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Kari Lake Attacked as an Election Denier: 150 Examples of Democrats Denying Elections [VIDEO]

Arizona Election Expert Says Maricopa County Is Underreporting Ballot Count

Kari Lake's campaign says the bulk of the uncounted votes is from heavy Republican precincts.
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Arizona election expert Gina Swoboda announced on The Charlie Kirk Show on Friday that there are many more votes to be counted than they are admitting to.

Possibly because they are tossing Republican ballots possibly. If Swoboda is correct, this could be a very troubling revelation.

Swoboda told Charlie Kirk that there are 351,000 GOP voters that have not even had their votes counted yet. That would be great news for Kari Lake and Hamadeh. It could also mean that Mark Finchem and Blake Masters still have a chance if true.

It was reported that in Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, 30% of all tabulators in the county did not work. Or was it by design? It is Maricopa County so either scenario is possible, but since Hobbs is running for governor against Lake, the latter could be the strongest possibility.

Those voters were told to drop their ballots in box number three. The county claims there were only 17,000 of those.  Again, it is Maricopa County, so anything is possible.

Charlie Kirk: What you’re telling me is that 351,000 people – that include voting in the primary in August, which means they are very high propensity Republicans, have not even had their vote tabulated yet? How did you find that number?

Gina Swoboda: Yes. So Maricopa County gave us a readout this morning via our legal observers that the 292,000 election day dropoffs have completed signature verification but have not yet begun to go to adjudication. So that’s group one. Then you have the 12,000 of the 17,000 that are in Door 3 that have started to be tabulated today. So that gets you to 300,000. So the next group of ballots we have that there’s a discrepancy if they’ve been tabulated is the 30,000 or 40,000 cast under the emergency provision, those – people voted on Saturday or Monday,.. Maricopa County is not communicating clearly about where these ballots are in these buckets in the process. So we have two observers in there that are lawyers in the one part of the facility and they’re getting different answers when they’re asking… It’s possible this whole 50,000 batch hasn’t begun and that’s going to take us up to 345-350K.

According to the Kari Lake War Room Twitter account:

“These are reliable in red votes. Our confidence level has only risen.”

Lake: I have the exact number, I’ve got the latest information, Stella. 548,000 ballots still left to be counted, but there may be more because of a big discovery that was made today. As you may know, a third, more than a third of our polling locations in Maricopa County had issues right at the start of the day. Long lines and they had tabulator machines that were broken, not working. And in many of those locations, we have discovered a really shocking discovery. The people were told, ‘look, the tabulating machines are not working so you can cast your ballot, and then we’ll put it in this, what they call drawer three, and we’ll take those out, and we’ll bring them downtown and count them later.’ But what ended up happening, we’ve discovered, at least two and possibly many more polling locations is that those people took those ballots and mixed them in with already counted ballots. So, those ballots never got counted. It’s a real mess. They’re dealing with it now. Our elections in Arizona are a circus being run by a bunch of clowns, and we need to reform our elections. The good news is we’re going to win. We know that for a fact because these 500,000+ that are left to be counted are the Republican voters, the people who showed up on Election Day and handed in their ballot because they have distrust of the system. And they haven’t even begun to count those yet. And we know that those are the most ardent and big Republican supporters of all of the voters, and those are going to go to us in big ways. All we have to do is win 52% of those votes, and we’re expecting to win anywhere between 70 or higher, and we’re going to win this election. So we’re happy to find that out. We’re upset to find out that they bungled the election so poorly that people’s votes that had not been counted got mixed in with batches that had already been counted. And so they’re gonna have to sort through all of that as well.



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 21

  1. Gerald Ladd says:

    Voter fraud alive and well in that state. May be just a sate full of incompetent people.

    • Goodforall says:

      No, this is all by design just as it was in the 2020 debacle! Dems cant win w/o cheating and thats a proven fact!

      • Christian Wolf says:

        If it was proven, show me where. All the records were destroyed illegally. And now, there at it again.

  2. Jersey Prophet says:

    Mark Kelly was just handed his bogus victory this morning while the world slept. By the time the next few days pass, Hamadeh, Finchem, the the crown jewel, Kari Lake will have their victories stolen.

    It’s baked in. And the people of AZ remain in a paralytic trance!

  3. jason george says:

    it would be a mistake to underestimate the possibility of more voter fraud. They want to drag this out until they “find” enough votes to steal the election- in both houses.

  4. CountryBoy says:

    The WHOLE Election in Arizona needs to be AUDITED.

