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At Least 40 Babies, Some Beheaded, Found By Israel Soldiers in Hamas

At Least 40 Babies, Some Beheaded, Found By Israel Soldiers in Hamas

Hamas murdered forty babies, some were beheaded.
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The barbarians are at the gate and Israel must do something. Hamas targeted civilians, making their incursion into Israel a war crime.

But, I do not believe anyone will have to face the World Court because they killed Jews. Israeli soldiers faced some brutal scenes in the aftermath of the Hamas invasions. But, nothing could have prepared them for what might well be the most heinous assault they had hoped they would never see.

According to local Israeli outlet i24News, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers Kfar Aza, one of the communities Hamas terrorists invaded. The soldiers found the bodies of forty babies, some of which had ben decapitated.

IDF Maj. Gen. Itai Veruv said, describing the scene, i24News reported:

“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists killed them.”

“Many soldiers were called up for reserve service and could be seen actively consoling each other after what they had to witness. They arrived expecting the worst, but the scenes are beyond anything that one could imagine. Some soldiers say they found babies with their heads cut off, entire families gunned down in their beds. About 40 babies and young children have been taken out on gurneys.”

From Fox News:

On Saturday morning, Hamas-led forces poured over the Israel-Gaza border while residents were sleeping, dragging people into the streets, taking some hostage while beheading and killing others. More than 700 Israelis, including men, women, children and the elderly, were indiscriminately killed in one day — the largest terror attack in a single day in Israel’s history.

The Israeli army allowed members of the media into Kibbutz Kfar Aza, which is located less than a quarter of a mile from the Gaza border.

In the city, residents were murdered and their bodies left lying in the streets. Cars were completely burned and the devastation was extended to buildings, some of which were abandoned and destroyed.


According to i24News, the destructive visuals were met with what was described as “the smell of death.”

The once-vibrant community is now unrecognizable after Saturday’s brutal and swift attack.

The outlet described the level of barbarity they witnessed as what the Allied forces must have experienced walking into Nazi-controlled areas during World War II.

“Many soldiers were called up for reserve service and could be seen actively consoling each other after what they had to witness. They arrived expecting the worst, but the scenes are beyond anything that one could imagine. Some soldiers say they found babies with their heads cut off, entire families gunned down in their beds. About 40 babies and young children have been taken out on gurneys — so far,” i24News reported.

The outlet added:

“The atrocities that were committed with guns, grenades, knives, all targeting innocent civilians in their homes. We can see soccer nets on lawns, a sign of the bucolic life that once existed here. Doors are wide open, strollers left behind, sidewalks destroyed by artillery. There are charred houses as terrorists burned down houses to drive the civilians sheltering inside to come out.”




  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 19

  1. Lawrence M says:

    Anyone that “supports Palestine and in turn by so doing Hamas” is supporting what just occurred; the cutting off of “little innocent babies” heads in Israel as they “slumbered” in their cribs! That is “absolute proof that these perpetrators are not fit to be even called human beings,” but, they’re actually “Satan possessed devils!”

    It’s a cancer that needs to be eradicated!

    In 632 AD that cancer had a false prophet and satanic monster they followed and to this day their teachings and behaviors are in alignment with what he declared!

    “The Prophet is “said to have realized that Christian teachings are indeed incompatible with Islam,” after which the revelation followed that “only Islam is acceptable to God as a religion.” The Quran also says very specifically that those who refer to Jesus as God are blasphemers.”(Oxford University Press)

    Islam which sees itself as the one true religion to usher in the “Mahdi” (antichrist folks) their leader to rule the human race along with the 20th century’s newer growing “atheistic evil empire ideology of communism” derived from the “satanic Marxist ideology!” And so this fusing together with the equally evil Islamic Empire that was heralded into play back in 632 by the false prophet and equally satanic Mohammad, the movement is well underway to enslave the entire human race, “unless the ultimate surgical extraction” is made sooner rather than later!

    We can conclude that the only resolution to this is “all-out war” to “eradicate that cancer once and for all!” Until that happens there will be no peace and many more innocent decent human beings will die!

    Obviously the word Satan should be substituted wherever the Muslims say God said!
    God would never say to lie or commit murder and that is what Jihad is, when some maniac evil devil blows himself up and kills innocent people or attacks them in any way for the Jihadist’s mission!
    How anyone can believe this crap about Islam and even just be a Muslim proves that there are too many mentally deranged and evil people on this planet!

    True, a viper killer snake or the devil cannot be tamed or civilized!

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    • T-200q says:

      That is the absolute truth. Those Hamas evils must be wiped out completely. Any organization or person condoning terrorists must be sanctioned if not incarcerated for giving support to terrorists.

      • Lawrence M says:

        T-200q; what you said is quite clear minded and heartened! Those would be wise actions to take knowing what is happening to Jewish people in their own homes as they live in peace!
        But, due to this atrocity the paradigm has flipped and its high-time to go after Hamas and if possible obliterate it!
        We should pray for God’s guidance and help or intervention in all these matters. Amen.
        God bless you and yours.

  2. Stephen Russell says:

    More coming unless stopped

  3. stevor says:

    Propagandized US citizens continue to be mislead about Israel.
    Netanyahu is a WAR MONGER and a FAKE SEMITE (an ashkenazi/khazarian fake Jew because he descends from Japheth and true Semites descend from Shem.
    Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 tell of how Israel was to be INVADED by the ashkenazi FRAUDS.
    They are Rothschild zionists and OWN CONGRESS, as Congressman Cynthia McKinney found out when elected to Congress, asked to pledge her allegiance to israel INSTEAD of our Constitution.
    Totally disgusting!

