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Biden Appeals Unconstitutional Student Loan Forgiveness to the 8th Circuit of Appeals: Here is That Ruling

The 8th Circuit of Appeals has now ruled on Biden’s unconstitutional student loan program. King Quid Pro Joe announced his plan just before the election to buy votes from people with student loan debt. It would erase between $10,000 and $20,000 of people’s debt from student loans. It would shift the burden from those with degrees and higher-paying jobs to poor and middle-class working families. Yeah. That’s fair is it not?

On Monday, the 8th Circuit Court put a hold on Biden’s massive giveaway. There could be a second announcement from the 8th Circuit and if not, it will probably be appealed to the Supreme Court. The plan is unconstitutional because all spending must originate in the House of Representatives.

Reuters reported:

A U.S. appeals court has extended a block on President Joe Biden’s administration from fulfilling his plan to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt at the urging of six Republican-led states, a court filing on Monday showed.

The St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction barring the U.S. Department of Education from erasing student loan debt as part of Biden’s plan to deliver “life-changing relief” to tens of millions of borrowers.

The court on Oct. 21 temporarily barred Biden’s administration from discharging student loans while it considered an emergency request by the six states for an injunction. The states’ case was dismissed, though they are appealing that decision.

Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and South Carolina claim Biden’s plan skirted congressional authority and threatens the states’ future tax revenues and money earned by state entities that invest in or service student loans.

Previously a Trump-appointed United States District Judge Mark Pittman ruled that the plan was unconstitutional and then he blasted the Biden caqliphate for their unconstitutional action.

Pittman said:

“In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government. The Court is not blind to the current political division in our country,” the judge wrote.

“But it is fundamental to the survival of our Republic that the separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution be preserved. And having interpreted the HEROES Act, the Court holds that it does not provide ‘clear congressional authorization for the Program proposed by the Secretary.”


The ruling by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis is the latest in a series of legal challenges to President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for millions of Americans. The Biden administration stopped accepting applications for its relief on Friday after a federal district judge in Texas struck down its plan Thursday evening, calling it “unconstitutional.”

Monday’s decision by the appeals court came after six GOP-led states argued in a lawsuit that the loan relief program threatens their future tax revenues and that the plan circumvents congressional authority.

“The injunction will remain in effect until further order of this court or the Supreme Court of the United States,” a three-judge panel of the appeals court said in its ruling.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 6

  1. Nick1 says:

    What a costly scam. SC should refuse to hear it. Period.

  2. Kurt says:

    This poops on every single student who had loans and paid them off after they graduated and were established in their careers. It was truly a demonrat “gimme” to buy votes.
    I hope the court refuses the appeal and the ruling stands.
    Next up people will want to get out of personal bank loans!

  3. Grayfox41 says:

    Life changing relief for whom? Why not life changing relief for home owners, business owners or farmers. What right do free loaders have that responsible citizens should coddle them? As usual, democrats are using our money to buy votes just as they are using unconditional abortions up until birth (and in some cases, after birth). Shimmy does not adequately define some of these politicians.

  4. Gerald Ladd says:

    LMAO…it’s like closing the gate after the cows are gone.

  5. Gerald Ladd says:

    Nick1, I see you’re all in on voter fraud!

  6. bob says:

    It’s obvious ,, Perv Biden and the socialist democrats planned this scam. The scam was to prior to the Nov. election announce they were going to give up to $ 20,000 free to all the non-responsible people with college loans. Last year boozer Nancy Pelosi even admitted doing so was illegal . But,, just before the election they went thru with their scam knowing they would get almost every person with a loan [ millions ] to vote for democrats . Think about it ,,, throw out the offer of FREE money ,,, get their votes , then afterwards knowing it would get shut down !!!! So,,,, to all the degenerates that did vote democrat just to get the loan money ,, SUCKERRR !!

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