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Bags of Poop Thrown at Home of Socialist Seattle Official Who Led ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts

Bags of Poop Thrown at Home of Socialist Seattle Official Who Led ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts

Kshama Sawant who led the Defund the Police in Seattle complains cops aren't protecting her house.

Bags of poop have been thrown at the home of socialist Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant. Sawant led the Defund the Police effort in Seattle and now she is complaining that the police are not doing enough to defend her home.

Maybe the police she got laid off were the ones who defended her neighborhood. Conservative commentator Jason Rantz initially reported that Sawant that police defend her home from 5 PM till 10 PM until the person doing it is caught.

Sawant claims that the police are dragging their feet in apprehending the culprit. Rantz added that Sawant’s request came as the department is “dangerously understaffed, due to Sawant’s defunding of the police. Police should be assigned to areas that wanted the police fully funded and those who pushed for the defunding be the last ones protected.

Sawant wants it both ways. She wants fewer police, but the ones who are left, she wants them stationed at her house. The SPD lost 500 officers since 2020.

Sawant wrote to city officials:

“There is obviously a glaring inconsistency between this approach and the way in which former Mayor [Jenny] Durkan, after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest was held a short distance from her mansion, was provided with a 24-hour stakeout for a full year. As a socialist city Councilmember who has participated in Black Lives Matter protests, I am being told that my case of six threatening incidents involving human excrement doesn’t merit even a serious investigation, let alone protection.”

The police said:

“Friends of the victim were watching the home when the suspect threw a plastic bag, containing several individual bags of suspected human feces, into the yard. The friends confronted the suspect and snapped multiple photos as he ran away. Witnesses described the suspect, pictured below, as an Asian man, approximately 5-foot 4-inches tall.”

According to KCPQ, Sawant said:

“Needless to say, it is disturbing that right-wing media, including a police-run website named [Law Officer], portrays these attacks on my home as justified against an elected representative who has the temerity to criticize the police or attempt to hold them accountable. That is certainly a dangerous direction, especially if it is embraced by police and de facto supported by SPD leadership and the city’s Democratic Party establishment.”

While Sawant said she’s filing a complaint with the Office of Police Accountability, the station noted the following statement from police:

“The department takes incidents involving public officials seriously, and investigators have canvassed for evidence, gathered information from witnesses and reviewed everything collected thus far. At this time, the department has not found any evidence this case would meet the city or state standards for hate crime laws, but SPD will follow available leads should new information arise. The department encourages anyone with additional information about this case to contact police.”

From The Blaze

Soon KCPQ-TV reported that Sawant wrote a letter to officials claiming Seattle police are “failing to investigate” who threw bags of human into her yard six times, most recently on Oct. 13. She added that one of these incidents was followed by a threatening email sent to her city council office, the station said, calling her “the queen of s**t” and saying “you can sit on your throne of human excrement.”

She also claimed police have been dragging their feet, closing the investigation Tuesday just five days after it began, the station said. Sawant added that after one bag of poop was thrown on her lawn, a police officer allegedly asked her husband, “What do you expect us to do?” KCPQ reported.


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  1. John k Keel says:


  2. Danko56 says:

    Good I hope it continues and her neighbors get the same treatment!

  3. lawdog13 says:

    Well well, isn’t that just tough shit!!!!!

  4. I do not approve of anyone’s irresponsible behavior; including criminal behavior like this against her house. I am certain the police are doing all they are supposed to do and will get to her case as soon as reasonably possible.They have a demanding job, but I am sure they assigned the proper priority to her case… as soon as they get more officers back on the job.

  5. 1947 says:

    What a crappy thing to happen to her. I feel as though justice is being served in a cold paper bag. The only thing that would make it better is if the bags were on fire and she had to stomp them out. Its people like her that are part of the major problem in the USA.

    • Lawrence says:

      Yea maybe she better move to a less shitty country! I bet Iran or China could accommodate her foibles and demands Very Quickly! Yea that’s what she needs a place to live like that were the officials react to citizens like her swiftly!
      Insert foot in mouth and look at what happens!

  6. Evangeline says:


  7. Dabo says:

    No shit?

  8. ready123 says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Karma got her

  9. Eric Anthony says:

    There’s some kind of poetic justice here where Sawant defunds the police, then wants them to protect her (probably wanted them to clean up the “evidence” as well!). With all the mandates and petty tyranny of the last two years, I wouldn’t raise a stink about a few bags of poop flying in the other direction for a change.

    • Lawrence says:

      Yea some people have a problem keeping their traps shut just like some do their sphincters; one way or the other that’s her problem! Shes got em coming and going!

  10. sam says:


  11. Truth Vaccine says:

    No American rights for Commies and their WOKE terrorists!

  12. Oirish1953 says:

    Perhaps she should call her local community activist or social worker for around the clock protection since she pushed to have the police department defunded and replaced by these types of organizations. WHAT A HYPOCRITE. I do not feel sorry or sympathetic towards her at all.

  13. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Guess as Barry’s racist preacher says, “Her chickens have come home to roost!”

  14. Robert Manocchio says:

    Too bad, they missed hitting her in the FACE

  15. Joseph Edelen says:

    Burn the house down!

  16. Elsie says:

    The cops should be sailing bags of crap at her. Be an improvement. She should protect herself, hang some selfies around the place. The Police should not have to take calls at her place. Her and the Frog Lightfoot. Both hate the cops and want them gone, Yeah from everywhere but their house. Hypocrites to the end.

  17. StealthFighter says:

    Too funny!!!! What a POS!!!!!

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