    • HOMER says:

      This man is who should be in the place he is at this time! this is GOD ordained! The man is FOR ISRAEL, and so am I! MOSTLY GOD Almighty is for Israel and that nation, in time, will prevail and head up the nations! Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, this to is GOD ordained!! Ezek. 33:24/Ex. 3:5/Neh. 9:15

      • Shalva says:


      • John Galt says:

        God might have predicted this, but he did not ordain it. The evil is in the heads and hearts of Hamas. Its members and beliefs need to be eradicated. May God bless Israel and I wish you well.

    • Q says:

      You are disgusting & a POS!

  4. Homer says:

    CONSIDER: A Muslim, by the laws of Sharia is “OBLIGATED” to LIE to fulfill Allahs commandments and the 2nd Sharia Law is that a Muslim is OBLIGATED to commit JIHAD upon all non-Muslims! They are told to NOT make friends w/non-Muslims and to all who will not follow Allah. Sura 2:191-2/8:13/9:29 etc. People do NOT realize who they deal with in Muslims!! I PRAY ISRAEL will, very shortly, do as the Prime Minister has said he would do! There is a time for war Eccles 3:8 and this is that time!

    • rose says:

      this guy stevor , on here … is dangerous .. who speaks this kind of BS .. coward that he is , does not let you respond back .. you little weasel . and Homer you are correct those people are crazy dangerous animals .

      • Lawrence M says:

        Rose; Correct and the evil ones are rising out of the shadows to do the Devil’s bidding!

        Keep the faith and pray! Jesus is coming and all who deny Him are doomed to eternal damnation!

        God bless you and yours!

  5. Stacy Dougherty says:

    Just remember to Islam we are all infidels! They are indoctrinated to kill all infidels doesn’t matter what religion. Allah is just a name its doesn’t mean GOD. Muhammed wrote in the early 600’s AD and Allah is never identified. I do not understand a god who waited thousands of years to reveal himself in history. I do know in Genesis God begins talking to mankind in the garden. I know the creditability of these writings, and they are not consistent with the teachings of Islam. Jesus NEVER acknowledged or referenced Allah. I know Jesus is not a prophet cause he said things like: John 10.22-33 John 14.6 Rev. 22.18-19

  6. Lawrence M says:

    Stacy Dougherty; Yes the truth is well established historically from many of the accurate historical texts but most important by God’s word in the Holy Scriptures!

    And Jesus Christ is precisely who He said, and He our Lord and Savior will finally completely fulfill the Biblical Scriptures, when He returns!

    Matthew 16:17-19 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by My Father in heaven. 18And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. 19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    God bless you and yours!

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  7. R.V.Winkel says:

    Starting to Sound Like Fabricated Bullshit Propaganda!!-Stop Sending Your Excuse For News?

    • Lee Marciniak says:

      Maybe you should stay asleep a while longer. When you wake up, you will know what we know now. That is, IF you wake up. This is not politics as usual. It is Biblical. You still have time to learn what that means. I pray that you do so.

      • Lawrence M says:

        Lee; sadly there are so many who will never wake up because they don’t want to! Willful ignorance and just like many years ago I remember some dudes saying so and so is just a total pot-head and zoner; meaning that they love being out of touch with reality and they will pay for that grave error! Here is some additional perspective on the now speeding up agenda of evil; maybe some people will start to think and wake up!

        This is what I see going on in line with all of the other evil in our nation and world!
        Because of the Communist Democrat Criminals along with the lying MSM and the warped immoral culture that America has all but adopted as its reason for living; the infection and infestation of degeneracy has run rampant creating a society that has far too many, clueless, brainwashed, atheist or pagan cultists mostly worshiping a secularized materialistic combination of hedonism and communism!

        But this is allowed because the end game is to control the masses, and so before that can be fully implemented they have to bring the decency level down to the lowest of the low, making it nonexistent; all the while screwing the hard working taxpayers out of every penny they can!

        The whole falsehood that was pushed of “Tolerance” was a camouflaged way of saying to allow decay, perversion, sin and madness to have equal time in order to corrupt society; and thereby toss away your proper moral standards or what’s always been decent conscientious behavior, because diversity is what it’s all about! You have to realize that this is the “fundamentally transforming of America” that the evil Obama and Sanders along with the Squad shot off their wicked mouths about! This was and is a giant lie!

        Over the last few decades many people have erred and allowed the “most hideous of all liars and evil perpetrators” to have their way! Especially those that had “no right to even be here” and offered no peace, real solutions to some of America’s social problems but rather; they brought to bear only “massive confusion and sin upon us all!” Very, very tragic and extremely sad what has been allowed to this point already, but, I do think “the writing is on the wall” as to “who can really stop it all now that things are off the rails” in a manner of speaking, with a “Congress full of liars, halfwits or self-centered dummies;” and so all people need to wake up fast! Of course the vilest people are parading around like they have nothing to worry about and oh how they are so absolutely wrong!

        Smoke and Mirrors, along with the usual DC Establishment Swamp Charade!
        Both sides of the aisle are in on it too! Where have our leaders and elected officials been for decades while all of this evil was growing right in front of their eyes?

        I debated adding this bit of news because its so obvious how Satan now has a grip on many in the human race; so then I thought this also means time if short so all the warnings the better!


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