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Antifa Targets ‘Babies Lives Matter’ Rally, Police Let Them Know That Wasn’t a Good Idea [VIDEO]

Antifa Targets ‘Babies Lives Matter’ Rally, Police Let Them Know That Wasn’t a Good Idea [VIDEO]

It makes no sense that antifa is for abortion. Where do they think the little kids, they want to groom come from?

Antifa claims that they are fighting against fascism, but the truth is that Antifa is in itself fascism. Fascists do not accept differences of opinion and they strike out whenever violently anybody takes a stance they don’t like. The truth is they are nothing but sniveling little cowards.

Notice how they try to gang up on old ladies and little kids? But, the police in Santa Monica put the kibosh on their plans to disrupt the  “Babies Lives Matter” rally. They prefer grooming at drag shows.

Antifa believes that you cannot be against abortions or kids-friendly drag shows where little children are being groomed. That sounds like pure unadulterated fascism to me.

After all, only their opinion matters, right? Unlike the police elsewhere, the Santa Monica police were not about to let Antifa have their way and they enforced the law quite forcibly.

A few members of Antifa tried to push their way past the police, but they suddenly realized they were not in Portland or Seattle and that their crap actually does stink.

This News2share clip shows Antifa dressed in black bloc after they tried to get up in the face of the anti-abortion folks.

The police were trying to separate the two groups and that’s when it got out of hand with Antifa pushing back against the cops. Police had their batons and used them to help move the Antifa folks back, pushing some of them to the ground.

Three officers on horseback threatened antifa members with arrest if they refused to step back.

The anti-abortion folks chanted:

“Babies lives matter” and “F**k Antifa.”

During that scuffle in the above video, there was a transgender person who was pushed to the ground. My guess is that the transgender wanted to become an overnight hero, but ended up being nothing but a zero:

From RedState

“I’m literally recovering from surgery, you fascist f**king pig,” the transgender person yelled.

Antifa starts with a deficit of common sense, but these characters seem to have won the prize for the bizarre. One of their leaders with a megaphone kept trying to annoy the police as they tried to separate the two groups. He claims he wasn’t doing anything, “I’m just shaking my ass!”

The person has some significant issues.

There was at least one reported arrest involving a man on a bike. An anti-abortion person claimed he was run over, although the situation was unclear and there wasn’t video of what occurred.

The man on the bike was taken into custody, although it wasn’t clear exactly for what. The cops arrested him after whatever he said in the interaction with them. I’m not sure what Antifa thought they got out of all this, but a few of them found out it doesn’t end well when they tried to scuffle with the police and ended up on their butts.

But ultimately, after the police separated the two groups and were able to hold the Antifa folks at bay, the Antifa folks seemed to give up on the fight and decided to head out.

Meanwhile, the pro-life “Babies Lives Matter” group serenaded them as they left, with “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, goodbye!”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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    • SamR says:

      Hey Gloria, what’s it like to sell yourself for prostitution?

  2. Heather Alexander says:

    Antifa is a joke. They are a bunch of privileged white kids that hide behind masks so mummy and daddy don’t take away their allowance while their in college.

  3. Steve says:

    Antifa and transgender creeps finally face real law enforcement.

  4. graceythecat says:

    yes the commie democrat lying pedophiles made antifa and they all wear their donkey holes on their shoulders.

  5. Russ says:

    It is way past time for law enforcement to stop tolerating this crap and start doing their jobs. If a raucous protest in D.C. is illegal it should be illegal everywhere. An obvious double standard exists in our criminal justice system.

  6. CPO Bill says:

    If one of those antifa things come at me it will leave in a hillary bag!

  7. Antifa should have been destroyed long ago when they started setting Police Cruzers on fire in many cities.
    Now that they’ve gotten away with so much, they think their above the law and can intimate all Law Enforcement agencies across America.
    When they become violent just shoot the thugs.

  8. Ellie says:

    AntiFa a herd of losers, who more likely than not call the first paid job they ever had. Paid for by SOROS. Hide their faces because they are AFRAID to be seen by Police ( who are probably looking for them , for other crimes). They are what sticks to your shoes in the dog park. They are like all thugs, brave in a herd, cowards alone. They go into fetal position when the cops grab them and cry!I hate abortions, but, as far as these piles of sheist are concerned “retroactive”
    abortion would be just fine. Do the world a service. That are sterilize every AntiFa participant.

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