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BIDEN: ‘Let Me Start Off With Two Words: Made In America’

BIDEN: ‘Let Me Start Off With Two Words: Made In America’

President Joe Biden committed another trademark gaffe on Friday after saying that he would be starting off his speech with “two words.”

In reality Biden started off his remarks with a three-word phrase.

“Let me start off with two words: made in America,” Biden declared as the oblivious crowd cheered. He then repeated the same three-word phrase: “Made in America.”

Earlier this week, Biden bragged about a very low number of manufacturing jobs created under his administration on Monday, making it unclear whether he misspoke or was genuinely proud of not creating over 1,000 new positions.

“As I said, since I came to office, our economy has created 10 million jobs, 668 manufacturing jobs,” Biden shouted during an event on Thursday.

The discrepancy between the numbers cited of 10 million total jobs, but only 668 manufacturing jobs, did not add up for many viewers who observed Biden’s speech.

Biden has been in office for almost two years – over 21 months to be exact – which would mean that “his economy” has created barely one job per day in a country of almost 400 million people (that is, if the 668 figure is accurate and not just another in a long list of Biden gaffes).

The President had difficulty speaking and correctly pronouncing words during a speech in Puerto Rico on Monday, turning and asking someone else on stage to “help me with the pronunciation.”

“And we’ve announced sic – a hundred and sixty-three million, uh [unintelligible] million dollars to begin construction on the canal to restore can -” Biden stammered before turning to his right to beg Puerto Rico governor Pedro Pierluisi for help.

“Help me with the pronunciation,” Biden demanded, to which Pierluisis replied, “Martin Pena, Martin Pena.”

“Martin Pena,” Biden recited. “The, that entire ecosystem. And we’re gonna clean up polluted waters and restore mitigation habits, m-m-mangrove habitat, mangrove habitats.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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Comments 6

  1. MikeL says:

    Some of us tried to warn you during the 2020 campaign, but you were seduced by the fake news media propaganda. Biden is senile, he is cognitively impaired, getting worse and worse.

    • Kurt says:

      Yessiree. He is lapsing into dementia. Likely his “handlers” are running the country.

    • Goodforall says:

      That was a weak response to him from the paid crowd! Hes a total embarrassment.

  2. Pauline Seago says:

    What is scarier no one is doing anything about it. We’re getting deeper in debt and the world is laughing at us. We’re allowing it to go on. The idiot and the hyena need to be impeached. They’re destroying our beautiful country

  3. B. Clinton says:

    Unfortunately Joey Biden proves that anyone can grow up to be President…Waiting to be seen is if America can survive Joey and De HO

    • Goodforall says:

      Actually hes really not the legally elected president and we all know it! Stolen elections have dire consequences!

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