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Axios Spins Impending Stacey Abrams Loss as a ‘Long Game’ Win

Axios claims that if Stacey Abrams loses in November, it is a victory for her.

In what can only be described as a laughable attempt to salvage the reputation of Stacey Abrams as some kind of  Pyrrhic victory.

A Pyrrhic victory is defined as a victory that comes at a great cost, perhaps making the ordeal to win not worth it. It relates to Pyrrhus, a king of Epirus, who defeated the Romans in 279 BCE but lost many of his troops. In this case, it would be a defeat that was not worth it.

But, Axios claims that it is a victory because of the ridiculous assertion that even “if” Abrams again loses to Kemp, she “has amassed the influence and financial strength to play a long game statewide and nationally.”

Well, she will have lost statewide twice, and to think she would have a shot at the presidency would require the suspension of disbelief. Even now, she is embroiled in a scandal over her non-profit paying the law firm owned by her campaign manager close to $10 million dollars from her campaign war chest.

The way Axios figures it, the more Abrams loses, the more powerful she gets. If that is the case, shouldn’t Major League Baseball award the World Series to the hapless Washington nationals as opposed to the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies, who did not lose enough games to become powerful? Abrams lost the governorship by 55,000 votes in 2018 and it looks like she will be flattened this time out.

In a recent Axios article, ridiculously titled “The Making of Stacey Abrams,” writers Emma Hurt and Thomas Wheatley began their Abrams fairy tale thusly:

Stacey Abrams became a household name following her historic 2018 bid to be Georgia governor, her voting rights work, and her White House ambitions. Since her last time on the Georgia ballot, she’s gone from state lawmaker and tax attorney to a sought-after national speaker with lucrative book deals.

Less well understood is the network of nonprofit and for-profit enterprises the Democrat has built over two decades and how it laid the groundwork for her national platform and her rise to millionaire status.

“The intrigue” — according to Axios: 

Over the years, Republicans in state government have alleged unlawful blurring of nonprofit and political lines among these groups as well as voter fraud during her voter registration efforts — accusations she and her allies have decried as politically motivated.

Democrats, meanwhile, have at times been skeptical that Abrams’ touted voter registration strategy truly lived up to expectations, but few are willing to speak on the record about it.

“The Democratic Party is, in effect, Stacey Abrams and her machinery,” a longtime Georgia Democratic activist told Axios on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

From RedState

While Abrams no longer insists that the election was “stolen,” or that she “won,” she still claims Republican-supported voter suppression laws — one of the Democrats’ favorite made-up bogeymen — handed the race to incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, whom she faces in an uphill, Nov. 8 midterm rematch.

While Abrams and her over-the-moon admirers (See: Oprah Winfrey’s “too much at stake” silliness) continue to claim otherwise, they know — deep in those crevasses in their brains they don’t like to visit in the middle of the night — that the undeserving Darling of the Democrat Party is about to go 0-2.


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Comments 8

  1. Crossram says:

    Abrams will never be Governor of Georgia people don’t vote for Racist, Radical, Socialist.

    • Richard Held says:

      Alo you forgot to mention the biggest liar in Georgia history but its ok because she is guided by her faith,,,in Satan!

  2. El-Tejas says:

    A short term loss is really a long term victory? Say that again? That sounds like rather twisted thinking. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

  3. cherykie says:

    Stacey Abrams has NOT made herself famous- she has rightly made herself, via her lack of character and her spiteful personality , MOST INFAMOUS and only in a communist or a tyrannical government would she be ” fit” to govern. To those of us adhere to the founding fathers hopes and plans for this country, we should read and reread the Declaration of Independence . Originally written for freedom from Great Britain, it very well applies to the the marked differences between progressives and conservatives, left and right, blue and red, democrats and republicans . The ideological gulf between us is too wide to consider common ground, as it is in the rest of the world. Practically, the states will never split to form separate nations, so I’ll gladly wait for the return of the Messiah to take over the world and righteously rule.

  4. Evangeline says:

    That fat, ugly negro must go back to Africa where she belongs!!

    • Dig Bick says:

      You belong in a zoo! Abrams is reprehensible! She is fake! She;s a commie bitch! But, Mr. A hole, her girth, her facial beauty or lack thereof, and her skin color has nothing to do with it!

  5. majorbud says:

    Her loss will definitely be a win for Georgians!

  6. CHRIS says:

    Losers puffing up a fellow loser in order to indulge their sense of entitlement. They can all hand each other worthless trophies for non-accomplishment but in the end those of us who think for ourselves with functioning brains can see through the make-believe crap they spew as we dwell in reality.

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