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Chelsea Clinton: Fox News Was Created Because of the Clintons

Chelsea Clinton: Fox News Was Created Because of the Clintons

Chelsea blames Fox news for her mother's criminal behavior.
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Chelsea Clinton says that Fox News was formed just to go after the Clintons by Rupert Murdoch. She says that he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. That’s ridiculous. What he saw was a liberal monopoly in the news business and knowing that half the country is comprised of conservatives, they would hold a huge advantage over everyone else. They would have 50% of the country, while the liberal news organizations would have to share the other half of the country.

Chelsea said:

“We were the reason that Fox News was created. Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity.”

“Climate change illuminated where Fox News was willing to go and its destructive impact.”

“I’m 42, and when I was in junior high, two-thirds of Americans knew human activity is partly responsible for climate change. The right proved to themselves, ‘We can hit people with relentless misinformation and every night pipe into their homes to disbelieve scientists — what else could be possible?’ Today, with COVID, it’s the same playbook.”

Yes, Fox News did spend a lot of time on the Clintons, but that could be because the Clintons had more scandals than Carter had liver pills. As soon as they moved into the White House, Hillary sicced the FBI onto Billy Ray Dale and fired the entire travel office and handed the job to a cousin of bills and other close associates. Independe4nt Counsel Robert Ray was assigned to the case.

Dale was accused of embezzlement but was found not guilty. Hillary was found to have lied, but Ray did not file charges. Travel office employees were given other jobs, but Hillary had to remove the people she turned the travel office and replace them with honest employees. The travel office served at the pleasure of the president and could be removed just because he wanted to, but Hillary tried to get them thrown in prison in hopes that she could keep her people in place. The scandal became known as Travelgate.

From The Daily Wire

“There’s an element to this which is quite frustrating because they get away with it,” Hillary added then, arguing that progressive media had failed to do enough to fight back against right-leaning media.

“The so-called mainstream media, even the so-called progressive media, is just not as relentless in rebutting, refuting and making clear that this is nothing but a play for profits at the cost of truth,” she said.

The former Democratic presidential nominee went on to suggest that tech companies should also be doing more to curb outlets like Fox News, saying, “Tech companies, the rest of journalism, ordinary people with platforms, we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers, point out the falsehoods, point out the hypocrisy. There is a path to limit the damage they’ve done, but it requires leaders on the side of facts and evidence. We now have that with Biden, and he’s making slow progress in trying to open people’s minds and eyes to what reality actually is.”

It is not Fox News’ fault that Hillary is patently dishonest. She created scandals wherever she went. She ran a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department. She used an illegal server with no security. It was determined that a foreign country received copies of all of her emails, many of which were classified. Many more than the FBI claims they seized from Trump. What was easier to steal? Hillary’s emails on the web or Trump’s documents locked up in his basement with Secret Service agents on duty 24/7?

And don’t forget the selling of American uranium to Russia for which the Clinton Foundation was given $145 million dollars. Or the half a million Bill received for a 20-minute speech okayed by Hillary’s State Department. I just touched the surface on their crimes.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 32

  1. Nick1 says:

    The same daughter they paid $600,000 per year to head their so called foundation?

  2. James Calhoun says:

    Does she really believe anyone is going to believe her lies?
    That’s the Clinton trademark, lie and lie some more to cover your lies.

  3. dean says:


  4. Brunswick says:

    The word DOG is a perfect description of that spoiled little entitled brat.

    • Coolmeadow Kid says:

      No, in the world of Science and the American Kennel Club, the term ‘dog’ Always refers to the male of the canine species. There is another term applied to the female of the canine species. I spell it out in the third post from the bottom. Still waiting for The Billings Report to correct the tag line.

    • 1947 says:

      Ugly as a flee too.

    • Roy Faria says:

      Brunswick. They know what they are. calling names says more about you than them.
      no, I am not a fan.

  5. Racecar says:

    Did Chelsea get a face make over ?? I did not recognize her in this latest photo. They are right though see is a spoiled brat and surely takes after her mom and Dad as far as corruption goes !

