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WARNING: Big Pharma, Big Vita Caught Ripping Off Consumers

WARNING: Big Pharma, Big Vita Caught Ripping Off Consumers

Reports have emerged that many popular brands of vitamins contain limited amounts of active ingredients and cost significantly more than generic versions, and the news of what many of these companies are doing to their consumers infuriates me.

There has been some serious buzz about the fact that vitamin capsules do not get absorbed by our bodies as expected, leading to a waste of money for those who consume them.

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the deceptive practices employed by vitamin companies. It detailed the findings of an analysis conducted by ConsumerLab, which revealed that many popular brands were overpriced and contained far fewer active ingredients than what was listed on their labels. Moreover, it reported studies showing that the majority of vitamins in capsule form are excreted from the body without being absorbed into tissue or organs anyway.

This demonstrates how unscrupulous vitamin companies are profiting off unsuspecting customers while providing substandard products with inadequate amounts of active ingredients and little absorption into our bodies.

Consumers must remain vigilant when selecting vitamins and seek out reputable brands.

One veteran-owned, America First Company is taking the vitamin industry by storm, and their new and innovative take on vitamins is causing consumers everywhere to ditch the pills, and buy the spray!

While traditional tablets and capsules are currently the norm, what people don’t know is that vitamin spray supplements are up to 80% more effective. Not only are they beneficial for adults leading busy lives, but they also offer a practical solution for parents struggling to administer vitamins to their children. Let’s explore the world of vitamin sprays and their advantages.

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What Are Vitamin Sprays?

Vitamin sprays are concentrated liquid vitamins that come in portable bottles. They can be sprayed directly into the mouth and are absorbed through the buccal mucosa or sublingual areas, such as the tongue and inner cheeks. Common types of vitamin sprays available in the market include Vitamin D3 sprays and Multivitamin Sprays.

Unlike traditional tablets that need to pass through the esophagus and partial absorption in the intestines, vitamin sprays are absorbed quickly and almost completely. By spraying the prescribed dose into the mouth, the vitamins enter the bloodstream through the blood vessels lining the inner walls of the mouth. This efficient absorption ensures that the vitamins are utilized by the body instead of being excreted, making them an ideal option for individuals with absorption issues.

A trial by the Swiss research facility Pharmabase found that, over a twelve-week clinical study, the uptake of vitamin D was 67% faster using an oral spray than using traditional tablets of the same strength. The absorption increased to 127% greater if the individual had insufficient levels to begin with. The National University of Athens looked at a similar comparison over four weeks and found the oral spray to achieve a 52% greater absorption than tablets.

Advantages of Vitamin Sprays over Pills and Tablets:

Ease of Consumption: Vitamin sprays are easier to consume, especially for children or pregnant women who may have difficulty swallowing pills. Since they do not resemble traditional medicines, children are more likely to take them willingly.

Enhanced Taste: Vitamin sprays often come infused with fruity flavors, making them appealing to both children and adults. Unlike capsules and tablets, these sprays eliminate the unpleasant aftertaste and minimize the sensation of taking medication.

Rapid Absorption: While tablets and capsules require time to disintegrate and release their contents, vitamin sprays provide immediate absorption upon contact with the mouth’s surfaces. This eliminates the delay associated with breakdown and allows for faster nutrient absorption.

Increased Bioavailability: Vitamin sprays offer higher bioavailability compared to tablets and capsules. By directly entering the bloodstream, these sprays ensure that a larger proportion of the vitamins are utilized by the body instead of being wasted.

Addressing Pill Fatigue: Vitamin sprays offer a non-conventional solution to address pill fatigue, which occurs when individuals become exhausted from consuming multiple pills. These sprays provide all the necessary vitamins without adding to the pill burden, making them an attractive option for children and individuals with complex medication regimens.

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  1. Julia says:

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  2. Lawrence M says:

    Let’s keep it simple Stupid; KISS! After what we’ve all gone through with the Plan-Demic and our witnessing the massive collusion between our Government, FDA, NIH, CDC and Congress how or better yet why would I ever trust Big Pharma or believe anything they say again! They’re so plugged into our government legislators via lobbyists and outright partnership with people like Fauci or his cohorts, I’d have to be a total imbecile to think they have my back and are out to protect my best interests as a citizen and consumer! Couple this with the Globalist Agenda and the fact that Communist China our biggest nefarious adversary now has the upper-hand on the manufacturing of many or most of our pharmaceuticals; so I say trusting this scenario is far beyond throwing caution to the wind and is literally hanging one’s self!~

  3. Stephen Russell says:

    Gee thanks Now another reason to NOT Use vitamins??

  4. Tim Kuehl says:

    What else is new. A lot, if not all of these name brand vitamins are made in China, so what else can we expect? Don’t believe me, look at the label of yours.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Tim; I figure the way our government allowed Biden to be so cozy with the CCP for decades, they “all were in on selling us out” to enrich themselves; while we the people can “eat crow” for all they care!

      Right along the transition to having China manufacture our goods instead of “Made in The USA” was all about the “profiteers,” many of them in our Congress with their lobbyists making huge amounts of cash! After Biden was installed a woman politician from my own district, who is “Deep Democrap,” went “Deep State” when he gave her a federal job; and almost immediately she had her husband on business trips to China wheeling and dealing; very Biden-esque! So yes “money does corrupt!” Along with that we can rest assured that “money talks while bullshit walks!”

      The old; “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” Big Time!

  5. Pat says:

    You are absolutely right about the delivery method. That said, this COMPANY needs further investigation. Is it multi-level marketing? That’s a business scam. It has an affiliate program, but no information on what is involved. In addition, it has “natural flavors”, a nebulous ingredient that could have been produced from coal tar. There is no way of knowing. So be careful! Also, it is a bit expensive to say the least. Each bottle is only 20 days’ supply.

    • Robert Sax says:

      I’m confused here. Which vitamin company are you referring to?
      I’m becoming suspicious of any vitamin brand!
      Do you know anything about Pure Synergy’s Multi-Vita-Min brand?
      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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