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Previous Target of DOJ’s Trump Legal Hit Squad Alleges Misconduct

Previous Target of DOJ’s Trump Legal Hit Squad Alleges Misconduct

Jack Smith and David Harbach have worked together against another Republican and were sanctioned for using illegal tactics.

This is not the first time that Jack Smith used illegal methods while prosecuting a Republican. Smith built his reputation in a trial against Republican former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.).

According to Renzi, Smith was tied into illegal wiretaps, jury influencing, and other highly questionable behavior as it related to his prosecution. Renzi was convicted but was later pardoned by President Trump.

Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel to oversee Trump investigations, and Smith added David Harbach to his team.

Smith and Harbach had previously worked together at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Kosovo war crimes court.

Not so coincidentally, Smith and Harbach worked together in the Renzi trial as well. Renzi was convicted on 17 felony counts in 2013 surrounding alleged bribery and extortion.

The reason that Trump pardoned Renzi was that multiple people in the prosecution in that case, including Smith himself were sanctioned by the judge.

It seems multiple individuals involved in prosecuting Renzi, including Smith himself, were sanctioned. Based on a 2019 complaint and request for investigation filed on Renzi’s behalf by respected legal firm Mayer Brown, evidence was found of prosecutorial misconduct, including improper media leaks, illegal wiretaps, concealment of exculpatory evidence and impeachment evidence, destruction of evidence, and introduction of false testimony before and during Renzi’s trial. This misconduct involved both the FBI and DOJ, with prosecutors under the supervision of none other than Jack Smith. David Harbach was among those handling the prosecution of Renzi.

Smith and Harbach appear to be stacking the deck against Trump in an eerily similar fashion to how they targeted Renzi. In exclusive comments to PJ Media, the former congressman told me about his experience with Smith and Harbach and how it serves as a warning for Trump, including shocking details never before made public.

“The prosecutorial misconduct of Jack Smith and his lead prosecutor in my case, David Harbach, is what led to the presidential pardon” Trump gave him, the former congressman told me. Now that dangerous duo has teamed up again, with Donald Trump as their new target. “In the Miami courtroom, David Harbach was sitting behind Jack Smith. So both men who prosecuted me, who engaged in misconduct, reunited themselves and have gone after the president.” Renzi said Smith and Harbach were sanctioned “three times in my case,” with one sanction based on illegal wiretaps. For Renzi’s case, Smith and Harbach tried to “pierce the attorney-client privilege.” That is the exact language the Los Angeles Times used to describe what the federal prosecutors under Smith were attempting to do with Trump: “pierce attorney-client privilege.” Was Renzi’s conviction based on a political hit job, and is the same attack being launched against Trump?

Renzi said:

“Harbach and Smith go into the jury pool, and they ask the [potential] jury, ‘Raise your hand if you’re pro-life, raise your hand if you’re in favor of pregnancy care centers.’ And they then try to eliminate those people from my jury.” 

From PJ Media

The former congressman added that Smith and Harbach were “sitting there, writing down their numbers — those potential jurors are sitting in chairs that are numbered — so that they can then exclude them from the jury. And they did. They struck those numbers … That’s the corrupt tactics that you can expect from these guys in the courtroom.”

If Smith and Harbach truly did attempt to exclude pro-life individuals from the jury, as Renzi said, that’s blatant, politically-fueled interference, of exactly the sort CNN was suggesting for Trump’s potential jury trial. “Win at all costs, that’s their motto,” Renzi insisted. He noted that the law firm that presented all the evidence of Smith and his team’s wrongdoing (Mayer Brown), including the illegal wiretaps and false testimony, was Democratic — but that the evidence was clear and not dependent on political affiliation.


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  1. Nicholas says:

    Lot of talk and yet no action is ever taken against these corrupt Democrats.

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  2. Stephen Russell says:

    Goes Both ways, OK GOP DO something NOW

  3. Jennifer says:

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  4. Ron C says:

    So why exactly are corrupted and dirty laws working as a lawyer anyway, and then the corrupt lawyers are working for the corrupt government! What are the Judges doing, disbar these A-holes.

  5. T . EQUALIZER says:

    Why not ask God to just smite ALL the ELITE , SATANIC , GARBAGE ?

  6. Mike Navarre says:

    Smith’s job was to prosecute Trump by any means possible. Garland selected him for that very reason. Why has Garland sat on the evidence against Biden for years? Garland is the one that should be prosecuted for lying to congress.

  7. Hurricane says:

    Just looking at Jack Smith tells you how corrupt he is. He needs to be removed from office. PERIOD!

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