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Arizona Election Officials Ignored the Law Mandating Signature Matches to Steal Elections

Arizona Election Officials Ignored the Law Mandating Signature Matches to Steal Elections

Arizona once again allowed mismatched signatures on ballots to be counted.

One of the many laws election officials in Arizona ignored or outright broke is the one tha5t demands election officials match the signature on mail-in ballots to the signatures on the registration forms. That law was put in place in order to make sure people did not vote in the place of legally registered voters. Below is an example of a ballot that was approved by matching signatures. What do you think? :

Not even remotely close is it? How many of these fake ballots got counted?

Ben Bergquan, from Real America’s Voice, revealed while talking to Maricopa County election officials that the only ones who win when election cheating like this is allowed are the cartels. Democrats and RINOs have no problem if their decisions allow cartels to flourish as long as they can control the counting of the votes. It’s much easier than trying to get voters to support candidates who promote lousy policy.

One major way that election officials cheat is to allow these fake ballots to be counted, many times by refusing to match the signatures. One person could sign hundreds of mail-in ballots and no one would be the wiser because they intentionally avoid making sure the signatures and other information match. Of course, Democrats have found it necessary to use a wide variety of ways to cheat since they can’t come close to winning using just 2 or 3 methods. That is also why6 it takes so long to get election results. They have to wait to see how many votes need to be manufactured to win.

From The Gateway Pundit

In the 2022 Election, Kari Lake’s team identified massive signature mismatches on ballots that were included in the election which could be over 200,000 total if given the opportunity to look at all the voter signatures.

A signature review of 230,339 of the 1.9 million ballot envelopes (12.12% of the total) using the same control signatures available to Maricopa County revealed the following stunning discrepancies:

18,022 signatures had egregious mismatches to the reference signatures meaning the mismatch was plainly seen at first glance. This equates to 8.5% of the ballot envelopes reviewed – meaning that of the 1.9 million 2020 ballot envelopes, approximately 156,000 ballot envelopes were likely to have egregious signature mismatches.

19,631 signatures failed the Arizona Secretary of State standards which means that of the 1.9 million 2020 ballot envelopes, approximately 9.1% or 165,600 ballots are likely to fail the Arizona Secretary of State standards.

By comparison, in the 2020 election, Maricopa rejected just 587 ballots for mismatched signatures.

The corrupt and cowardly judge in Maricopa County wouldn’t allow the Lake team to bring this issue forward in her case.  Then he ruled that broken machines in 60% of the precincts in Maricopa County and no chain of custody on hundreds of thousands of ballots are no problem in Arizona elections.

Starting in 2020, the state of Arizona quit matching signatures on mail-in ballots despite the fact that the number of those ballots increased through the roof. That was also the year that they were looking to install Dementia Joe into the White House. Less than 2,000 people attended Biden rallies compared to 1.5 million who attended Trump rallies. The Russia collusion hoax did not effectively bring about the coup the left desired, so they had to find another way since they could not depend on the voters to do it for them.


  • Steven Ahle

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  2. Ima Enyurphase says:

    Arizona is now Commiezona. CROOKED politicians and CROOKED judges (Peter Thompson now added). He whittled down Kari’s initial lawsuit to the two hardest item’s to prove in only 5 hours (which she did). Her attorney’s showed one election official committing perjury on witness stand, and also showing proof of lack of “chain of custody” guarantee on election day ballots. Then on top of it the judge said no proof of voter disenfranchisement occurred. YEAH? What about mine for starters? Mine and thousands of others “nullified” by CROOKED Maricopa county ballots and this judge.

  3. One Disenfranchised American Voter says:

    AMERICA is on its death bed when voting laws are nullified by greedy political operatives and politically motivated judges. The Democrats have demonstrated their contempt for the law by allowing our southern border to be invaded, by allowing riots to be labeled “mostly peaceful” while businesses are burned and looted, by allowing Attorney Generals and Prosecutors across the country to let criminals out on the street who belong in jail to terrorize and criminalize the community, to allow cities to call themselves “Sanctuary Cities” for lawbreaking ILLEGAL immigrants (and then have the gall to protest when border states bus BORDER INVADERS to their “sanctuary” community), to pass anti-2nd Amendment laws so that law-abiding citizens have a more difficult and expensive process to exercise their Constitutional right to self-defense, etc.

  4. Steve says:

    Lock thoes commies up

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