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“A Quantum Leap in the American Standard of Living” – President Trump Announces ‘AGENDA 47’ (VIDEO)

Trump announces a bold plan for the future.

President Donald Trump has announced his new initiative known as Agenda 47. This wide-ranging agenda includes building new cities on federal land, but not on historic sites or national parks.

He will reward those who come up with the best ideas and the best plans for these new cities. The federal government owns 640 million acres. To build the ten cities he is planning would only occupy  .06% of the federally owned land.

Trump is calling this his Quantum Leap plan. This plan would create 10 new cities, upgrade transportation, and lower the cost of living, and he also wants to rebuild our cities.

I don’t agree with the last item because we would have to constantly spend money to clean up Democratically run cities such as Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, and Portland. It would be a wasted effort since Democrats allow their cities to crumble around their ears. The cost would be enormous.

The President defined his agenda as a:

“A New Quantum Leap plan that will create a new American future and modernize communities across the country.”

This appears to be a dig at Marxist socialists who have been working on a project known as Agenda 2030. Basically, that plan would eliminate private property ownership, end the US status as a superpower, and become a complete surrender to China. The ending of private property rights is a disaster waiting to happen. The government could shut down any business they dislike simply by evicting them such as gun manufacturers, gun shops, and anti-abortion clinics. The could also use that power to punish individuals who oppose Big Brother by throwing them out on their ears.

From The Gateway Pundit

President Trump published the following press release on March 3 at

Mar-a-Lago, FL – President Trump unveiled his new Quantum Leap plan that will create a new American future and modernize communities across the country. By building new cities, investing in transportation, lowering the cost of living for everyone, and modernizing public spaces across the country, President Trump has laid out a bold strategy to revolutionize the American Standard of Living.

“Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible,” President Trump said. “Today, our country has lost its boldness. Under my leadership, we will get it back in a very big way. Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American Standard of Living.”

BUILDING FREEDOM CITIES: President Trump will work to open up the American frontier, holding a contest to charter new cities where families and individuals can have a new shot at the American Dream.

The federal government owns nearly one-third of the land mass of the United States. Hundreds of millions of these acres are empty.

President Trump proposes a national contest to charter up to 10 new cities on a very small portion of federal land and award these charters to the best ideas and proposals for development.

Of the approximately 640 million acres owned by the federal government, 10 charters roughly the size of the District of Columbia would amount to just a few one-hundredths of a percent—about 0.06%.

Freedom Cities will be built on federal land that is undeveloped and not part of any of our country’s magnificent national parks or other natural treasures. These cities will give hundreds of thousands of hardworking American families a new opportunity for home ownership and the American Dream.

REVOLUTIONIZING AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION: President Trump will launch the biggest revolution in American transportation since the interstate highway system.




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