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Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright is Investigating the Vote in Maricopa County, Arizona

An Asst AG is investigating the Maricopa County elections debacle.

Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright, who is with the  Elections Integrity Unit has written a letter to the Maricopa County Supervisors demanding answers as to why they completely screwed up the election. She claims that state laws were violated. She is demanding the names of the people in charge of the tabulators and when they were reprogrammed last. She does not know how the machine3s could work perfectly the night before but failed right at the beginning of voting the very next morning.

There is one possibility and it fits what happened. During the primary, the ballot was 19 inches long, but in the general election, they were 20 inches long. If the machines were programmed to 19 inches after the testing it would cause the ballot to be condensed. The ink would be lighter and the boxes would be moved slightly, causing the tabulators to be unable to read the ballots. The question is, was this done on purpose?

Her office says they have received hundreds of complaints to her office. Voters were told that they could go to another polling place to cast their vote. But first, they had to remove themselves from the original site. But, when they got to the second site they were told they were still signed in and would have to fill out a provisional ballot. Maybe those votes were counted and maybe they weren’t.

Wright opened her letter:

“The Elections Integrity Unit (“Unit”) of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) has received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County.”

“These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.” 

Wright claims that she has identified sixty precincts that had trouble tabulating the votes. How much do you want to bet that the precincts that were affected were red districts? Wright says that the machines were improperly configured and that caused the problems at the polls.

From The Gateway Pundit

“Based on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County, the BOD printers were tested on Monday, November 7 without any apparent problems,” Wright wrote.

Despite these tests, the printers began malfunctioning within the first half-an-hour on Election Day.

In light of this, the AG’s office wants logs related to when printer configuration changes were made, along with other related information.

Wright also wanted to know the instructions poll workers gave to voters who experienced problems with their ballots being accepted by tabulation machines.

“Following widespread reports of problems at voting locations on Election Day, Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting could ‘check out’ of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location,” she wrote.

“Based on sworn complaints received by the Unit, not only have poll workers reported that they were not trained and/or not provided with information on how to execute ‘check out’ procedures, but many voters have reported the second voting location required the voter to cast a provisional ballot as the e-Pollbooks maintained the voter had cast a ballot in the original voting location.” she added.

Wright pointed out that Arizona state law prohibits a voter to cast a provisional ballot who has already been signed in electronically.

Wright also pointed out that state law demands that tabulated ballots and those that weren’t counted must be kept separately. However, they were spotted putting uncounted votes into the black duffel bags that are supposed to contain tabulated votes only.



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 9

  1. Sun City says:

    Who ordered and when were the tabulators changed after initial installation at each precinct? Who did it? Inquiring minds want to know. Ballots of 19 inches changed to ballots of 20 inches seems like a major change to me which would slue any reader into false reports. This had to be done with criminal malaise and forethought before hand.

  2. Ima Enyurphase says:

    It seem’s to me this was “engineered” because it affected almost ALL of the voters. Since Maricopa is so large it overwhelms surrounding counties vote wise. By creating chaos and frustrating voters with long lines many just gave up and left, others went to another voting center and had to stand in line all over again (how many left then?). It is a known fact Republican’s vote on election day, so make it the most difficult and drive away voters to skew the election towards the Democrats because they vote early or by mail. The most telling is the machines working just fine in the days leading up to election day then failing on the most IMPORTANT day. This disenfranchise’s all voter’s because they aren’t getting a fair and honest election.

  3. Patriot Saint says:

    The people responsible for the voting issues in Arizona or any other state must be waterboarded then hung for treason!! The fraud will never stop until people who are responsible are nullified!!

  4. Ron Cleveland says:

    Just as in the 2020 election, this is all theater, nothing will change no matter what vote crimes have been committed by the authorities, just as nothing happened when the 700,000 fraudulent and bogus ballots were discovered in the 2020 election! The Judges have spoken, voter fraud is legal in Maricopa County!

  5. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

    This was preplanned, every bit of it. They found a new way to stop the Republicans as IT ONLY HAPPENED IN REPUBLICAN PRECINCTS. Now how coincidental is that. They need to redo the entire Arizona election as it is not credible at all. We should have won the Senate, the Governors and most of the other offices. I will bet when the forensic audits are completed it will be exactly what it shows. Any takers?

  6. joseph j rak says:

    Looks like the arsonist is investigating the fire.

  7. Fred D says:

    There’s only one way to straighten out the elections and the direction of the country. And that way is not good for the health of the democrat leadership or many of their minions.

  8. ARJAY says:

    Don’t worry, NOTHING will happen with this sham “investigation”! There are never any consequences to the leftist democRAT cheating/fraud in elections. So don’t hold your breath that any arrests or trials will ever be held!

  9. bob says:

    WOW,,, another screwed up and shady election !!!! Interesting how whenever there is a major voting issue , the outcome is always a democrat that wins .

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