  5. Dieter says:

    When will the Republican Party realize that the elections are rigged by the Democrats. Maybe the Republicans in office don’t care. They are making millions just like Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and Feinstein . Unless this is addressed NOW elections will become irrelevant as key elections are now.
    Look at Pennsylvania where approximately 700,000 Democrat votes were recorded prior to the polls opening. If that wasn’t telling , how did a dead person get elected? Arizona can find votes . Until the Democrats know how many voted Republican they can’t exceed that number with fraudulent ballots. Many may think this only effect certain states. This effects everyone in our nation. These stolen elections decide who will be in Washington enacting laws and deciding budgets.

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      The Republican party leadership is well aware of the massive voter fraud that has been and still is occurring in America. It appears they either secretly agree with radical Democrats of they simply do not care about the future of our nation. Being re-elected and making as much $ as possible while in a lifetime of elected office seems to be the goal of many politicians we elect.
      I nominate elected officials in this category for the Al Capone award for excellence in public service. Those who let them get away with it deserve the type of government they receive.
      Our nation is in serious trouble, I see no easy way out of this. We have passed the point of no return, probably during the Obama administration.

    • Bob Russell says:

      Dieter, the gop establishment don’t want conservatives in any elected office because conservatives are a threat to the new world order that the establishment is so invested in bringing into control of the entire planet!!!!!!!!!

  6. hank says:

    Democrat voter fraud right in front of people and they get away with it.

  7. Dr Katz says:

    Please watch 2000 Mules if you have any doubt about the Dems cheating and fraud during many elections. You will see the ways they add illegal votes, the money paid to some to accomplish that, cheating at the drop boxes, and voter abuse with elderly and the downtrodden citizens, plus more. Why do the Repubs leaders (Mitch and others) let this go on without trying to point it out and/or put a it.

    • Ronald Hale says:

      Dineshe’s new book fleshes out the video and makes allegations of fraud irrefutable.

  8. mike says:

    First we must go back to paper ballots. Elections results should not be released until all states are done counting that way the counters cannot change votes to favor one party over the other. Mail voters should request there ballot not just thousands be sent out. Some voters live in two states do they vote in both states?? The numbers of early voting should not be reported but if so just the total not the total by party.

  9. Drosack says:

    Be careful what you cheat for, you just might get it, sooner or later it will come and bite YOU on the arse. Biden it will be to late.

  10. If democrats are involved in any Election then they will cheat and find new ways because they are not being Prosecuted for it maybe a slap on the wrist It is TREASON

  11. Gideon Rockwell says:

    This is incompetence by design. The Democrat Crime Organization Operatives on Maricopa County are creating the election machine issues intentionally. This gives them a path to cheat by creating Democrat Supporting Ballots when they get a number for Republicans. This has been caught on video at various vote counting sights around the country. Each phony ballot cancels an honestly cast ballot. Each Phony ballot should be counted as an individual violation of campaign law and charged as such. If a person is caught filing 100 phony ballots that would be 100 individual charges of election fraud. And if convicted each sentence should run consecutively. Convict a few of these Democrat Crime Organization Operatives in this manner and others will be very unlikely to engage in such activity. Also the jammed up toadies might be willing to give up those above them to make a deal.

  12. Jim says:

    Must be nice to live in a make believe world. Republicans lose, must mean someone cheated. They win & of course there’s no cheating. I always find it interesting that even in states where elections are controlled by Republicans if a Republican loses there must be cheating. I guess Soros must have paid the Republicans in charge billions to fake the results. I don’t think I’ve encountered this many cry babies since first grade.

    • Skeptical says:

      “Republicans lose, must mean someone cheated.”
      Everything is reasonably in order and the World is right with itself?
      Two words…..Joe Biden. The “winningest” presidential candidate ever in history (bar none) with 81,284,666 popular votes that beat Trumps otherwise winning 74,224,319 popular vote count . He ran his spectacular campaign from his basement making less than a score of rallies with designated 12 foot circles to mark where his handful, literally handful, of designated attendees would locate. Biden publically stated that he did not need peoples votes to win, just their support when “after”. When the Joint-Congress electoral debaucle ended, the People were barred from a Biden inaugeration by a speedily erected and garrisoned Camp Biden barrier with barbed wire around the Oval. I won’t even bother with the horrific acts Biden has taken in the Oval office. And you suggest this is status quo? Seriously???

  13. Bob Russell says:

    More FRAUD designed to keep devildemocommiecrats in control so they can finish the destruction started by fuhrer obama!!!!!!!!!!

  14. t says:

    Just like Eeevery thing else the ‘left’ touches – this whole mess was contrived ahead of election count as a SURE win in their column. They ‘counted’ (sure they did (sic), right up to the last vote to the last minute allowable just for appearance sake (to make it ‘look’ like a fair count). The left is SO good at buying T I M E to seal their dirty deals to the very last minute, that suits them – then BINGO! “So sad, too bad – Lake lost”…..

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