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Attorney Sounds Alarm On Criminal Gag Order Placed on J6 Defendants: ‘It’s The Most Astounding Chill On Free Speech That I’ve Ever Seen’

Attorney Sounds Alarm On Criminal Gag Order Placed on J6 Defendants: ‘It’s The Most Astounding Chill On Free Speech That I’ve Ever Seen’

Activist judges ban free speech by J6 political prisoners.

The Biden caliphate has declared war on the First Amendment on the J6 political prisoners.

From The Gateway Pundit

Federal judges in tandem with the Justice Department and the US Federal Bureau of Prisons are punishing J6 defendants for refusing to renounce their beliefs, speaking out about the cruel and unusual treatment they are subjected to and raising money to pay for their attorney fees and commissary while detained.

Judges are adding years to a J6 defendant’s sentence for conducting interviews with the media. Correction officers and jail staff are also retaliating against inmates for their horrific stories of prisoner abuse to the American public.

One high-profile J6 defendant has been locked in a 6 by 8 foot cell in solitary confinement while he’s been dragged through the mud by the media for the past two years and a half years. The left claims he is a white supremacist ad infinitum while the right is concerned he is a fed.

A J6 political Prisoner, speaking anonymously, is trying to set the record straight, even as he is awaiting sentencing from a liberal activist judge, he is warning that a judge has added years to the sentence of Peter Schwartz for speaking to the press and raising funds for his legal defense. He is now warning his fellow political prisoners to keep their mouths shut until after they have been sentenced.

He said:

“January 6 has taken a life of its own. The Washington DC courts have added various different factors to the Bail Reform Act that have made it more difficult for certain defendants to get out. I’ll give you a prime example: It started off that the standard had been changed for certain defendants they did not want to release. The bail reform act got readjusted. It changed to, ‘If you celebrated the actions that day, that factor would be used against you and whether you should be released or not. ‘”

From The Gateway Pundit

“They actually set a standard that in order for you to receive bond, you literally have to make an admission that what you did was wrong or express remorse for your actions. When I say ‘They said,’ this is court decisions actually talking about this, actually discussing these factors that I’ve never seen in any bail reform analysis, ever, and I’ve reviewed thousands of bail reform decisions.

“That was just the starting point. It started off as crazy.”

Metcalf represents several J6 defendants including Marine Corp veteran Dominic Pezzola, the only Proud Boy who was acquitted of seditious conspiracy. Pezzola and his co-defendants Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean and Zachary Rehl were barred access from discovery throughout the trial. Many J6ers have also been prohibited from submitting evidence to the court that indict the government for their actions on January 6.

“Now people who pled or were found guilty have to worry about whether or not they spoke to a media outlet and tried to speak their truth or exercise their First Amendment rights. I mean, these are people that are not sentenced defendants yet. Once you are a sentenced defendant, the rules do change. But if you are not sentenced yet and not fully convicted, you still have First Amendment rights.

“So now, here’s the next chill of free speech: not only are you not allowed to present evidence in your trial if you go to trial, but then interviews are held against you. So, from day one –with bond and throughout the course of your case and being able to raise a First Amendment argument before your sentencing — anytime you speak out, it’s going to be used against you. So, it’s a chill. It’s the most ridiculous, astounding chill on free speech that I’ve ever seen.”

On May 4, US District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Peter Schwartz to 14 years in prison for pepper-spraying officers during the Jan. 6 protest, one the longest prison sentences among hundreds of Capitol protest cases. Prosecutors had recommended a prison sentence of 24 years and 6 months.

I have a question for Herr Biden and his activist judges. When do the beheadings begin?


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  1. graceythecat says:

    yes the democrats are a commie bunch of lying pedophiles holding Americans in a political prison very much like china.

    • julia says:

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    • Jeanette L. Dilicchio says:

      So true!!! The dems get away with all their corruption!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    I don’t understand, their civil rights are being denied and this is inhumane. Why can’t somebody do something? I don’t get it. I know the courts are corrupt, but can’t at least one of these cases get appealed and sent to the Supreme Court to set a precedent? This is outrageous. I wish I had Elon Musk’s money, I would spend it all to get them out of jail. I don’t get it. I am so sick of these commies and where is the GOP? Get off your ass and do something. I guess all we can do now is pray. And the sickest thing is that people have stolen money from the J6ers and why is it a crime to raise money? How else are they going to pay their lawyers. Please, God, free the political prisoners, Amen.

    • Paul says:

      I agree Debbie, I sure hope our next president will pardon at least 99% of the J-6 prisoners.

    • Tim Kuehl says:

      I agree. Some in the GOP have brought this out but why is nothing being done? I know many of the defendants were represented by activist lawyers appointed by the court who demanded they renounce their beliefs and President Trump himself before they would do anything. But we have communists running the Justice Dept so no relief going there. But why aren’t lawsuits being filed? Their rights have been violated from the moment they were arrested by denying bail, jail conditions, lack of speedy trials and cruel & unusual punishment. Eighteen years for a guy who wasn’t even there. Really? Why hasn’t any of this gotten to the courts? If there ever were cases to be heard by the Supreme Court, these are them. Oh, wait, the compromised Roberts would probably block them anyway.

  3. Hey pedophile Communist China Joe here’s my 1st Amendment speech; Fuck you Communist Prick and every Communist Fucking Judge, real brave Patriot Men and Women will be coming after all of you soon.!
    None of you Communist Fucking assholes in Washington don’t over rule the Constitution or any Real American Patriot, you’ll soon feel the Rath of real Justice and none of us will regret it.!
    Remember, every Communist Democrat and Rino started this and it’s time We The People finish it with or without the spineless Republicans.
    To all my Patriotic friends I apologize for my words but I can’t seem to hold it back any further, it’s time someone said it, since the Communist Democrats are attacking each one of us at every angle.

  4. CPO Bill says:

    F*#K the biden demorat perverts!

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    America’s DemoSocialists learned their tactics from Nazi brownshirts.

  6. Stephen Russell says:

    Damn we dont need this BS Now

  7. Mike Michelson says:

    Our justice department is corrupt. The president is a puppet and the puppeteers are running and destroying our once great republic. Unless we vote these crooked people out of office we are a doomed country and becoming another third world satellite of China. Washington DC is the new Beijing!!!

  8. Hi webmaster, Your posts are always well-written and engaging.

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