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Biden’s DOJ Indicts Witness Against Joe Biden…. At Least They Didn’t Kill Him ….Yet

Biden’s DOJ Indicts Witness Against Joe Biden…. At Least They Didn’t Kill Him ….Yet

Gal Luft is running scared from the Biden crime family.

Joe Biden’s DOJ, the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, has now indicted Dr, Gal Luft, who is a witness against the Biden family.

The indictment came just a couple of days AFTER Luft released a tape chronicling crimes committed by the Bidens.- Isn’t that a coinkidink?

Luft is a key witness in congressional investigations int to the Biden Family. No doubt after they arrest him, they will keep him locked up and he will be unavailable to testify.

The New York Post reports:

“Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York say Luft, 57, a dual US-Israeli citizen who was arrested in Cyprus this past February and went on the run after being released on bail prior to his extradition, agreed in 2015 to let former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho send $350,000 each year to Luft’s think tank, the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security,” reports the New York Post. “In return, the indictment said, Luft agreed to “recruit and ‘educate’ a former high-ranking US official to ‘make public statements  which were in the interest of China.’”

Luft claims the indictment is a political hatchet job to keep him from testifying before Congress. I have no doubt about the fact that this regime is known to isolate people and break them just as Ayn Rand predicted in the novel, Atlas Shrugged. If you don’t believe me, just ask any J6er in the Washington Gulag. Luft is scared and he has every reason to be.

From PJ Media

Luft says the case against him is a political hit job designed to stop him from testifying before the House Oversight Committee over the payments made to the Biden family from people connected to Chinese military intelligence. Luft also says that the Bidens had a mole in the FBI who shared classified information with those Chinese nationals in the CCP-controlled energy company China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC).

“I, who volunteered to inform the US government about a potential security breach and about compromising information about a man vying to be the next president, am now being hunted by the very same people who I informed — and may have to live on the run for the rest of my life,” Luft told the Post last week.

At the time of the alleged arrangement with Luft, [former Hong Kong official Patrick] Ho headed up the China Energy Fund Committee, the non-governmental section of the CEFC China Energy conglomerate which had officers in Hong Kong and Virginia.

Around the same time, in late 2015, CEFC China Energy Chairman Ye Jianming and Executive Director Jianjun Zang are believed to have met then-second son Hunter Biden for the first time.

Their partnership culminated in a little more than $5 million being wired to Biden-controlled accounts in August 2017.

The following month, Ho agreed to pay Hunter Biden a $1 million retainer to act as his legal counsel. During Ho’s trial, claims Luft, prosecutors removed all reference to Hunter and his family members from emails between Ho and Hunter associate Vuk Jeremic, a CEFC advisory board member, former Serbian foreign minister and ex-president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Luft also claimed that Joe Biden attended a meeting in early 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C., along with his son Hunter and officials from CEFC. This sighting was later confirmed by Walker. Luft further mentioned that Hunter had an FBI source referred to as “One Eye” who had alerted Chinese businessmen Ho and Ye about being under investigation. However, Ye has been missing since his detention by Chinese authorities in early 2018.

“The DOJ says I caused a payment of $6,000 a month to former CIA Director James Woolsey in order to put his name on an article I had ghostwritten for the China Daily newspaper,” Luft said last week regarding the indictment. “Why am I being indicted … for ghostwriting an innocuous article for which I received no payment, let alone from a foreign government, when the mother of all FARA cases, the Bidens’ systemic influence-peddling on behalf of foreign governments, for which they raked [in] millions, goes unpunished?”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 15

  1. Stephen Russell says:

    Damn DOJ Clinton Mob

  2. Julia says:

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  3. Bob says:

    Biden is not only a criminal. He is an ” F you” criminal. He just looks at you with a smile and walks away with the goods. Go ahead and try and stop me is his attitude. Combining that with his horrible, harmful term as president, it would seem impossible for him to get one vote in 2024. Unfortunately, there are folks with blindfolds on who refuse to look at what everyone in the world obviously sees.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Yes Bob! They should actually see that he is absolutely “America’s Man of Perdition;” wearing the same cloak of the equally evil and corrupt Obama; and yes on the Biblical Scale and point of reference! This can only end badly!

