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BIDEN: ‘My, My, My Legislation Says There Can Be No More Than 8 Bullets In A Round, Okay?’

BIDEN: ‘My, My, My Legislation Says There Can Be No More Than 8 Bullets In A Round, Okay?’

President Joe Biden sputtered more unintelligible jargon regarding gun control during a presidential forum with far-left organization NowThis, claimiing he has authored legislation preventing there being “more than 8 bullets in a round, okay?”

“My, my, my legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round, okay?” Biden stammered.

It is unclear what exactly the commander-in-chief of the united States was talking about, though it is possible he confused the word “round” – another term for bullet – with “magazine,” which is the accessory that holds the bullets in many modern firearms.

Biden yelled about “ghost guns” on the White House lawn, confused the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms with the American Federation of Teachers, and called federally licensed firearms dealers “merchants of death” during a rant against the Second Amendment in April.

“You bought a gun, take a look,” Biden barked before shuffling over to a table that appeared to display firearm components next to a sign reading “GHOST GUN” and “Buy-Build-Shoot.”

“Take a look at this, it comes in this package,” Biden continued to yell. “You can see the picture down here maybe. This is the gun. It’s not hard to put together. A little drill, a hand drill at home, doesn’t take very long. Anyone can order it in the mail. Anyone.”

He also referred to ATF agents as “AFT agents.”

In June, Biden incorrectly claimed that you can have “300 rounds in the magazine” of an “assault weapon.”

“You got to make sure that this becomes a voting issue,” Biden said. “It’s gotta be one of those issues where you decide your position on the issue, senator, or candidate for House or Senate on what we’re gonna do with assault weapon and how [unintelligible] able to have 300 rounds in a magazine.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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Comments 7

  1. Doug Litchfield says:

    Sounds like he’s talking about a shotgun shell. Maybe too many rounds with Nanci with the shots that are unlimited.


    All guns older than 1968 do not have serial numbers, so they are ghost guns. I have a 20 gauge ghost gun.

    • Leonard Gammel says:

      Many guns have had serial numbers since well before the Civil War. They weren’t required by law until the Gun Control act of 1968.

  3. Elsie says:

    Joe doesn’t have an Administration, he he is a puppet for Obama. Unless he has que cards he doesn’t know what day it is. He should be worried about his addict son carrying a gun! Even with one round in it!

    • Joy Cochran says:

      True, he should be concern about anything his criminal son does

  4. Uncle Art says:

    Look here’s the deal, if you can rub two tires together and have pancakes left over that came here by arrow craft than it safe to say that being white means you pay for things you want but the bananas can live here free unless it holds more than 300 bullets in a cupcake and that’s why we are passing more laws to stop you know the thing

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      Now there is clarity even Flakeman and orator Joey track with ease. One too many nights at the opium den!!!

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