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Kurt Olsen, Attorney for Kari Lake: “We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit”

Arizona Supreme Court Gives Kari Lake a Huge Victory

Kari Lake won her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Kari Lake has won a major victory in her election lawsuit against Maricopa County. Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel wrote that the court would decide whether or not Lake could prove her claim that the county did not obey election laws in 2022.

Lake must now only prove that there were enough illegal or uncounted votes that would reasonably by means of a credible mathematical formula that would have given her the win.

Kari Lake won her appeal to Arizona Supreme Court.

How likely is it that Lake can prove her case that way? If the judge is honest, she has a 100% chance of proving it. In January, three whistleblowers came forward claiming that 130,000 votes were rejected because the signatures did not match.

They say that superiors ordered them to count the votes anyway. Since Lake lost by just 17,000 votes, on that basis alone, she should get her new election.

But, there is more. On Republican voter suppression, it was found that 7,000 votes in red districts were refused by the tabulators every 30 minutes for the entire election day.

The state supreme court ordered:

“IT IS ORDERED denying review of issues one through five and seven. The Court of Appeals aptly resolved these issues, most of which were the subject of evidentiary proceedings in the trial court, and Petitioner’s challenges on these grounds are insufficient to warrant the requested relief under Arizona or federal law.”

Caroline described the importance of the court’s ruling:

Caroline Wren: But we are excited about the thing that they did decide to hear. I mean, it is big and the fake news is always going to try and downplay anything in relation to Carrie Lake, but you cannot downplay Carrie Lake. And our team getting the chance to look at these ballots and check the signatures. I mean, signature verification, we always said this was the smoking gun in our case. And every judge, though, took the defendant’s argument hook, line, and sinker to avoid having to actually peel back the curtain on signature verification. And we were astonished when the trial court refused to consider it. And clearly the Supreme Court disagreed. And so that is a big deal. And we had three whistleblowers who were intimately involved in the Signature Verification department in Maricopa County. And these folks said that they were rejecting tens of thousands of signatures up to the tune of, I think, 130,000 ballots and that someone was sending them through anyway

We are very excited that we are going to be able to once again put people on notice and expose the fraud that happened in Arizona.

From PJ Media

Knowing full well that many people only read headlines, the liberal spin game is on. Commie websites are pushing the narrative that most of Lake’s lawsuit was dismissed. While true, they all “forgot” to mention the all-important decision that Lake now has a chance to put her money where her mouth is and prove mass voter fraud involving ballots with bogus signatures.

Let’s look at some lefty headlines:

Politico: Arizona court declines most of Kari Lake’s appeal over governor’s race

Time Magazine: Arizona Court Declines Most of Kari Lake’s Appeal Over Governor’s Race

L.A. Times: Arizona high court declines most of Kari Lake’s appeal over her loss in governor’s race

What happens if Lake can prove she was cheated? That remains a mystery. Hobbs has been in the governor’s seat for three months.

FREUDIAN SLIP-O-RAMA! Look at the “mistake” Newsweek made in its reporting about two LOWER courts decisions: “The decision to rule in Lake’s favor on one of the claims comes in contrast to the move from two loser courts—one in Maricopa County and the other in the Arizona Court of Appeals—which both rejected the Republican’s lawsuit.” (emphasis added)


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