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A Soros-Backed Democrat is Running for DA in Maricopa County, Arizona: Wants to Prevent Deportation of Illegal Criminal Aliens

A Soros-Backed Democrat is Running for DA in Maricopa County, Arizona: Wants to Prevent Deportation of Illegal Criminal Aliens

Another George Soros cop-hating candidate for DA.
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Soros-backed Democratic candidate for Arizona’s Maricopa County District Attorney, Julie Gunnigle, is just another disaster waiting to happen. She supports defunding the police and wants to prevent criminal illegal aliens from being deported.

Her plan for that is simple and has been used in sanctuary cities and states for years. It is to simply plea bargain felonies into misdemeanors. Sat you kill someone and dump them along the road. Instead of charging murder, you get them on a charge of littering.

We have seen enough Soros-backed DAs to know they are corrupt and they make their cities unsafe. Just look at the ones we have now suck as Kim Foxx in Chicago,  Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, Kim Gardner of St. Louis, Diana Becton—Contra Costa County, California, George Gascon—Los Angeles County, California, Larry Krasner—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Buta Biberaj—Loudoun County, Virginia, and District Attorney Chesa Boudin of San Francisco who has been recalled in a landslide in one of the most liberal cities in America.

In all, there are 75 Soros-backed DAs and every one of them has caused crime to soar into the stratosphere. They preside in over 50% of the US population and 40% of all murders. This is not a coincidence. It is a result of their anti-cop and pro-criminal actions.

Breitbart News reports:

Soros-Backed Candidate for Maricopa County D.A. Wants to Prevent Deportation of Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Soros-backed Democratic candidate for Arizona’s Maricopa County District Attorney Julie Gunnigle has stated that immigration status should be considered before charging criminals in order to prevent deportation.

Gunnigle was asked in an interview what she thought about prosecutors shielding illegal immigrants from deportation.

Interviewer Meg O’Connor inquired, “Should prosecutors consider collateral immigration consequences in charging decisions, plea offers, and sentencing recommendations, and what effects should those considerations have?”

“When prosecutors make plea offers and argue for sentences, they do so within the interests of justice, and the interests of justice should be an individualized determination that is driven by all of the issues that are happening in someone’s life, up to and including immigration status,” Gunnigle responded.

Gunnigle has also stated, “I have adopted the American Immigration Attorney Council’s statement that there are ways to make plea offers as immigration-neutral as possible.”

If she is elected, don’t be surprised when she starts charging people who question the 2020 election with made-up crimes. She would not get guilty verdicts but it would reap benefits for the politically correct. First, she would make them rack up significant costs in lawyer costs and missed work. Secondly, those people being persecuted would be intimidation against anyone who questions elections in the corrupt Maricopa County.

From Fox News

Julie Gunnigle, the Democratic nominee for Maricopa County attorney, is vying to take the reins of the prosecutor’s office while running on a progressive platform that includes prosecuting police officers through an independent unit in use of force cases, her campaign website states.

Gunnigle’s pledge targeting law enforcement follows her past rhetoric against officers and their unions. Gunnigle has expressed support for stripping and reallocating their funds, including redirecting at least $25 million away from the Phoenix Police Department. 

God help Maricopa County if she wins the election.




















  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  1. Boopee says:

    They have already called Ur Buff. This is another One of the PARASITES of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY.
    And what’s to the Country even More.

  2. elm says:

    Verry great post. I jusdt stumhled upn your blog annd wantted tto
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