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AZ Senate Elections Committee Chair Files Public Records Request to Inspect Maricopa County 2022 Ballot Signatures

AZ Senate Elections Committee Chair Files Public Records Request to Inspect Maricopa County 2022 Ballot Signatures

AZ State Sen Wendy Rogers demands voting records.

Arizo0na State Senator Wendy Rogers has demanded the right to examine the signatures on the mail-in ballots so that they can be examined to see if they match the records from voter registration.

Kari Lake has already requested that information, but Maricopa County turned her down. This creates a problem because her lawsuit against Maricopa County depends on whether they match or not and without inspecting them that will be impossible.

Senator Rogers, Chairwoman of the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, fired off the following tweet with a photocopy of her new public records request.


 As Arizona Senate Elections Committee Chair, I have submitted a Public Records Request to inspect the affidavit envelopes and signature exemplars from Maricopa County records used in the 2022 election.

The corrupt officials in Maricopa County have refused to allow Kari Lake and her team to inspect the mail-in envelopes and the registration records she needs in order to prove her case in court despite the fact that the law is on her side.

If the equally corrupt Judge Thompson gets a chance I’m betting he will dismiss Lake’s lawsuit once again, the law be damned.

He didn’t follow the law in the first trial, he presided over why would anyone expect him to do differently this time around? Arizona has way too many Democrats disguised as Republicans and voters there need to wise up.

From The Gateway Pundit

On March 25, Lake Attorney Bryan Blehm sent a Public Records Request to Recorder Stephen Richer asking to inspect “all 2022 General Election Ballot Affidavit Envelopes; including mail-in, early voting and late early ballot envelopes.”

Blehm added, “Given the active case, Lake v. Hobbs, is already moving on an expedited schedule and considering failure to furnish records promptly is considered a denial of access to records, my client respectfully requests that items (1), (2), and (3) above be delivered on or before Monday, March 27, 2023.”

This request is in accordance with ARS 16-168(F), which states,

Any person in possession of a precinct register or list, in whole or part, or any reproduction of a precinct register or list, shall not permit the register or list to be used, bought, sold or otherwise transferred for any purpose except for uses otherwise authorized by this section. A person in possession of information derived from voter registration forms or precinct registers shall not distribute, post or otherwise provide access to any portion of that information through the internet except as authorized by subsection I of this section. NOTHING IN THIS SECTION SHALL PRECLUDE PUBLIC INSPECTION OF VOTER REGISTRATION RECORDS AT THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY RECORDER for the purposes prescribed by this section, except that the month and day of birth date, the social security number or any portion thereof, the driver license number or nonoperating identification license number, the Indian census number, the father’s name or mother’s maiden name, the state or country of birth and the records containing a voter’s signature and a voter’s e-mail address shall not be accessible or reproduced by any person other than the voter, by an authorized government official in the scope of the official’s duties, for any purpose by an entity designated by the secretary of state as a voter registration agency pursuant to the national voter registration act of 1993 (P.L. 103-31; 107 Stat. 77), for signature verification on petitions and candidate filings, FOR ELECTION PURPOSES AND FOR NEWS GATHERING PURPOSES BY A PERSON ENGAGED IN NEWSPAPER, RADIO, TELEVISION OR REPORTORIAL WORK, OR CONNECTED WITH OR EMPLOYED BY A NEWSPAPER, RADIO OR TELEVISION STATION or pursuant to a court order. Notwithstanding any other law, a voter’s e-mail address may not be released for any purpose.  A person who violates this subsection or subsection E of this section is guilty of a class 6 felony.



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  1. messup says:

    Thought long and hard about events on late evening of November 8 and later. A video exists (since been scrubbed) where a “document dump” of some 20 (or so) duffel bags appear in Elections Department Control Center. We later find out these were the “questionable” 300,000 ballot dump of provisional ballots without “chain-of-custody” documentation(supposedly). The person in charge of this trove of “election chicanery” is Assistant Elections Director Ms. Cecilia Nebor. She worked in consort with Director of Recorders Office Mr. Stephan Richer. We have to remember that late Nov,8 evening Mr. Bill Gates (chairman of Maricopa County Board of supervisors) gave a “presser” stating there were “some 17,000, or so late ballots remaining to be tallied!!(Remember, that?). Well, Ms. Cecilia Nebor, dutifully closed Elections office early morning and in only four hours time verified signatures of all 300,000 ballot dump in the 20-odd duffel bags! By 8AM Nov. 9, she had the official results as Mr. Stephan Richer barked incessantly for all to hear…(READ: he closed the gap for Biden’s win). Ms. Nebor got her $25,000 bonus, Sheriff Penzone stepped-in and hustled both Mr. Bill Gates and Nebors off to one of several “safe-houses.” Senate Election Committee’s issue (Chair Sen. Wendy Rogers) is exactly what Ms. Nebors did in only four hours work…and the smell is worse than “Granny;s Out House.” WoooHeee! Pray. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really stupid Columbia U’s marxist Hegelian sociological and psychological hubris of indoctrination and ideology). God Bless.

  2. Ted says:

    I thought a judge in AZ already ordered the inspection of the signatures on these ballots….WTF!

  3. Rodnut says:

    When you can openly cheat in an election and no one is ever held accountable ” UNLESS YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN” then there is no hope for America to stay free. The Democrats / Communist are cheating in ever election we have now. And it always goes against the Republican. We now have a complete Weaponized Democrat / Communist party and now they are going after anyone who is not a Democrat. When you have some little PISS ANT Local DA able to have an ex President arrested on complete made up FALSE Charges that are a complete lie, But yet you have a sitting Democrat / Communist president who has been getting MILLIONS of dollars from our Communist enemies for years and no one does a thing. Then we are all at risk of being falsely charged just to get us out of the way. Just what they are doing to the Jan. 6 INNOCENT PROTESTERS who were set up. This is the RePUSSYcans last chance to save our freedoms. Otherwise this will not end well. LIVE FREE OR DIE will be back in vogue because I will not be in prison on made up false charges. And by the way I will never vote for anyone until the Jan ^ Innocent people are freed. What is the point of voting for Communism.

  4. jeniferlewis says:

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  5. So how does Kari Lake get to review the signatures, which she is legally allowed to review by law, but the judges and election controllers will not allow? What a corrupt AZ

  6. The fact that these courts disallowed total investigation is proof of their corruption. There were many issues of fraud and judge only allows one, and will not coerce Richer to release these records for review. What total one sided corruption in AZ

  7. pa l says:

    Signature verification is a farce…..hoe about trying ID verifications ….LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD.

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