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Chris Wray Not Truthful As Eight FBI Confidential Human Sources Were With Proud Boys Alone on Jan. 6

Chris Wray Not Truthful As Eight FBI Confidential Human Sources Were With Proud Boys Alone on Jan. 6

Kash Patel reveals FBI trains confidential human sources for a year before they go into the field.

Former Trump advisor Kash Patel has revealed that the FBI trains confidential human sources for a year before sending them into the field. If that is the case, the FBI had to know about the eight plants the FBI had in the Proud Boys. But, the question is how did they know they would need them a year before January 6th happened? Had they been planning for something like this to happen and why?

The vetting process for confidential human sources is long and demanding. Christopher Steele did not make the cut, but the FBI used him anyway because they had no facts and the only way to implicate Trump was with lies. That means that FBI director Christopher Wray lied to Congress. He would have had to know that the FBI was using human sources on January 6th.

The Storm Has Arrived shared this important video on Telegram:

Kash brings up a very interesting point.It’s recently been reported that there were 8 FBI confidential human sources (at least) at the Capitol on January 6th. If true, it means the FBI was planning for January 6th for about a year prior to the event.

If they were planning this for at least a year, you know what else they were planning? A stolen election.

Here is the transcript from Kash Patel on Chris Wray and his FBI operatives on January 6.

Kash Patel:  From a former federal prosecutor perspective, let me just give you that lens. If we’re to believe the reporting that there’s eight, not one, eight confidential human sources and possibly even dressed in pro-Trump gear, you have to hit a timeout button and say, wait a second. It’s not like the FBI found these people and said on January 5 and said, go forth. A confidential human source for the Federal Bureau of Investigation requires a minimum of a six-month onboard vetting process. Then you have to go through the rules and regulations on how to be a confidential human source.

And once all of that happens and the FBI does their own internal verification to approve not just your background but your relationships and your financial stability, do you have ties to enemies of the United States and things like that?  There’s an extensive process there. We exposed. We being Devon and I when we ran Russia Gate, we expose Christopher Steele’s source verification process at the FBI, which at the time was classified but now has been put out. When the FBI themselves determined Christopher Steele would basically be a terrible source.

But they decided to use him anyway because they needed him to COVID up their corruption. Now let’s relate that to January 6. How do we have eight people there and Christopher Ray, we’ll get to him in a second refused to answer questions about it. You have to ask yourself, okay, well, that was in planning for at least a year. What was the FBI doing planning January 6 for a year?

Christopher Wray has testified that the FBI never instigated or helped the January 6 protesters commit crimes. Then there was a testimony from the FBI and Christopher Wray about January 6 where he says, we, the FBI had no evidence that January 6 was going to happen. The two cannot coexist.  Jan, you either have eight confidential human sources who have been working for a year and placing them in specific groups and locations for January 6 or you don’t have evidence that January 6 is going to happen. Now we have caught Christopher Lord Ray and yet another lie to Congress because these confidential human sources would have been reported by mandate and the law to the FBI the entire time they were working in these groups and working with these people and working with individuals that were there on January 6.

You can’t just AirDrop them in. So when Christopher Ray told the world that the FBI had no quality or no verifiable or credible evidence that January 6 was going to happen, that’s a complete and total lie because they had placed the FBI confidencial human sources there. Now the millions of questions that follow are who do they place? Where do they place them? How do they verify them?

What do they get paid? And then why is the FBI lying to the world about their involvement in January 6? And look at the end of the day, it could be completely innocent. You have to always keep that as a former federal prosecutor, you have to always keep that in mind. But their track record suggests strongly the opposite of the individuals we’ve outlined and how they’ve used their confidential human Source corruption cover-up network to do just that.

Cover up the FBI and DOJ’s own corruption. And if it happens yet again, I don’t think that this FBI leadership has the ability to stand up in front of Congress and say, we can continue to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and there needs to be some serious change.

See the video below:


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 36

  1. Flotmorton says:

    I so not want a PSYCHOPATHIC LIAR, a person who imposes his own political views in the execution of his duties as “leader” of the once best law enforcement agency in the free world, A PERSON WHO WILL COMMIT FELONY PERJURY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, MISPRISON OF A FELONY, to cancel out the votes of honest American Citizens, in conspiracy with a foeign power.
    WRAY, (whom I have nicknamed “THE EEL” because of his slimy methods by which he operates), needs to be IMPEACHED, INDICTED, PROSECUTED AND IMPRISONED IN GUANTANAMO to pay for his crimes against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I had been a life long DEMOCRAT, but the CRIMES OF THE “BAD BOY BIDENS”, controlled by the communist IRISH O’BAMA, (whom I very mistakenly supported for re-election) have left me angry and sad for all of my Brothers and Sisters who gave their lives, their bodies, their minds in the cause of a FREE AMERICA.

    • Chauncey Wyant says:

      Amen Brother

    • Jerry says:

      Thank You For Telling The Truth They Have Too Go…

      • Timothy P says:

        the founders and Jesus said for US to alter, abolish or SEPARATE from such evil. Stupid people will NOT listen to what will work, because they are cowards, scared of sissies & perverts in our gov’t.

