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Adam Schiff Who is Running For the Senate From California Lives in Maryland

Adam Schiff Who is Running For the Senate From California Lives in Maryland

California Senate hopeful lying Adam Schiff lives in Maryland.
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Serial liar Adam Schiff is running for the Senate in California and does not even live there. He lives in Maryland in a house of 3,420 square-foot home based in Tony Montgomery County.

But, will it even matter because, after all, he is a Democrat and the law does not apply to him? He keeps a small place in California, but he lives year-round in Maryland.

Schiff can run for the House and the Senate at the same time. That way if he loses the Senate race, he can keep his House seat.

Gavin Newsom’s senate replacement for Dianne Feinstein radical Marxist lesbian Laphonza Butler, actually lives in the Old Line State rather than the Golden State. Butler was registered to vote in Maryland.

She has already announced that she will not be running for the seat she holds in 2024. I would normally think that California voters would not want a Maryland native to represent them, but California voters are just not that bright.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck reported that Schiff’s primary residence is a large 3,420-square-foot home. He does maintain a condo in Burbank, California, but there is no proof that he actually lives there and that is his primary home.

Kaczynski and Steck say tax records show he paid California property taxes using his Maryland address. Moreover, they reveal more records and photos on his social media accounts which show Schiff actually makes his full-time home in Maryland.

CNN reported:

For more than a decade, California Senate hopeful Rep. Adam Schiff has claimed his primary residence is a 3,420 square foot home he owns in Maryland, according to a review of mortgage records.

At the same time, Schiff has for years taken a homeowner’s tax exemption on a much smaller 650 square foot condo he owns in Burbank, California, also claiming that home as his primary residence for a reduction in his tax bill of $7,000. He did not take an exemption on his home in Maryland.

While Schiff has signed documents asserting both the Maryland property and the significantly smaller Burbank condo as his primary residences, tax records indicate that he paid his California property taxes in 2017 with a check featuring his Maryland address – the only year he paid with a personal check. And a review of past comments, pictures shared on his public social media, and records indicate Schiff makes his full-time home in Maryland.

From The Gateway Pundit

But wait, there’s more! The deed records demonstrate that Schiff first designated the Maryland home as his primary residence in 2003. Schiff then refinanced his mortgage in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 while continuing to claim the Maryland house as his primary home.

The Los Angeles County deed records for Schiff’s Burbank condo, which were purchased in 2009, were notarized in Maryland according to CNN. In addition, the state: California and the county: Los Angeles are crossed out on one page of the deed. Maryland and Montgomery County are written in.

CNN also reports that the records list Schiff’s Maryland home as an address the records are being returned to.

This potential scandal could create headaches for Schiff assuming Democrat primary voters care at all. He faces stiff competition from radical left favorites such as Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Barbara Lee for Butler’s seat.

Schiff would arguably be the absolute worst choice considering his role in spreading the despicable Russia collusion hoax to discredit President Trump’s historic 2016 election win. Then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy kicked him off the House Intelligence Committee as punishment back in January.

Congress also voted to censure him in March to the Democrats’ dismay.


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Comments 18

  1. Russ says:

    Schiff is a lying piece of shit and the people of California aren’t smart enough to see he is playing them

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    • Beartrap McGurk says:

      We independents and Republicans want this guy to be found only in the obituaries. Reading about Schiff in the newspaper obits would make my day for a year.

    • msbets says:

      Yep, he’s a real dirty pos!!!!

    • David Barron says:

      He doesn’t even live in California now, He lives in Maryland. He keeps a condo in CA only and paid for it with a check from Maryland. How fricking stupid are these people in California anyway, he doesn’t give a crap about then, neither does Pelosi who is trying to escape after turning California into a mess.
      All he wants is the power trip of being in Congress no matter who he hurts.

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  3. David Barron says:

    So what I am reading here is that if I owned a home lot in California I could sell it off little by little so that each square foot equals 144 square inches. I could sell my lot then to 144 different people who could pay taxes on the square inch, then claim they live there, and be able to vote in California elections. Even if I had to sell off lots that had 10 foot by 15 foot lots for mini homes we could change the face of California politics. Lets see how many square inches in a lot? I see a way to turn California Politics around and make it “Red” again!

    • T-200q says:

      Good idea, But then you could not vote in your own red state. I might be wromg though.

  4. Dan says:

    Um sorry but he cant run for both. US Constitution Article 1 Section 2 Clause 2 clearly states that he is banned from running for the California Seat UNLESS he is a resident of the state BEFORE election. meaning the ONLY way he would win the Senate Election is IF he moved his residence to California before the election and stayed there for a year! Otherwise he has violated the US Constitution and as such he would be required to be removed from Congress.

    • David Barron says:

      He is not a resident of Caliornia. He only owns a condo there as a fake address. He lives in Maryland in a $4M home.

      • T-200q says:

        It seems DemoRats care less about both the Constitution and laws. How in the world he was California Representative while being a Maryland resident at the same time? Wouldn’t it be nlawful already? I am afraid, many Republicans are not eager to put pencil neck in his place where he belongs, in a jail, for even much more eggregious crime as falsifying Trump’s “impeachment” materials.

  5. Patriot says:

    Although the dems don’t give a rats backside about the Constitution, it is illegal for him to run for office in a state he does not reside. If he moves to CA then that is another story.

  6. Lynne C Ebert says:

    Schiff is committing fraud claiming two residences as a primary home for lower taxes, and self interest in the election. As usual, the Demoncrats scream that Trump isn’t above the law, but…apparently believe they are Above the law

  7. Michael Bethel says:

    I do believe this quote from Jesus is quite applicable to Mr. Shift…. Jesus said; “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

  8. Eric F says:

    People always say, well the people get what they vote for. This is a lie. !!
    Our elections are stolen here in California just like everywhere else. It’s not the people’s choice in politicians that have been running our state, so please stop saying “they get what they voted for, we did not vote for the people running our state into the ground.

  9. undress vio says:

    I think this is a real great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  10. Major thankies for the blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

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