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Biden Tells Latinos ‘Some Of You’ Are Illegal Migrants, Then Says ‘Y’all Were Here Before We Were’

Biden Tells Latinos ‘Some Of You’ Are Illegal Migrants, Then Says ‘Y’all Were Here Before We Were’

While hosting a reception for Hispanic Heritage Month, President Joe Biden told members of the audience that “maybe some of you” came to the United States illegally, then declared “y’all were here before we were” in a seemingly contradictory statement.

“Can you imagine? Maybe some of you were dreamers,” Biden said. “It’s like your – why don’t what, people expect to say when your mom’s taking you across the Rio Grande to say, ‘No mama, I’m stayin’ here, I’m not goin. I’m gonna make my choice.’ C’mon.”

Later in the speech, Biden switched and gears and told the audience that instead of immigrating illegally, they have been in the US longer than “we were.”

“Hispanic history is American history. It’s American history,” Biden said. “As a matter of fact, as they say, ‘Y’all were here before we were.'” He then laughed awkwardly and nodded.

Biden’s speech comes as his poll numbers among Hispanics have sunk to record levels, and increasing numbers of Hispanics have indicated that they plan to support Republican candidates in upcoming elections.

During a speech earlier this week at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, Joe Biden appeared to search for Representative Jackie Walorski in the audience, despite the Indiana congresswoman having passed away at the start of August.

“I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Rep. McGovern, Sen. Braun, Sen. Booker, Rep. – Jackie, are you here?” Biden said. “Where’s Jackie? I thought she was going to be here – to help make this a reality.”

Walorski died in a car accident in August aged 58, along with Zachery Potts, 27, a member of the St Joseph County Republican Party, and her communications director Emma Thomson, 28.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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  1. R B says:

    As an American citizen, I’m a “dreamer” too. I have a dream of a country that is strong and secure. One that fellow citizens can feel secure and safe in.
    But myself and growing number of Americans are seeing our dream of a strong, safe country being destroyed because we have a senile, incompetent person in the White House who is basically ignoring his oath of office and giving this country away to illegal invaders.
    We in the US, are already the most generous country in the world in the way we allow immigrants from all over the world come to our country LEGALLY and become citizens. Joe biden has made a mockery of our immigration system. He has made the average American LESS safe, and he had definitely made the US LESS secure.
    Every country needs to have secure borders, or it will cease to be a country. It will become a wide open nation which will be overrun with terrorists, criminals, and poor from all over the world. THAT is what Joe biden is doing to our country.
    There are many fine people who could benefit this country by coming legally, but today we seen people who are drawn to the US by the freebies which are being promised to anyone who sneaks across the border, whether they are honest people looking for a better life, or if they are criminals looking to steal the wealth of our citizens.
    This country is no longer safe, it is no longer secure. It is systematically being overrun by people only wanting to game the system and have our government pay for their needs. When the party in charge offers illegals free school, free housing, welfare, free medical, and dangles the possibility of amnesty to them, naturally they will come by the millions.
    As long as biden is in the White House, there will be no end to the number of illegals who will enter this country. That’s why those want a return to a safe and secure country need to vote to remove people like biden from office.
    So people, get out there and vote in November to return this country to people who will enforce our laws and enforce our borders against invaders. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

    • Goodforall says:

      Very well stated! This really all started under Obama. Biden is just a puppet taking his marching orders from Barry.

    • SammyD says:

      To be fair to Creepy Brandon, Slick Willy, G’Dub and the Obamanation set the foundation for all of this catastrophic invasion. Don’t let those B’tards off the hook.

  2. George Horvat says:

    UH? Really? Just take a good look at this dimwits eyes and how he talks. He’s either drunk or hopped up on something. Why do his handlers even consider letting him go out in puplic looking the way he does and knowing full well that he’s going to talk stupid incoherant nonsense?

  3. MikeL says:

    Some of us tried to warn you during the 2020 campaign, but you were seduced by the fake news propaganda. Maybe Biden wants to give Texas back to Mexico? Maybe his WH backroom puppetmasters subscribe to the Aztlan position?

    • Goodforall says:

      You know this is not a legally elected president who was put in office by massive voter fraud. The citizens of this country did turn out in droves to support Donald Trump. He was well on his way to being re-elected before the shut down.

  4. Goodforall says:

    Its sickening to see how this illegally elected old fool is destroying our Country! God help us win the house and Senate back this November and get Donald Trump back into thew WH where he rightfully belongs!

  5. SammyD says:

    What a freaking insult to all Indigenous Americans! Mexico did NOT exists till 1821, you dunderhead! Mexico took all of Spain’s holdings in the Western Hemisphere. Tejas, Tejano, and Texians were NEver Mexican nationals! They were all Spanish citizens who DID NOT revolt against the Spanish Crown in New Spain’s INSURRECTION. So from a European perspective, it was the Spanish, not Mexicans that were here first. It would be like stating Americans were here before the English! What an insulting rube. Then again, the Norsemen beat them all to the punch over 300 hundred years prior. A FACT that was actively suppressed buy the Roman catholic chvrch.

    In this aspect, the Portuguese were also here. Don’t forget their Italian navigators, for whom this enslavement of the Western Hemisphere would not have been possible. Never forget that this was all under the thumb of the Roman catholic chvrch, the pope having granted full license and claim to the Spanish, Portuguese and the French as a gift for ending islamic rule in Southern Europe. In effect, the Rcc was now propagating itself as islam had done for the prior 700 years, thru conquest. History DOES repeat itself. As for the French, their Western Hemisphere holdings were greater than the English and the Portuguese, second only to Spain. Of course, the racist, supremacist la raza (cosmic race) crowd and their Progressive benefactors have kept that FACT suppressed for quite some time now. Those Latin Americans were forced to lose their language, history and their culture. Some key FACTS about our French Cousins/Ancestors.
    1. They once held the most North American territory.
    2. Before there was the Confederation of States, the first European settlers/settlement in Texas WAS the French, NOT the Spanish, in 1684. The first Creole (North American birth of European ancestry) was the French, not Spanish and certainly was NOT Mexico as it did NOT exist till 1821. So using Creepy Brandon’s logic, Texas is ‘French’, not ‘Spanish’. Of course, the Republic of Texas is no one’s territory but our own. Also, look up ‘D’Hanis, Texas – French Colony of the Republic’.
    2. They were a key Ally to the American Colonists. An integral part of the American Revolution, in both political support, Military and financial aid. Many French Officers fought alongside the Colonists, training them how to be a Soldier. The Marquis de La Fayette actually funded General Washington’s Troops, on several occasions, when the Continental Congress could scant purchase supplies, let alone, pay Soldiers. Without the French, the Confederation and perpetual Union, this United States of America, would not have ever existed. In all affect, the French were America’s First Ally. The Spanish only came to assist the French once a French Regent was put on the Spanish thrown.
    3. France twice invaded Mexico. The first time was with the English and Dutch for unpaid debts in the Caribbean. The second time, the French actually conquered Mexico, establishing the Second French Empire in Central America.

    These are all Historical Facts that can be corroborated.
    À bientôt, mon amies

  6. SammyD says:

    When was the European Heritage Month? I seemed to have missed it.

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