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William Barr Reveals He Had Intimate Knowledge of Biden Ukraine FD-1023 Investigation in Summer 2020: Failed to Notify the Voters

William Barr Reveals He Had Intimate Knowledge of Biden Ukraine FD-1023 Investigation in Summer 2020: Failed to Notify the Voters

Bill Barr once again corrects the lamestream media lies. The investigation is still ongoing and the information came from the FBI and not Rudy Giu;iani/

If Bill Barr is not the absolute worst Attorney General in the history of the United States, he is at least in the bottom two.

He has admitted that he was very much aware that the accusation had been made and was under investigation, yet he failed to notify the public of the possible crimes committed by Joe Biden.

This will not be true in 2024. Everyone will be well aware of the scandals. Unfortunately, Democrats no longer depend on voters to win elections.

Yesterday was Monday, June 12th and we learned that there are multiple 1023 forms and that the Ukrainian businessman who paid Joe Biden the bribe recorded 2 conversations he had with Joe Biden and 15 with Hunter Biden as insurance.

Even the in-the-tank media will find it hard to defend Joe Biden against treason. And Democrats in Congress will be risking their own jobs if they try to block impeachment should the Republicans all grow a pair of cojones.

From The Gateway Pundit

The apparent purpose of Bream’s interview was to have Barr attack President Trump over the classified documents prosecution. The questions about the FD-1023 were an afterthought at the tail end of the interview with Bream not mentioning that Joe Biden himself was accused of taking a $5 million bribe or that it involved Burisma.

However, Barr, without naming Joe Biden, revealed the information alleging Biden was bribed was so credible that after a vetting process by the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney’s office it was farmed out to several offices in addition to the Delaware U.S. Attorney.

Barr repeated his statement made last week that the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney’s office did not shut down the Biden bribery investigation. Barr also said it was the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney’s office that “developed” the FD-1023 form that FBI Director Christopher Wray has fought to keep out of the hands of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

Barr’s statements detail a real-time intimate knowledge of the allegations and handling of the FD-1023 in the summer of 2020:

“…the Pittsburgh office vetted it. They did some great work. They actually went back and developed more, more information that apparently had been overlooked by the FBI and they developed this 1023 that, that has a lot of detail. And then they, they took it to the, uh, Delaware and to other offices and briefed them on it for, for their use and for follow-up.”

-“this did not come from Rudy Giuliani, it actually came from the FBI.”

Partial Transcript:

Shannon Bream: …”I want to make sure while we have you here though to ask you about this uh, FBI document that the House GOP has been warring with the FBI over, this 1023. Um, Jamie Raskin the top Democrat on House Oversight has said, ’cause he’s seen it too, that there was something there that under your uh, administration, that it was closed out. He said it’s linked to Rudy Giuliani. You guys have had some back and forth. This is what he says now: “I stand one hundred percent by my statements that we were told by the FBI team that visited us on Monday, June 5th that the Department of Justice team of prosecutors and FBI agents under U.S. Attorney Scott Brady determined that there were no grounds to escalate the probe from an initial assessment of the allegations surfaced by Rudy Giuliani to a preliminary or full-blown investigation and that was therefore closed down.” So, was it closed down? Was Rudy Giuliani connected to any…?”

William Barr: “The, the investigation of the allegations made in that document was not closed down. As I’ve repeatedly said, I set up a process at the beginning of 2020 to vet evidence before it went to the open pending investigations. Further example, there was one in Delaware–apparently there still is one in Delaware.”

Bream: “With Hunter Biden.”

Barr: “Yes, and, and the financial transactions and so forth. And we were worried because a lot of stuff was coming in, that we wanted to make sure what the source was, whether there was obvious disinformation, before it was disseminated to investigations, ’cause we wanted to protect the Integrity of those investigations. So the Pittsburgh office vetted it. They did some great work. They actually went back and developed more, more information that apparently had been overlooked by the FBI and they developed this 1023 that, that has a lot of detail. And then they, they took it to the, uh, Delaware and to other offices and briefed them on it for, for their use and for follow-up. The reason the Pittsburgh people didn’t escalate it is because they weren’t authorized to start a new investigation. They were simply performing a unique and limited task of vetting information that would then go to pending, already open investigations.”

Bream: “Um, and again this is about allegations that a source came to the FBI saying they had information about payments to the Biden family from foreign executives. Um, but quickly on the Rudy Giuliani point, true or false? I mean…”

Barr: “My recollection is false. I don’t think this came, this did not come from Rudy Giuliani, it actually came from the FBI.”






  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  1. Richard says:

    Then, I ask Comer why doesn’t he go to the Pittsburgh office since they started it. Also since it’s declassified, why not share it on NewsMax to make sure it gets to the public?

    • Julia says:

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  2. Happy Warrior says:

    Trump was great at domestic & international things like the economy but his choice of friends & confidants was sorely lacking! And now the opposition is trying everything they can to keep him from running again including locking him up for BS charges.

    • CharlieSeattle says:

      Yup, TaaRump was then and still is ……….DANGEROUSLY NAIVE!

      • John says:

        I hope he is no more. He really needs to be suspicious of everyone because there are spies and just simple politicians around him all the time.