  6. Drosack says:


  7. akashara says:

    Chelsea is married to George Soros’ nephew. That should be enough to tell you the kind of person she is. What a coup for the Clinton’s. How about they go after Hillary once and for all. That’s why they want to get rid of Trump. They know he will investigate Hillary Clinton and the Biden’s his first week in office just like Biden undid all the good things Trump did in his first week. How about all the people who seem to commit suicide that have been associated with the Clinton’s. For all you women who ever thought Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful POTUS just because she is a woman, when her husband was accused of sexual abuse, she called all the women who testified against him, liars.

    • Diana says:

      There’s no relation here to George Soros. That can be researched easy enough.

    • 1947 says:

      When Hillary Clinton dies, and its confirmed that she is really dead instead of just being a corrupt zombie, a new National Holiday will be declared. The end of Arkancide will be celebrated by all those who were victimized as well as those who would have been victimized! How does she get away with it other than saying if she goes down over half of Washington DC goes down with her. I say bring it on as we could do with a good clean flush,.

  8. Ben J. says:

    This is proof that mental sickness is passed on and is hereiditary ,,,,

  9. M E Fisher says:

    Nobody cares what Webster Hubble’s daughter has to say!

    • porterv says:

      Well said, but I would have modified it to “Webb Hubbell’s ugly daughter.”

      • 1947 says:

        Must be a pee-tree dish of spring. Absolutely nobody could get that close to Clinton’s crotch to produce a real child. I heard that Bill was sterile, and just shoots blanks, a long time ago.

  10. Shirley Newton says:

    She has been trained by the best two liars in the world. Whatever they accuse others of they have done and the sad part got away with it. I still think Hillary should be in jail for Benghazi, selling our uranium to the enemy, and of course the emails. She has committed treason on so many levels and it should carry the death sentence. Their daughter is a bigger b —ch in the making.

  11. janet rich says:

    Thank you for your comments Nick, James Dean & Ben you hit it right om the head! Hillary & her husband are two of the most lying, coniving money hungry thieves that stole from the white house. They should be ashamed & I wish it had been all over the news but it blew right over just like Benghazi which she should have been court marshalaed for selling our fossils & secrets no doubt to the enemy. And look what they have done to trump!

  12. Coolmeadow Kid says:

    Being that I spent 18 years or so in the AKC sport of showing dogs, I must point out an issue with the tag line in my email today that led me to this story. The male in the canine species is called a dog. That means the tag line should have read ‘Clintons Send Out Attack Bitch Daughter To Attack Fox News’. The term ‘bitch’ properly refers to the female in the canine species. Please correct and notify me when completed.

  13. Carl up North says:

    Sorry but I don’t need any advice or comments from Web Hubbells bastad daughter.

  14. Anna Kukulski says:

    She is one sick puppy! Her parents are the worst human beings. Lies, lies,lies. He’ll is gonna be crowded.

    • 1947 says:

      Puppy, no she is an over the hill………… I can’t seem to come up with an appropriate description that is low enough to fit her.

  15. OZ says:


  16. Crazy knight says:

    Crazy little horse face bitch

  17. michael meklemburg says:

    Why dont the two skanks do their tv shows. I guess it’s daughter like father. Chelsey lives in her own fantasy world like her mother in her neglect of losing the 2016 election. What an idiot she is.

    • 1947 says:

      Hilary Clinton let it be known by her actions, which she controls pretty good, that she is as crazy as any insane person in history. She may have exceeded Jack the Ripper’s count of people being killed, the arrogance of the French Aristocrats that lost their heads and caused the French Revolution, cheated more people than Bernie Madoff, arrogantly stole more than Al Capone, and in Bills case been exceeded in his female sex partner count only by Hillary.

  18. RockyMtn 1776 says:

    Whoever said crime don’t pay has never met the Clinton’s.

  19. Robert Ecklund says:

    Who’s your Daddy? It sue isn’t Bill,

  20. dlmstl says:

    Remember the failed NBC Nightly News gig? That dog could not hunt either!. Once BJ and the Drsgon Lsdy assume room temperature she can move back to LR and curate the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor.

  21. Nacirema says:

    Y’all sound like a family of ignorant hillbillies.

  22. Tom says:

    She does NOT look like a dog. A hyena, yes, but not a dog.

  23. Gerald Ladd says:

    Without her parents money, she’d starve to death.

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