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Biden Quietly Places US Troops on the Border of Ukraine

Biden Quietly Places US Troops on the Border of Ukraine

US and Romania staging war games near the Ukraine border.

It’s not bad enough that Joe Biden is moving us towards war with Russia, but he has totally destroyed our military, driving away many veterans and killing recruitment with wokeness and COVID lockdowns.

The Biden administration has about 4,700 U.S. troops with the 101st Airborne Division near the Ukraine border in Romania. They are holding live-fire exercises inside Romania near the Ukraine border. These exercises could be practice for US and Romanian troops to cross the border to take on the Russians.

These war games come at the same time that NATO is holding a long-planned nuclear war exercise in Europe. Earlier this week British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made an emergency flight to Washington to hold talks on possible strategies.

Just after that visit, there were increased communications between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Perhaps Austin is planning to bring war crimes against Russia for forbidding biological male soldiers from wearing skirts and for using the wrong pronouns.

Shoigu also spoke to NATO defense chiefs in the UK, France and Turkey on Sunday (excerpt via Reuters):

Moscow provided no details on the conversation with Austin, which came after the two men spoke on Friday for the first time since May. Its readouts on the other calls said Shoigu had said the situation in Ukraine was worsening.

“They discussed the situation in Ukraine which is rapidly deteriorating,” the Russian defense ministry said of Shoigu’s call with French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu. “It is trending towards further uncontrolled escalation.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

Other reports on the calls say Shoigu warned of a dirty bomb attack by Ukraine. That warning is being taken as Russian propaganda laying the groundwork for a Russian false flag attack.

CBS reporter Charlie D’Agata embedded with the 101st Airborne Division in Romania for the exercises and also accompanied officers on a helicopter flight over the Black Sea coast.

Brigadier General John Lubas, the division’s Deputy Commander, told D’Agata on camera this is a “combat deployment”.

Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania — The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Europe for the first time in almost 80 years amid soaring tension between Russia and the American-led NATO military alliance. The light infantry unit, nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles,” is trained to deploy on any battlefield in the world within hours, ready to fight.

CBS News joined the division’s Deputy Commander, Brigadier General John Lubas, and Colonel Edwin Matthaidess, Commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, on a Black Hawk helicopter for the hour-long ride to the very edge of NATO territory — only around three miles from Romania’s border with Ukraine.

…”We’re ready to defend every inch of NATO soil,” Lubas told CBS News. “We bring a unique capability, from our air assault capability… We’re a light infantry force, but again, we bring that mobility with us, for our aircraft and air assaults.”

Skirting northward along Romania’s Black Sea coast, the Black Hawk eventually touched down at a forward operating site where U.S. and Romanian troops were pounding targets during a joint ground and air assault exercise.

The tank rounds and artillery fire were real. The drill was meant to recreate the battles Ukraine’s forces are fighting every day against Russian troops, just across the border. The war games so close to that border are a clear message to Russia and to America’s NATO allies, that the U.S. Army is here.

..The “Screaming Eagles” commanders told CBS News repeatedly that they are always “ready to fight tonight,” and while they’re there to defend NATO territory, if the fighting escalates or there’s any attack on NATO, they’re fully prepared to cross the border into Ukraine.






  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 10

  1. Thomas says:

    Biden already showed he had no regard for troops lives in Afghanistan.

  2. Thomas says:

    If the Biden’s are really Catholic I certainly would not want to be Jill in the hereafter. By allowing her husband to be a pawn for the communist progressives she has created a possible apocalypse that will exceed Hitler, Stalin and Mao at one time.

  3. Thomas says:

    Since we have an all volunteer military the smart one’s need to start resigning. The general public does not deserve their dedication to honor after electing this dictator and the horror it treats all law enforcement with.

  4. earl says:

    Biden is a puppet to the democrat party he sits back and shows up when they asked him to i think the chef who cooks his food maybe slip up and said send the 101 to Ukraine and Biden as sad as he is said i got an idea lets send the 101 to Ukraine if they cant do ill send the FBI the FBI always does what i want them to do dirty or clean WHERE IS MY ICE CREAM DAM IT

  5. Anthony says:

    A can of worms that the B dude shouldn’t be engaging in, given the current state of our military. For starters, the Army just dropped the need for a high school diploma, or GED from the requirement to enlist. Couple that with the current ‘enlistment bonus’ reaching levels it hasn’t been at since the good old days of Jimmy Carter; $50,000!!!! Just two indicators that our military is on the weak side, and further proof of how democrat rule negatively affects our military. I’m sho glad I’m retired from it, but I feel bad for that younger generation.

  6. Cyn says:

    Biden needs, MUST, be removed ASAP! If this moron wants a war put his backside on the front lines and watch him run….that is if he has enough of a brain cell to find his way out. If the doesn’t problem solved. He has NO, ZERO, business sending our military anywhere. And if we get lucky enough to get rid of the idiot, we don’t need the idiots Harris or Pelosi either.

  7. Tommie says:

    I’ve fought through 4 wars…. This is NOT good…

  8. THOMAS says:

    If Russia attacks the USA with Nukes I can only hope he gets the first one in his damned lap !
    ” F J B and his entire administration … send them ALL to HELL ! “

  9. Sunshine Kid says:

    The forgoing information is the direct result of installing, not electing, leaders with no morals, no national pride and total subservience to criminals.

  10. Michael says:

    More smoke and mirrors from the Biden administration as a last minute ploy to take eyes off the more serious problem, the invasion going on right now on our southern border.

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