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CIA WHISTLEBLOWER: Agents Received Money for Clearing the Wuhan Lab of Being the COVID-19 Origin

CIA WHISTLEBLOWER: Agents Received Money for Clearing the Wuhan Lab of Being the COVID-19 Origin

CIA whistleblower says investigators were given lots of money to conclude COVID-19 did not come from the Wuhan Lab.

A high-ranking CIA whistleblower claims that investigators were paid a bonus for concluding that COVID did not originate in the Wuhan Lab.

The whistleblower said originally 6 of the 7 investigators willing to of this COVID Discovery Team were leaning towards a “low confidence assessment” that the virus likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory. When money talks, the corrupt always listens. Right, Joe and Hunter?

The final tally was six members willing to give some credence to the Wuhan lab theory and one, who was the leader of the group concluded it was naturally occurring.

The whistleblower then said the investigators were paid money to change their findings. House Coronavirus Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH 2nd District) and House Intelligence Committee  Chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH 10th District)  sent a letter to CIA Director William Burns demanding evidence of what was offered to the agents for switching their opinions. The whistleblower said it was a substantial amount of money.

“The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic (Select Subcommittee) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) (together “the Committees”) have received new and concerning whistleblower testimony regarding the Agency’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19.” 

“A multi-decade, senior-level, current Agency officer has come forward to provide information to the Committees regarding the Agency’s analysis into the origins of COVID-19.”

Wenstrup and Turner have set a deadline of September 26, 2023, for the CIA to turn over all relevant records and are urging a thorough investigation:

  • All documents and communications regarding the establishment of all iterations of the COVID Discovery Team(s);
  • All documents and communications between or among the members of all iterations of the COVID Discovery Team(s) regarding the origins of COVID-19;
  • All documents and communications between or among members of all iterations of the COVID Discovery Team(s) and other employees or contractors of the Agency regarding the origins of COVID-19;
  • All documents and communications between or among members of all iterations of the COVID Discovery Team(s) and employees or contractors of other federal government agencies, including but not limited to the U.S. Department of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (to include the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), and the U.S. Department of Energy regarding the origins of COVID-19; and
  • All documents and communications regarding the pay history, to include the awarding of any type of financial or performance

Dr. Huff told The Gateway Pundit that everyone knew this was a gain of function research. 

He added that the government is trying to cover this up because Dr. Fauci and Dr. Daszak funded the research at the Wuhan bio lab:

Dr. Andrew Huff:  Peter Daszak had created a way to brand the organization to sort of greenwash the scientific research which he was doing. One of the first things that happened when I worked at EcoHealth Alliance is I was asked to review the understanding the bat coronavirus emergence risk proposal.  That’s the proposal that passed the NAID, Dr. Anthony Fauci money through EcoHealth alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Biology to do the gain of function work. There was no question in my mind when I reviewed this proposal that it was gain of function work. I’ve been against it since I was a PhD student and since I learned what it was, that’s fine. It actually splits. At the time, back in 2014, this was a hotly debated issue whether or not gain of function research should be occurring. And it’s not totally a black-and-white issue.  Actually, some gain of function research is necessary so that we can build live attenuated vaccines. The question is, how much evolution do they do in the laboratory to advance the pathogen or the agent to make an effective vaccine? And the problem was with this coronavirus gain of function work is that they actually evolved it 150,000 years into the future so that there’s no potential and no way that this virus would ever occur in nature…

… If you look at the epidemiology or the data of all the case data, this disease emerged in September or October of 2019.  That’s a hard fact. Okay?  We can prove it.  So the question is, why does the US government go into panic or cover up about that?  And it’s real simple. It’s real simple.  It’s because the US government funded the development of the agents in a number of US laboratories and they split up different parts of the work to these different laboratories.  And that all happened where I worked at EcoHealth.

This exchange starts around the 3:50 minute marker.

Nothing will ever come of this. Nothing ever does.


  • Steven Ahle

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  3. Stephen Russell says:

    Cover Up, fraud & scam day 1

  4. Richard says:

    All of these people including Fauci and Burns need to be brought before the International Court for killing over 4 million people world wide.

  5. CharlieSeattle says:


    CIA Whistleblower Says Investigators Were …BRIBBED AND/OR THREATENED To Conclude COVID-19 Did Not Come From The Wuhan Lab.

    • William G Munson says:

      i tried to Post on F B that they should do to the L A B What Russia does to Ucrane but would not let me Period

  6. CharlieSeattle says:

    Arrest Birx, Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA and big pharma and big tech. executives involved.

    Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

    RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy!

  7. john says:

    No longer can we trust our own government! They have betrayed us over and over, most notably in the current administration.

  8. Don says:

    Adults have known that for a long time. When is it going to happen is what we want to know.

  9. Jerome from Layton says:

    Not enough info, yet. So far, we know CIA hierarchy bribed subordinates to change their reports [chargeable violation of Federal Records Act]. What’s needed is an actual contact with CDC, people in CDC, and possibly others. Has the money trail between CDC and Wuhan been proven? That would put Fauci, and others in the slammer.

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  11. William G Munson says:

    i tried to Post on F B that they should do to the L A B What Russia does to Ucrane but would not let me Period

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