        • John says:

          And by the way, Barr is a simple politician. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

  3. William G Munson says:

    I told you William Barr shut down the Voter Fraud investigation and he is Like the Security Guard that knows someone is stealing Money from the Bank and says or does Nothing about it! and or a Police seeing someone stealing or Driving Drunk and does not stop them Not doing their Jobs is Fraud too and accomplishment to the Crimes Period

    • Joan M Padilla says:

      Barr was head of the DOJ when the FBI first got Hunter’s laptop.
      Enough said

    • Hugh Mixon says:

      Wm Barr, if he knew of Biden’s crooked Bribe Taking and did nothing, is as guilty as Biden.

  4. DetroitDom says:

    I warned anyone who would listen that Barr was NOT to be trusted. Unfortunately, too late for everyone to realize I was right.

    I just hope that when and IF the GOP get back the WH, an AG with balls the size of the Epcot Center Sphere is selected to run the DOJ and that person NAILS every one of the past AGs including Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, and Merrick Garland! Then I hope he destroys the entire executive wing of the FBI, including past & present employees.

    • Sherine says:


    • Sharon says:

      Well said.

  5. billi says:

    So f==king tired of hearing this and that with not a serious follow up by Law enforcement. All I see is “protect my position in the firm, or office, or Intel agency attitude.. At what point do we cross the red line they have created for us?

    • stevor says:

      yeah, the DOJ is owned by the same folks who own: Congress, FBI, CIA, and the media as Kanye said

  6. stevor says:

    anybody with much of a brain ought to have seen that Barr was/is a Deep State asset

    • Lawrence M says:

      Long career developing his serpentine skills starting back when he was hired by the CIA! Of course he knew exactly what was going on for all those decades; as Biden says, “C’mon man!” What he doesn’t say is “Hey, I’m just a puppet doing all the bad tricks they tell me to do; I’m owned, and sold my soul!”

      This is the problem with our failed government we have too many swamp operatives and weak crony politicians that are too accommodating to blow the lid-off the whole kabuki theater arena and their Agenda!

      So much for integrity and Patriotic Duty! What used to be is “NO MORE!”

  7. Lyudmila says:

    What kind of “thing” is this two-faced Bill Barr? Since the beginning of the Trump administration, we have all been fascinated by this open-minded man. Obviously, until the moment when the scammers – blackmailers did not have some compromising evidence on him. After that, the two-faced Barr suddenly turned into a fierce enemy of Trump and the Republicans. What is the real price of this Bill Barr?

    • Lawrence M says:

      True Lyudmila; and as the saying goes, “everyone has a price;” in other words in his case and many others, “money talks!” He’s just another sold his soul despot that’s written is own epitaph.

      Matthew 7:23 “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness!”

  8. Donald Cook says:

    Check out Bill Barrs, Bank account and you will see that He is involved with the Steal.

  9. paul taylor says:

    Coming from an Australian; when I heard that Barr was AG under Goerge Bush, I could not believe that Trump could get it wrong twice.
    Years ago, I referenced him as the Brutus at the Trump table and changed it to the Judas at the Trump table.
    YEARS AGO…. I asked, WHY has BARR not appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunters Laptop!! THAT CONFIRMED MY VIEWS ON BARR – he is a class act RINO.

    If he did his job, Biden would be in prison and Trump would still be president. Many years ago I posted, a RINO is worse than a democrat and Barr ticks ALL those boxes.

  10. Nicholas says:

    Seems like Trump got a lot of bad advice for staff appointments and Congress did a poor job conforming them.

  11. Tangocharlie says:

    THis guy is a swamp rat. Who recommended him? Was it Christy like his recommendation for Wray? These swamp rats need to be drowned.

  12. Lilly Berry says:

    Bill Barr is a Traitor and ugly inside and out. Such a Wiesel, why don’t you just stay home and drink yourself till you pass out.

  13. nonips says:

    So why is he not in jail, along with the top 10 in all departments epa, irs, fbi, nsa, doj, and others this is Treason, biden obama,soros, other millionaires, billionaires, that destroy America need arrested fired all assets ceased, property confiscated, Treason death penalty, no less than 25 years in prison at hard labor, no fancy prison No excuses, No exceptions, no matter how rich or poor, or party they belong to.

    • Lawrence M says:

      nonips, because they’ve gamed the system for many decades and all of these criminals are within the “inner circle” of power; so nothing can touch them so far, they’re protected! Like the old Roaring 20’s Mob Kingpin Racketeers of that era were, the so called “UNTOUCHABLES!” Only now it’s not a Mob Cabal it’s our own supposed “Government” who are the “Cabal!”
      We all know many who are on the list of protected crooks and traitors that are filthy rich and free presently, but, should have been behind bars many years ago! One needs to look no further than the current White House occupants!

  14. Lisa says:

    bill barr is a TRAITOR, he KNEW things but didn’t do one MF’ing thing about it

  15. Pete says:

    Seems everything that goes to the Delaware AG just gets buried.

  16. Mick. says:

    It is only a coincidence that Bill Barr’s father employed Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher at a private elite school in NY.
    Even though Epstein had no teaching qualifications or experience.

  17. IiuLERSDfa says:


  18. Leah Kirch says:

    To the admin, Thanks for the well-structured and well-presented post!

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