  4. This message is for Luft. I would suggest that you go to a place and sit down and make video of all the things you have said along with documents in support of what know. Make several copies, and set them up to be retrieve by jordan and others that will go forward with your tape should anything happen to you. The Biden administration will go to any lengths to prevent you for making it to congress to deliver what you know. I said anything and Biden can used the attorney general, fbi, and doj to shut this guy up. I have no faith in the Biden administration.

    • Kim D. Bowen says:

      Right on the money Sir. This corruption has to stop somewhere. Let’s make it here and now. How many more will die from suicide from 2 shots to the back of the head.

    • Lawrence M says:

      William russell jr; correct, but many, many copies and even then there is no assurance and a huge lack of confidence with the present circumstances that it will bring actual justice of any kind by our government!

  5. MikeL says:

    Do you still believe the Biden crime family is not an internal threat to the US? Remember whistleblower Vindman who was praised by the fake news media for his courage? Trump did not try to arrest him. We are living in a banana republic where the elite are protected but their accusers are hunted down.

    • Lawrence M says:

      MikeL: true but its far worse than that and already TOO FAR GONE!!!

      And this is for all of you out there in Once Upon A Time in America, when it “Really Was!”

      We are witnesses to a battle between the “entrenched power of the bipartisan political establishment” versus “the freedom and well-being of the American people;” in essence we now have an “Oligarchy” or a “Ruling Aristocracy Class” of a wealthy highly corrupt minority “Establishment” who have “full control” of the government and thus “control over the people!” Sorry to burst any bubbles but we are all “screwed, blued and tattooed;” and outside of “a miracle,” we are just “along for the damned ride!”

      By the way all this infighting of Left and Right is just distraction and a “manufactured manipulative turmoil” to keep the populace at each other’s throats and distracted from who “the really bad guys” are, who are “raping us” to the bones! We’re being played like an instrument; and in effect we’re just a bunch of drunken sailors to the “Ruling Elite!!!”

      Like during the “Fall of the Roman Empire,” they gave the people “Bread and Circus” allowing the masses to wallow in decadence and Colosseum “fights to the death” and today with all the “bells and whistles” of “High Technology” the “puppeteers” have us all swimming in a delusional “Never-Never Land” while in a drunken stupor; making for a bunch of Stupid Trained Monkeys!

      “Nothing changes because nothing changes,” and that’s the way “they want it;” “more power to them not the people,” not ever!

      And what does this say loud and clear? We all better turn to God now, don’t delay!
      We plainly see who are the evil of this race and you don’t want to be one of them; they will be heading to hell for eternity soon enough! Keep your robes clean and prepare!

      Revelation 22:13-15 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” 14Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. 15But outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”

      The Time is come!

      1 Peter 4:17 “For the “time is come” that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

      It’s all plain as day; just look around the entire world and see all off the horror taking place in our faces, a world where they are enticing and forcing Trans-humanism via initially Transgenderism upon elementary school children without parental consent, or even with it, is diabolical and straight from hell!

    • ssilv48 says:

      Many people need to be held accountable for all the treason and selling of information to china, bill clinton sold 2 suitcases full of United States military secrets for letting him speak in china for an hour and a half paying him $550,000.00. But oboma brought millions of his friends in to start a muslime take over of America and should have never passed to run for a president, he’s a pos in sheep’s skin. Joeblow needs to be put down like the rabid thief of a dog he is.

      • Lawrence M says:

        ssilv48; you are correct especially, and about the takeover by obama’s cohorts that was initiated by him and still continues in earnest! He is an importer of enemies and Biden opened the floodgate now, so they are exponentially increasing throughout! They’re both very evil men!

  6. Biden. You tell on us, we will kill you.

  7. Old wolf says:

    You know the democrats are plotting to kill um. Just like Epstein, they have to shut um up befor they can name names. Sad isn’t it, when the government is willing to murder in order to save face of the guilty party instead of standing up to show honor and integrity for our laws. They cry no one is above the law while doing the opposite of what they say. The will do what ever is needed to stop the truth from being told instead of standing up for the truth. They feel … ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do to protect them from our laws… this will go down in history ads the worse government in our history , The dirtiest, and the most dishonest government with no honor or integrity.

    • Lawrence M says:

      True! But most politicians for quite a few years have had to hang their MORALITY AND INTEGRITY A THE DOOR, SO THEY CAN BE A PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE AND GET THEIRS!

  8. fay rolfe says:


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