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Argentina’s President-Elect To Visit Grave Of World-Famous Rabbi

Argentina’s President-Elect To Visit Grave Of World-Famous Rabbi

Newly elected Javier Milei plans to align his country with the United States and Israel.
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Argentine President Javier Milei, known as the Argentine Trump has stated publicly that his country will align itself with the United States and Israel and that he will be moving its embassy to Jerusalem. He is also planning a trip to the grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabad. That is here he asked to be blessed and that his campaign to lead his county be successful and he won by a landslide.

Milei plans to visit Israel before his inauguration.  He is the polar opposite  of the previous presidents of his country that leaned towards communism and practically destroyed the Argentine economy. By placing his country in the United States and the Israeli sphere, he is counting on trade with those country to yank Argentina out of the doldrums left behind by previous administrations.

Milei his made his position clear.

From The Daily Wire

“The truth is that I did not get to know the Rebbe personally, but just in the last year I had the privilege of visiting the Rebbe’s grave twice. There I asked for his holy blessing to be elected president of Argentina and this blessing became a reality this week.”

Milei, who has pledged that Argentina’s two key allies will be the United States and Israel, gave his first foreign press interview to the Hasidic newspaper, “Kfar Chabad.” 

  “From what I’ve learned about the history of the Jewish people, their survival against all odds, and the divine protection they’ve received, I’m certain they will continue to prevail. My message is to keep faith in God, stay strong and united. Eventually, the world will realize the enduring truth — the nation of Israel lives on!”

“We need to quit the hypocrisy. I plan to urge other South American and global leaders to intensify efforts to bring hostages home, and to recognize Israel’s right to protect its citizens by any means necessary. And I’ll do it without hesitation or reservation.”

Regarding the relocation of the Argentinian Embassy, he declared:

“I intend to keep my word. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and moving our embassy there will symbolize this recognition. I am hopeful that many other countries will follow suit.”

“I am recognized as a friend of Israel. I plan to align with the U.S. and Israel, and intend to move our embassy to Jerusalem. If I win, my first trip will be to Israel.”

“A few years back, a friend of mine from the Jewish community, Mr. Julio Goldstein, who shares my political views, set up a meeting for me with his rabbi. He introduced me to his rabbi but didn’t join the meeting himself. In this lengthy meeting, I started learning about the history of the Jewish people, about the Torah given to them in the Sinai desert, about ideas of Kabbalah, the unseen, and a lot more. I left that meeting feeling inspired and started studying the Torah regularly since then. I fondly remember how Julio Goldstein and I would have debates on specific Torah topics and compete over who knew more.”

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  2. Lawrence M says:

    Javier Milei has made an intelligent and primarily faithful move here in turning away from the darkness and evil of Communism!

    Going back to Lenin and Marx or Pol Pot and Chairman Mao had slaughtered millions of their own citizens while installing this fraud and quite satanic political ideology right on through the decades with each new brutal Communist regime which have been no different!
    Karl Marx was known to have sessions of Satan worship and he talked his own two daughters into committing suicide! Wake-up world we’ve allowed this evil cancer to metastasize far too long! Milei sees and knows this and hopefully has made the switch soon enough we pray!

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    • stevor says:

      i guess you’re unaware that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was zionists turning Russia into the commie Soviet Union (the zionists are the biggest pushers of Communism on the planet)

  3. stevor says:

    in other words, he’s another ZIONIST PUPPET (so sad/disgusting)

  4. Lawrence M says:

    Some persons can never stop with this twisting of the facts or truth to fit their “Jew hating” narrative and fake justification for such! Any attempt to reject Israel and the Jewish People, God’s Chosen who’ve been persecuted and hated since the Roman Empire is a blasphemy to God almighty so therefore it’s unacceptable to God for anyone to promote this rejection of Judaism in this manner, even Christianity, which came from Jesus Christ, God the Father’s will being done on earth as in Heaven!

    Let’s not forget that the Roman Empire along with the original “Zionist like Pharisees” Crucified Jesus Christ, a Jew; all work of the Devil, “all sin” which came from “the father of all lies,” beginning in the Garden; as foretold in all the prophecies going back to Abraham, that this would be the case, how the Savior of humanity would be born amongst the Jews and be crucified for all sin; this becoming “the new and everlasting covenant” as the “atonement for all human sin!” Zionist rhetoric, is just that, a lot of “hot inflamed hateful fantasy by hate mongers and antichrist perpetrators” all of it a Satanic attempt to persecute the Jew, God’s Chosen; just as Muslims do by the directive of the “false prophet Muhammad” who see Jews and all others especially Christians as “infidels,” that must “convert to Islam or be put to death!”

    If anyone doesn’t see how that is all the work of the vilest evil people on earth in union with the “father of all lies Satan;” then such can only be “damned” to “God’s judgment and eternal damnation!” Anyone promoting the “Zionist propagator narrative tool,” using the Jewish heritage and their entitlement to exist as the “State of Israel” in Jerusalem, the land that “God Himself apportioned to the Jewish People where Jesus Christ was born as the Savior,” is a liar and manipulator of the historical facts and evidence of God’s commands for “His Chosen” people. This false narrative is being pushed by the true enemies of humanity and peace! They are the true puppets of Satan!

    Keep in mind anyone who has any modicum of a conscience, the more a person pushes these falsehoods, the deeper the pit he or she has created, for themselves to overcome, when their immortal souls face God Almighty; and it will be surely something from which there is no escape!

    Like I said way back some need to grow up or wake-up, probably both!

  5. Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.

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