    • Michael says:

      When trump said he would get Mexico to pay for the wall, liberals called him a liar. Fact is there are more than one way to skin a cat. If given enough time he could have possibly gotten that money. At least he didn’t pander to those who want us dead, like Iran and a few others. Hmmm who was it that bowed to a king of Saudi?

      • Timothy P says:

        and who was the goofy, yankee, cheese head that wrote the hot checks for the half breed, FULL communist from Kenya? shim’s name is Paul RINO. bankruptcy in 2008? remember? yeah, I didn’t think so

  2. THOMAS says:

    The FBI is Criminally Corrupt and they set up and coerced Patriot Citizens to advance and go into the Capitol Building ! Then they get the names and go after those they led into the Capitol Building !
    Most all of the Jan 6th Patriot Citizens are NOT GUILTY of anything when it was FBI Operatives that stirred up the emotions ! Now those Citizens are being subjected to BS Charges and Kangaroo Court Trials and Judgments ! DEFUND AND OBLITERATE THE FBI AND DOJ !

    • Flotmorton says:

      The “No Bail” status of all of these people prosecuted for Jan 6 alleged offenses while repeat offenders, i.e., murderers, robbers, and the like get released on their own personal “Promise” to appear in court to face charges SAYS IT ALL, FOLKS…. ….and equal JUSTUS FOR ALL????
      Merrick Gnarland’s new “CONSHITTUSHION” (Thank God there were wise men who prevented this mean little GNOME from ever being elevated to the United States Supreme Court.

    • Chauncey Wyant says:


    • Steve says:

      Wray needs to go to jail for TREASON against the people and that’s where that back stabbing prick should die. PERIOD!!!!

      • MrBill says:

        Steve the penalty for Treason is a firing squad. They all need to face Treason charges.

      • Timothy P says:

        and who is that going to arrest him? The whole gov’t. is corrupt… socialism usually ends in mass murder, Amerika will be no different. best get prepared

  3. Gene says:

    This is another reason Trump, should not be running in 2024, he was the one that put Mr. Wray, in charge of the FBI. We would not be sitting here, with the idiot Biden in the White House, had he not been corrupted, by the Democrat Party. Trump did several things wrong, one being bring in his family, to run his administration. Trump is a conceited mess, when it comes to good and bad ideals for this country. He made a lot of good decisions, but never followed them through to completion. That is the reason the wall at our southern border was never completed. Politics be damned, he started several good projects but completed none of them. If it wasn’t news worthy then he didn’t want to be involved on a day to day bases. I think we can do better than Mr. Trump in the White House again, he has to much baggage to get anything done to the betterment of our country.. If he is the Republican at the top of the ticket on the ballot, I will vote for him over a socialist Democrat.

    • Flotmorton says:

      With all due respect for your intelligent analysis, Trump is the only person who has the b_lls to confront the DEEP STATE I PERSONALY WITNESSED AS A FORMER MARINE OFFICER AT THE PENTAGON LEVEL. There are COMMUNSTS LIKE JOHN BRENNAN AND LYING BOOBS LIKE HIS BALD HEADED COUNTER PART, AS WELL AS TOP OFFICIALS WHO WILL COMMIT FELONY PERJURY TO IMPOSE THEIR OWN POLITICAL VIEWS UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,………TRAITORS who are in control of our government agencies who like COMEY and WRAY will sacrifice their personal integrity to serve the interests of people like Soros, Hillary, and many others who are dedicated to the destruction of our once free society.

    • Paul says:

      I agree with you about some of President Trump’s appointments but draw the line about the wall. He did everything he could to scrape up funds to build the wall and the damn democrats did everything possible to stop him from getting funds. After all is said and done, he did a good job of getting as much of the wall completed before getting the election stolen from him.

    • ch says:

      the wall didn’t get finished because the Biden admin took over and wouldn’t allow it to be finished. Trump fought to get funds to build it in the first place.
      He brought this country around from Ovomit and was going in the right direction, inspite of all the demonrats that were trying to prevent every good thing he wanted for this country

    • Justice For All says:

      Correction. The Democrats fought the wall every step of the way. They made it impossible for him to finish the wall. The Democrats have been working to overthrow the government ever since Trump announced his candidacy. A lot of them need to be locked up for treason! Then America needs to see their punishment for all of the crimes committed. It’s time for America to quash the corruption. Enough is Enough!!!!

    • Chauncey Wyant says:

      Actually if you go back to his campaign promises, he was stopped at every direction by the DEEP STATE both Communist Democrats and Rino Republicans as well as attacked daily with Hate,Violence, Lies and Deceit for the Media Propaganda arm of the DEEP STATE. Even with all that helps successful in accomplishing much until Faucci was instructed to release his Gain of Function research with covid 19 he created in the American Funded bio-lab he oversaw in Wuhan China locking Down the American People and wreaking Trump’s Economy Prosperity.

