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Alex Jones Joined Steve Bannon on The War Room and They Discussed the Leaked Documents From the FBI

Alex Jones Joined Steve Bannon on The War Room and They Discussed the Leaked Documents From the FBI

Explosive documents reveal illegal acts by the FBI and the DOJ.

Alex Jones and Steve Bannon sat for an interview in which they discussed leaked documents from the FBI that they tried to hide from the defense teams representing the Proud Boys. This is pure dynamite. The documents show that the FBI destroyed evidence, withheld documents, and spied on communications between a defendant and his attorney and the fact that the FBI agent planned to get other communications. That is a violation of the SIXTH AND FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION

From The Gateway Pundit

A compromised FBI agent took the stand yesterday at the Proud Boys trial to testify for the prosecution. It was revealed in cross-examination that FBI Agent Nicole Miller had intercepted strategy notes between Defendant Zachary Rehl and his former Defense Attorney, Jonathan Moseley… and clearly intended to continue violating Client-Attorney privileges to aid the prosecution before trial.

When Defense Counsel Nick Smith took the podium to begin his cross-examination, he stunned the courtroom with the shocking revelation.

In a thread between Special FBI agent Miller and another lead FBI Agent on the Proud Boys ‘Sedition’ case, one message to Miller read:

“Found an email thread with REHL and his attorney MOSELEY. The Attorney raised some interesting points…I need to find other emails, but this one email def indicates that they want to go to trial. But don’t freak out Jason and Luke yet.” implied they would share w prosecution!”  -Agent Miller to another agent.

“Jason” refers to Jason McCullough, lead DOJ Prosecutor on the Proud Boys case. REHL is Zachary Rehl, one of the Proud Boys currently on trial for “Seditious Conspiracy”.

Apparently Miller was illegally intercepting messages between a prisoner and his attorney that were sent on the prison messaging app “Corrlinks” from his jail cell. THIS IS A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE SIXTH AND FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION. The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest and most respected privileges of being an American citizen.

Not only did the criminal FBI Agent Miller intercept emails, but according to her own text messages with a fellow agent at the FBI she was looking to “FIND OTHER EMAILS”- and her message indicates she intended to share the information with Proud Boy prosecutors! Collusion!

“When the Feds or any investigative agency determines that the communication is clearly between an attorney and client they should cease to monitor or record that communication and should not utilize any information based on those communications for their own benefit,” said Proud Boy Attorney Steve Metcalf. “They should stop monitoring or listening to that communication. That’s the Constitution. When the Feds exceed those bounds, then they are violating a defendant or individual’s Sixth Amendment Rights. Without question. And then if they use that as part of the prosecution’s case, they are gaining an unfair advantage that is detrimental to a defendant and therefore should be deemed a violation of a defendant Sixth Amendment Rights.”

According to sources, a brilliant young legal assistant working for attorney Nick Smith found this shocking evidence and Smith was able to use it to dismantle the “star witness” FBI agent in seconds. What was supposed to be a big career moment for FBI Agent Nicole Miller after her obsessive her two-year project to bury the Proud Boys instead backfired in her face.

The sad part is that despite the mountain of evidence of illegal acts by the FBI, the biased judge and jury will find a way to convict them.


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