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AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Asks The FBI And IRS To Investigate True The Vote

AG Btnovich refused to go after voter fraud and is now going after those who proved the cheating.

AG Mark Brnovich, an unimpressive Attorney General and a bitter loser in the Arizona primary for the Senate nomination is living up to his reputation as a RINO.

Evidence of voter fraud poured into his office, but he chose to ignore it, which lead to him going from the prohibitive front runner for the GOP Senate nomination to the landslide loser to Blake Masters.

Arizona voters saw that he refused to do his job as the AG and had no confidence that he would do his job as a US Senator. They were right.

Now, we find out that not only has he not gone after those who cheated in the 2020 election, but he is also now going after True the Vote that did the job he was supposed to do.

Chief Special Agent Reginald Grigsby from Mark Brnovich’s Special Investigations Section sent out a letter claiming that True the Vote took in a lot of money, but did not use the money as they were supposed to.

Grigsby claimed in his letter that True the Vote did not give the AG’s office “any information that led to investigations in Arizona.”

Well, that’s because the AG’s office refused to investigate until they were forced to and which led to the conviction of ballot box stuffer, Guillermina Fuentes. And even then, the AG’s office allowed her to plea bargain her way from several felonies to a single misdemeanor. She will now only serve thirty days instead of the years they had her nailed to rights for.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s office says they have 26 cases of voter fraud that they are working on but that the AG’s office has taken some of those over. Most likely these are the cases involving felonies they do not want to be prosecuted seriously.

Thankfully Brnovich’s political career is over. Arizona will never prosecute anyone for cheating and I hope Republicans will remember they owe it all to Brnovich.

Remember, it was the investigative work by True the Vote that was the main driving force behind 2000 Mules. They are the ones who documented all of the ballot stuffing and vote harvesting not only in Arizona but across the country as well. What has the AG’s office done? Nada. And if I were you, I would expect nothing more will be done until Btnovich is but a distant memory. He has been as worthless as a milk pail under a bull.

From The Gateway Pundit

The letter concludes, “Given TTV’s status as a nonprofit organization, it would appear that further review of their financials may be warranted.”

The Attorney General’s office still has not acted on the 2020 Election law violations and hundreds of thousands of illegal, fraudulent, and questionable ballots that were discovered by the Maricopa County full forensic audit, or the footage of individuals illegally deleting 2020 election files from the Elections Management Server in April 2021.

Nor have they acted on the Primary Election Day incompetence in Arizona’s three largest counties, where Republican voters were turned away from the polls after being told they’ve already voted and faced printer malfunctions which led to ballots not being available. The Gateway Pundit reported that in Pinal County, Republican voters were turned away from the polls early on election day because the County ran out of ONLY Republican ballots.

Now, Brnovich wants the FBI to investigate more good Americans who want election integrity.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 10

  1. I’m curious why Arizona has separate ballots for Dems and Repubs? I have never heard of this before! There should only be one ballot that contains all who are running and the people should be choosing form the complete list.
    It seems to be that this one of the main parts of the problem. If there was only one ballot they wouldn’t be able to run out of ballots for one group and not the other!
    A very odd practice!!!

    • jim says:

      many years ago like in the 50’s there were places that had that….as when i was growing up in mississippi i remember my parents talking about getting in the right line to vote and heard them talking with friends that came to the house about democrat voting line and republican voting line and getting the right ballots as there was no machines back then at least not where we lived

    • jean says:

      Because it’s much easier to discard republican votes if they are separate! You know this isn’t something new, the democrats have been famous for cheating at the ballot box for 60 years! Just the last 14 years have they become so blatant!

    • Azrajo says:

      No it’s not , it’s a primary when people registered from each party get to choose who they want representing them.

  2. Dobie says:

    Sounds like AG Mark Brnovich is a sore loser or maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know he is part of the voter fraud scheme. What is wrong with voter ID? You have to show ID to the police, to buy alcohol, to buy tobacco products, to board an airplane or ship. Wake up as Schumer and the democrats will do anything to steal this election.

    • Azrajo says:

      You got it. Bronovich for months jerked Trump,Hannity and Levine as other conservatives that he had documentation of fraud . He did nothing and eventually everyone figured out that he was playing a game. Then recently the sore looser goes and find an obscure law passed agaves ago outlawing abortions in Arizona and takes the recently passed 16 week law to court. That gave the democrats their main and only talking points on the Republicans.
      Funny because as Attorney General for two terms why didnt he bring that up ? Why didn’t he run in it ? Because now the LOOSER is pulling a Chaney. My sister, who was a poll worker and watcher, and I sent him information on possible fraud several times and he never responded or interviewed her. I have snapshots of those messages.

    • Brent G says:

      Investigate him fully around the 2020 and now the 2022 election ‘issues’ in AZ. He is likely a part of the corruption, little RINO loser!!

  3. DriverRay says:

    I refused to vote for any RINO. If you can’t even pretend to be a good conservative or a good Republican.

  4. Sunshine Kid says:

    It is my opinion that any judge or lawyer in the judicial system that refuses to take a case based on personal or political bias should be forever barred from the career. And, if a criminal is released or given a very light sentence, then the judge/DA/prosecutor(s) should be held as accomplices to any further crimes committed by the felon, charged, uncharged, or released with substantially no penalty. If judges and attorneys were thus chained to the sentences of the perpetrators of crimes, then I feel sure that the sentencing would be far more appropriate to the crimes committed.

  5. Steve says:

    Just another communists

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