    • bob says:

      Inbred , nitwit , brainwashed puppet ,,,,, Trump was building the wall . It was Perv Biden that stopped it as soon as he , by cheating , was placed in office . Sounds like you watch WAY too much FAKE cnn . Trump did more for OUR country than 8 years of tree swinging Hussain . The socialist have destroyed OUR country in just 2 years , Trump in 2024 will be the ONLY person that will be able to get OUR country back !!! BELEIVE IT !!

  4. Flotmorton says:

    I am sure that Democrats have elevated the Capitol Police BOOB, (who once walked away & forgot his official weapon laying next to the toilet in a public bathroom and who was unqualified to be Police Officer unlike many of the dedicated Capitol Police Officers), WHO SHOT and killed Ashley Babbit in a cowardly yes elevated TO HERO STATUS, because “FANCY NANCY”(who unlike America’s leading advisor on homemaking who went to prison for stock holder crimes) has been praised for her corruption) :FORGOT THE TELEPHONE NUMBER OF THE NATIONAL GUARD…. Had this boob been under my command in the Marine Corps, he would be still eating bread and drinking water for the rest of his life in Leavenworth Federal Prison. WAKE UP AMERICANS

  5. ROSE says:

    yes, by all means ,”wake up America”

  6. Bill says:

    There is a never ending rat hole to the cess pool of this corrupt circus of gov’t. There is not enough d-con in the world to solve this infestation of corruption.

  7. anarchyst says:

    Message to Republican House majority:
    The first order of business under the Republican controlled House of Representatives should be to free ALL of the Jan 6 defendants and expunge their criminal records.
    Failure to do this will be PROOF that the Republicans are no better than the democrats.

  8. Tangocharlie says:

    There is a report that I read early on, after Jan 6th, that there was a big meeting held at Quantico Marine Base, south of Washington at the FBI training headquarters there. It’s just down the road and around a curve from the Rifle Range. I spent the summer of 1977 there. We even had some sniper school classes there. So there was supposed to have been a big meeting with multiple law enforcement units about a week before the rally and the vote to certify the election. What was that about and why were the extra troops that Trump authorized not utilized. Somebody is hiding something and somebody is lying about things. Something is rotten in Washington. (Hamlet’s Denmark updated)

  9. There is way too many striking coincidences with the January 6 production. Here is even more information and it shows that the Democrat party is full of traitors and have found ways to take in and use the FBI,CIA, and DOJ, among others.
    Some want to blame Trump and I do have to agree that I don’t agree with his use of his big mouth and his lack of good logic at times. I do wonder how many of us would have reacted to the constant crap and lies that the media and the lying Leftists dumped on him? He worked extremely hard and long for this country and did a great deal for the people of this country and the world. He was not afraid to call out the bad actors at home and abroad. I’m not sure that he could be reelected? There are many that would look past his pluses and dwell on the short comings. I would vote for the man again and hope we could help him by passing a Convention of States proposal in at least 34 States and have term limits, a balanced budget amendment and make it mandatory for Congress to work for the people and not themselves.

  10. Wes says:

    The FBI has lost its credibility. In fact, it has become radically compromised and aligned with the woke democrat party.

  11. Grayfox41 says:

    It is very disquieting to hear that the head of the most powerful investigative bureaucracy in the country would lie in front of the most powerful body of the people’s representatives and believe that he can get away with it. Between Wray and Garland, this Constitutional Republic is on the verge of erupting unless the incoming Congress can reign in these corrupt, lying bureaucrats.

  12. bob says:

    When Republicans have enough control ,,,, The CROOKED F.B.I. needs to be disbanded and a whole new organization started !! The crooked F.B.I. is to Biden as the GESTOPO was to Hitler !!!!

    • Timothy P says:

      even the UN didn’t say anything when the FIB gassed & burned 86 people in Waco Texas. Did you?

  13. Tim Shep says:

    Well, don’t hold your hands on your ass waiting for anything to happen to Wray and his anti-American comrades. DJT was misadvised on Wray, but then this may have been a setup. The deep state fear him because he was exposing their corruption.

  14. RockyMtn 1776 says:

    Care to take any bets as to if anything of merit will ever be done about this?
    Rome didn’t die a peaceful death, it was assassinated. The same is happening to us as we sit by and watch it happening. We have elected far too many in BOTH political parties who were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and/or votes. Most are re-elected. Voters who go along with this are not victims, they are accomplices!

  15. Lyudmila says:

    1 / Did the FBI issue an arrest warrant for Obama for wiretapping Trump?
    2/ Why is the FBI silent about the pipe bombs planted on January 6?
    3. What role did the FBI play on January 6th by directing provocateur Ray Epps and other provocateurs and 13 provocateurs in the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer?
    4. Why didn’t the Proud Boys protect the unarmed woman Ashley Babbit from the killers – the police, subordinates of Merrick Garland?
    5. Why is Merrick Garland silent and what is his role and the role of the FBI in all these crimes?

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