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Burisma Exec Discussed Expectations of ‘High-Ranking US Officials in Ukraine’ with Hunter Biden

Burisma Exec Discussed Expectations of ‘High-Ranking US Officials in Ukraine’ with Hunter Biden

Hunter was told by officials in Ukraine what the expected from him.

Hunter Biden’s associate in his business with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings discussed the expectations of high-ranking US officials just one week before Joe Biden was scheduled to visit Ukraine.

During that trip he did what he was alleged to have done, get Viktor Shokin fired to protect the owner of Burisma from being investigated.  During the visit, he met with Poroshenko in Kyiv about Ukraine’s corruption. But four months after the meeting, Poroshenko fired Shokin, a prosecutor investigating Burisma.

My only concern is for us to be on the same page re our final goals. With this in mind, I would like us to formulate a list of deliverables, including, but not limited to: a concrete course of actions, incl. meetings/communications resulting in high-ranking US officials in Ukraine (US Ambassador) and in US publicly or in private communication/comment expressing their ‘positive opinion’ and support of Nikolay/Burisma to the highest level of decision makers here in Ukraine: President of Ukraine, president Chief of staff, Prosecutor General, etc.

The scope of work should also include organization of a visit of a number of widely recognized and influential current and/or former US policy-makers to Ukraine in November aiming to conduct meetings with and bring positive signal/message and support on Nikolay’s issue to the Ukrainian top officials above with the ultimate purpose to close down for any cases/pursuits against Nikolay in Ukraine.

From Breitbart News

Joe Biden, who bragged in 2018 about the firing of prosecutor Viktor Shokin by Poroshenko, was on an official visit to Ukraine in 2015.

During the visit, he met with Poroshenko in Kiev about Ukraine’s corruption. But four months after the meeting, Poroshenko fired Shokin, a prosecutor investigating Burisma, which paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month to sit on its board.

On November 2, 2015, one month before Joe Biden visited Ukraine, Hunter Biden received an email from Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burisma executive, about his “ultimate purpose” of working with Hunter Biden and his associates, Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer, a fellow Burisma board member.

Pozharskyi wrote the email with the subject line: “Re: Revised Burisma Proposal, Contract and Invoice.”

The email outlines the scope of work he expected from Hunter Biden and his associates regarding a new project. It detailed the “ultimate purpose” of an agreement with Blue Star Strategies to shut down “any cases/pursuits against Nikolay in Ukraine,” referring to Mykola Zlochevsky, founder of Burisma, who also went by Nikolay.

Blue Star Strategies is a Washington, DC, PR firm that worked for Burisma. Hunter Biden connected the firm to Burisma through Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s wife, according to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Dear colleagues, Hope you are well. Thank you for the docs provided. I have analyzed them most carefully and came up with a few of the following observations…” Pozharskyi wrote to Hunter and his associates:



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    Please proofread your headlines! “Extortion”, not “Extorsion”.

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    The only element more lacking in comments (and some commentary) than grammer, punctuation and spelling is intelligence.

    Spelling and grammer checkers are the first attempts at AI. From what I see, they represent the peak of AI. Looking at the results of AI responses to questions brings to mind one of the first acronyms relating to computers – GIGO – Garbage in, garbage out.

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    Extortion is the biggest game of the Demonrat party but nothing gets done due to all of the bribery they use.

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