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Abe Hamadeh Announces: “I’m Ready to Help [Trump] Make America Great Again”  Will Run for Congress

Abe Hamadeh Announces: “I’m Ready to Help [Trump] Make America Great Again” Will Run for Congress

Abe Hamadeh is now running for congress.
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Good luck with that, Abe. They have Democratic cheating down to a science. Both he and Kari Lake got screwed in 2022. Arizona Republican Abraham Hamadeh has announced that he is running for Congress to represent Arizona’s 8th District in 2024.

Incumbent GOP Rep. Lesko (R-AZ) announced plans to retire on Tuesday afternoon amid the vote for a new House Speaker. Kari Lake immediately endorsed him to win the seat,

From the Gateway Pundit

Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake were robbed of victory in 2022 when 60% of voting machines failed on election day and hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots were counted with no chain of custody or signature verification checks. Abe Hamadeh “lost” his race for Attorney General by just 280 votes after the disaster that the courts refuse to rectify!

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently denied requests for an expedited briefing schedule in Abe Hamadeh’s appeal to overturn the stolen election for Attorney General. This comes after numerous legal hurdles, withholding of evidence by the government, and a possibly corrupt or just wildly incompetent Judge. Hamadeh, fighting a tumultuous battle over an election margin of just 280 votes, would probably win the 2022 superlative for “Most Screwed” by former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the corrupt election officials in Maricopa County.

Hamadeh told The Gateway Pundit he will “continue the fight” for fair elections and his rightful seat as Attorney General while running for Congress. “If the judges followed the law, we would get a new trial and prove that we received the most votes. Unfortunately, our legal system lacks courage,” Hamadeh added.

Similarly, the corrupt Judges have stonewalled Kari Lake in her fight for honest elections, and she recently announced her bid for Arizona’s US Senate seat in 2024. Lake also told The Gateway Pundit she will continue fighting her lawsuit to overturn the rigged election for Governor.

Abe tweeted his announcement last week, saying he’s ready to help President Trump implement the America First agenda:

Hamadeh: Our country is in desperate need of courageous fighters, and that’s why I’m proud to announce I’m running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District. President Trump is under attack. He needs back up — and I’m ready to help him Make America Great Again.

From 12 News

The announcement comes after news that Congresswoman Debbie Lesko will not be seeking reelection. Lesko currently serves as the representative of Arizona’s 8th congressional district which includes suburbs north and west of Phoenix.

In 2022, Hamadeh lost the Arizona Attorney General’s race to Democrat Kris Mayes.

Hamadeh filed a lawsuit in an attempt to have the election overturned following his loss to Mayes.

Hamadeh recently filed a legal challenge to overturn the election’s results, but the challenge was dismissed by a judge last week.

“We will continue to fight this and owe it to the voters in Arizona to look at this from every single angle until we restore trust in our election system,” the Hamadeh campaign said.

Shortly after the recount results were announced – Mayes said her race was a reminder that every vote matters and that the system worked how it was supposed to.

“That’s what recounts are for, you know, and the recount happened. The process occurred as it was supposed to; we wound up with an A lead with a 280-vote lead. And so that work is done, and it’s time now to move on,” Mayes said.


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  2. Lawrence M says:

    “Great Balls of Fire; A Whole Lot of Cheating Going On!”

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  3. messup says:

    Maricopa County (the largest in Arizona) was awash in “quid-pro-quo’ (RFP) Request For Proposal purchases. This widespread corruption led to two important changes…1) the Sheriff’s Department adding “The Toughest Sheriff in all USA” Sheriff Arpaio and A new Procurement (22 year) procurement professional to put “things back in order.” The upshot of this “change-in-policy” by County Leaders was 1)cleaning up of procurement “mis-deeds” and 2) Stop all rampant criminal activity in this County. For 20 years this was carried out with successes.
    Sheriff Arpaio was a “national Hero,” and taxpayers hard earned dollars were “competitively put to bid” in both regular and minority Owned businesses as well. Enter 2016 elections, Sheriff Arpaio was somehow “dumped” and in “late 1990’s” Procurement (purchasing) Director was fired. Fast forward to 21st Century Maricopa County…it is rife with cartel’s operating openly, and “sweetheart deals” (tha’s quid-pro-quo, in Rio Linda, folks) is rife in all procurement especially of Sysmatic Electronic voting equipment and Election (rampant) Fraud. Folks, to this day Sheriff Penzone hasn’t returned the 2020 (election) equipment “routers.” They’re “in safe keeping” Now you know…”The Rest Of The Story” (Paul Harvey). Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

  4. Pudy says:


  5. Dan says:

    Arizona is a hotbed of communist dumbocraps

  6. snert says:

    oh thank God, i never liked lesko, finally we’re getting a good one. mitch, keep your slimy hands out of this, this time!!!

  7. Richard says:

    It amazes me the people of Arizona doesn’t riot about the courpt Democrats. They stoled the election and their votes. People of Arizona need to get a backbone and go after the corrupt democratis.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Richard; yes they’ve gotten extremely bold and brazen on the Commie Nazi Democrat side! And you’re right because most people know how you really defeat a bully! Time to man-up!

    • Snowedin says:

      The RINOs in Arizona, are just as bad. RINOs are progressive, commie, demoncraps with an “r” in front of their name. Blake Masters is also running for the same seat, and he is more qualified for the job than Abe Hamadeh.

  8. m says:

    Keep fighting these demwits.

  9. Don says:

    Good luck in a cheater state.

  10. rick b az says:

    GELLEGO RUNNING FOR SENATE SEAT, NEED BIG NAME gop to run for his house seat……

  11. Don says:

    Arizona is a commie run state to the point that one must figure it’s due to the influx of Calipornians.

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