they indicted Trump on the same day as the bribery stories of the bidens’ were revealed. Distract and lie.

    • B. Clinton says:

      Because of the existence of the Clinton Murder Machine

  4. nonstopca says:

    If bill barr, recognizes it as a lie, it has to be a whopper.

  5. Raskin is definitely as stupid as he looks, he’s now competing with Adam Shitt on who’s the best liar of the year.
    Fu** all of you Communist Democrats and Rinos and the Communist Voters.

  6. Russ says:

    Of course Raskin is a liar he is a democrat..Democrat=liar. Raskin is a slimy, corrupt pos.

  7. Ellie C says:

    Raskin is an idiot, he is suffering from cancer. Wouldn’t you think someone that has a deadly disease, you would not be lying on someone.
    Half of the men in Congress are bald, he loks like damn fool with that handkerchief wrapped around his bald head. Moron, another Moron in the DNC.

  8. Bob Marks says:

    What’s up with all these Democrats that can’t tell the truth? I guess the only way they can win anything is to lie and cheat. Maybe someday they will realize that the American people are not that stupid!!! Don’t know how many times they have to be caught lying before they realize it is reflected on the whole party!!!

  9. Grayfox41 says:

    Is Raskin a product of or a procreator of the demonic deep state?

  10. bob says:

    After kneeling and blowing Adam Schiff for so long ,,, asswipe Jamie Raskin learned also how to LIE so much !!! Hopefully, the cancer does double duty on this liberal , lying pr!ck !!!!!

  11. Tanya Old says:

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