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Another Poll Book Discrepancy Discovered in Virginia, 156k Votes Impacted

Another Poll Book Discrepancy Discovered in Virginia, 156k Votes Impacted

Poll book errors affect as many as 156k votes.

Another state is now reporting that its poll book is adding voters. What makes this different is that the times given for these voters are impossible. LeadStories has fact-checked the claim about the poll books adding voters at the end of the day. But, it was really all spin since the number of people who checked in is much less than the number on the poll books. If there were not added voters to the poll books, those numbers would match up.

The Texas Secretary of State has listed on their website regarding certifications, which should be updated with each new certification and for every election. ES&S responded this morning to a request for documents. They simply said the certification date of May 31, 2022.  But, The Gateway Pundit asked to see the actual certifications.

LeadStories did not address witness testimony that the poll books were adding voters at the end of the night because they could not do that without admitting that the sign-in sheets did not match the numbers registered on the poll books. Now, there is data that evidences more issues with poll books, this time in Virginia.  The EPEC and now show that 23% of the4 voters in that precinct were4 checked in at impossible times. Even if you figure from 2 hours before the polls opened till 2 hours after the polls closed, it does little to change the numbers.

According to

In looking over the VA DAL data, one interesting issue that is readily apparent, is that the BALLOT_RECIEPT_DATE field for in-person, on-machine early vote data is logically impossible.

These time-stamps are supposed to be generated by the electronic poll-books when a voter is checked in at an in-person early voting site. The appeal and rationale for utilizing electronic poll-books is exactly because the can automate the recording of check-in and (theoretically) minimize human error. The operating hours of VA in-person early voting sites are limited to 7am – 7pm. I’m not aware of any in-person early voting center that had extended hours past those. Therefore, logically, we would expect that the electronic poll book generated time stamps for check-ins for in-person on-machine early votes would fall within the 7am – 7pm bounds.

There were 520,549 records that fall within the expected time bounds, and 156,576 that fall outside of the bounds. From a purely systems perspective, that means that the ability of our electronic poll books (or the backend database they are tied to) to accurately record the check-in time of Early In-Person On-Machine voters has an error rate of 156576 / (156576+520549) = 23.12%

Even more shocking is the error rate they found in 2020. If we run the same analysis using the 7am – 7pm bounds on the 2021 and 2020 data we get 29.64% and 71.17% error rates, respectively.

From The Gateway Pundit

In the name of full transparency, the EPEC has made the data available for anyone to download here.  The article does go on to explain a possible reason for the discrepancy, however, the explanation would warrant further questions about the reliability of electronic pollbooks in the first place:

The inclusion of the latter class of error computation is in order to account for the remote chance that a locality is legitimately using paper poll books or otherwise not recording the time of the voter check in, but only recording the date information (which would be consistent with all timestamps at midnight). VA requires the use of electronic poll books, but there are still some that use manual entry paper poll-books as backup. So even IF that was the explanation for why so many entries were uniformly timestamped to midnight … (A) why did they have to go to their paper poll book backups in the first place? and (B) we still have a residual error of 0.05% across the state that needs to be explained even after removing uniform midnight timestamps from consideration. That might not seem a terribly huge error rate at first blush, but when you consider that most electronic data recording systems (at least that I am aware of) have error rate requirement thresholds for acceptance testing set to the order of 1/1,000,000 … thats still unacceptable. I have been unable to find a documented requirement for error rate threshold for the electronic poll book systems used in VA, as per the VA department of elections.



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Comments 36

  1. Gerald Ladd says:

    Way too much voter fraud in this country.

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      Way too many American citizens let them get away with it!

    • Lucy says:

      Agree I live in Michigan the vile things here sure didn’t win honestly no one and I Mean NO One would vote for the murder of innocent elders from her putting Covid infection I the nursing homes, much less trying to break the Constitution as Written the states Constitution they even had to take some of her power away for over stepping so yea much voter fraud

    • Come to find iout what I said that the Democrats stole the Election in Georgia with 98% count switch them to Democrats by 50,000 and 100,000 I was watching live then and Warnok and the other one won cheating too Period and True to Vote got it on Videos too

    • Timothy says:

      there are way to many communist, still breathing GOD clean air, in Amerika

  2. Paul says:

    What a mockery our elections are.

  3. Doug Litchfield says:

    Sure seems to be alot of paranormal activity at selected polling places every couple of years. May want to designate one person from each party to witness disconnecting the breaker at agreed on times. Mythical counting should cease if these units were hard wired in.

  4. GEE !!!!!!!! And, I’ll bet that “THEY” ALL voted Democrat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicholas says:

    Hardly a surprise. The real issue is what will be done about it?

    • Pappy Nitram says:

      NOTHING! What can be done? You take it to court and some O’Bama or Clinton judge will shitcan it. Even when the GOP takes control of the House in Jan, do you really think the RINO Establishment leadership of this party will do anything more than puff out their chests, talk big and then go away whimpering.

      • Graywolf12 says:

        That is why for years I have been preaching that you MUST know who you are voting for, and what their unpublicized ideas of the laws really are. They started with local JP’s years ago and now are doing it at all levels of the judicial branch. Vote out ALL dems or there will never be fair elections in this country, and it will be gone in another 2 decades.

      • Diana says:

        How true, Its ashame that we the people can’t choose whom we want over seeing the counting of the ballots.

      • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

        The founders and Jesus both said to separate from such evil (gov’t.). Where is your spine?

        • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

          how about a 40-50% cut in taxes? 100% cut in federal regulation?

  6. The Iceman says:

    The election system is a farce. Go back to the 50’s. One day in_person voting with mechanical machines, counted, locked, and stored. Get rid of electronic voting as it is never going to be secure and accurate but ripe for fraud.


    Today is Wednesday,November 16th,the 665th day
    of being held hostage by the worst Presidency
    in history. Biden’s lies, dementia, and
    blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented”
    threat to the national security,world economy,
    and democratic rule of law with equality of
    immunities,powers,privileges,and protections!

    Today is Wednesday,
    November 16th,
    the 665th day
    of being hostages…
    to undemocratic Democrats.
    Democrats positions are based
    on unprincipled whims,
    not principled reasons❗?≠•
    @Potus @JoeBiden, the Liar-In-Chief,
    needs to be impeached and removed from office.

    On 9/17/22, I was permanently suspended for calling Biden a “ignorant slut” about 10th Amendment law in the vein of SNL’s “Jane, You ignorant slut.”
    On 10/3/22, I was UNSUSPENDED and apologized to saying I had not violated the rules.
    On 11/16/22, I made reference to it and said I would not apologize using a line from a 1959 movie, Paths of Glory. I am now permanently suspended again.
    Given some of the same behaviors and worse against me were reported and RULED not against the rulees, Twitter remains arbitrary, ambiguous, and Abusive.
    @elonmusk has a long way to go to call Twitter a public square for information and political freedom.

  8. Bruno says:

    The 2022 system error rate of 23.12% is a kind way of saying that MAYBE, just maybe the system is recording times incorrectly. We all know that what REALLY happened is that the times WERE recorded correctly, and the system inadvertently recorded dem operatives feeding in (fake) ballots before and after poll times.

    At the end of the day, it is up to ALL of us to pressure, cajole and even threaten our elected representatives in our state legislatures to: 1) entirely eliminate electronic voting and revert back to hand counted paper ballots, 2) eliminate mass mail-in ballots, and 3) audit/purge the voter rolls.

  9. jean says:

    Democrats have proudly turned our beautiful country into a 3rd world sh%t hole! They are working on beggar country statis for us!

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      it was a republican hypocrite and murderous liar that started this crap. Abraham Lincoln

  10. jean says:

    Have you noticed if THEY don’t like your comment, they LIE and say it’s a duplicate, that you have said it already?

  11. guest says:

    Mail in voting is illegal and needs stopped way to easy to cheat.

  12. G.W. says:

    Looks like we need to go back to one day, in-person with picture IDs , paper ballots, with matching signature with the voter registration, hand count every vote by Independents, Democrat and Republican parties together. Videos of everything, no malfunctioning of the video’s or everything must be done again. Each person caught voting illegally gets a mandatory sentence of 10-15 years in prison. Perhaps we need finger prints also. If our election process is full of confusion and/or fraud we no longer have a country it’s only occupied land that doesn’t need or have a real government!!!
    I’m sick of this nonsense! I’m 72 years old and have never seen elections so messed up like this one and 2020. It’s time for people to be prosecuted.

  13. CountryBoy says:

    3rd world countries do elections better than we do….

    It is as if it is by design

  14. John Shortrifle says:

    Voting machines are not supposed to be able to tie into the internet. Forensic experts have found the voting machines can and do.

    If states are using machines, my suggestion is to put in cell and wifi blockers in each polling station. Sure it might cause some inconvenoence to some but it would help the integrity of the vote.

    My friend in Germany put such a system in his bar as people were sitting around usinh their phones and not drinking as much. Problem solved.

    One just has to check every once in awhile thst nobody turned the blocker off like they do with the 24/7 video surveillance cameras.

  15. Dr Katz says:

    No one should be allowed to vote without producing authentic identification, mail-in voting eliminated or at least heavily restricted, voter registration rolls must be purged and updated, return to secure paper ballots and away from computerized systems because they’ve proven far too easy to manipulate, stop ballot harvesting, and no early voting. These common sense requirements are needed for a fair and free process that we all want (isn’t that right Dems?)

  16. Elsie says:

    If the Demorats didn’t pad the ballot box , they would NEVER get a “win”. The last honest Democrat was Harry Truman. Election day is Nov 8th. Your vote gets counted till midnight. Drop box phony ballots do not count after the 8th. The dead rising do not count. Voter I.D. mandatory. Of course now that hook nosed Schumer wants to legalize all the illegal, tripe , uneducated , non English speaking dregs , cause We the people aren’t having enough kids, The Democrats really think we are too stupid to why Obama aka Joes boss is letting these future Plantation welfare vermin into the country. The ONLY exception to Nov 8th late votes is our Military. Their votes always count!

  17. Drosack says:

    Liberals keep telling me there is no such thing as cheating…LOL. I know for a fact there is plenty of rope out there…I’ve seen it.

  18. Carlton Hunt says:

    Let’s make the first Monday in November tax day, where you pay your taxes then vote the next day. You will remember who helped and who did nothing for you.

  19. Old wolf says:

    So what will be done about it. Will this change anything for anyone . Or does the corruption stand like in 2020’s president race. What’s the point if reporting this if nothing is done about it.

  20. Jesse says:

    We’re the voters Democraps they did nothing wrong in Democraps eyes if they are Republicans then they need to be put under the Prison according to Democraps. That high of an Error rate means there was MASSIVE FRAUD. There are Democraps going to Prison nearly every month for FRAUD during the 2020 Election. How can that be if there was no FRAUD???? Also how could Pedo Joe get 10 million more votes than Obozo’s highest count when he had fewer counties voting for him and fewer voters in those Counties to cast votes??? CAN’T happen without MASSIVE FRAUD.

  21. Royce Zook says:

    How can we ever trust our government? Unreal!

  22. Will Dorron says:

    To the admin, Excellent work!

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