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Republicans Discover a New Biden Relative Received Payouts From Graft

CNN: China Funneling the Bidens Money is A-OK!

CNN: Bidens taking money from China are no big deal.

CNN says that China enriching the Biden family is no big deal. After all, the Bidens are Democrats and have liberal privilege. So what if they are getting rich by selling out the American public? Why wouldn’t China want to throw big money at Hunter Biden because of all the experience he has in the gas and oil sector? If it was good enough for Ukraine, why would it not be good enough for China?

In fact, it would be better for China and Biden this way. Biden would not have to blackmail China as he did to Ukraine in order to prevent an honest prosecutor from investigating Hunter. First of all, China has no honest prosecutors. And secondly, if they did Biden would not have to bribe China to fire four or five warning shots through the back of their head. China has freedom of speech. It’s freedom after speech that they have a problem with.

Why is it when a Democrat commits a crime such as treason that the Republicans feel the need to blow it all out of proportion? It’s just not fair. That kind of treatment should be only used if you stand outside the Capitol or are caught praying within 100 miles of an abortion clinic. Let the punishment fit the crime.

After all, the main reason Democrats run for office is to rake in big bucks from the enemies of this country and so they can engage in insider trading.

From Hot Air

It really is appalling that Republicans are so small-minded. Spending time investigating the wholesale corruption of the Biden family, whose sole business appears to be selling political influence to foreign interests.

After all, what is the point of getting elected to high office if you can’t rake in foreign dollars to sell out the interests of the people who elected you?

The MSM/Democrat spin is remarkable. They are outright lying about what happened–a lie repeated by CNN in that clip above. The payments didn’t just go to Hunter as part of a business deal–the money was spread around directly to the various Bidens. Hunter, as we know, shared finances with his father and paid some of his bills, and sent 10% to “the big guy.”

It was the entire Biden family getting the payments. But no big deal. Republicans are just pouncing.

CNN’s position seems to be that there is nothing suspicious here, so move along. After all, that was the standard they used when investigating Trump and his family, who oddly enough had real businesses utterly independent of their political activities.

Hunter? His sole activity other than pitching his influence peddling was hookers and blow.

Presidents’ children are off-limits, anyway. Going after a child! How dare you!

“Investigative journalist” Brian Krassenstein got right on the case himself, with the hot take that has been spreading on Left-Twitter. For some reason, he deleted the tweet, but it has been immortalized.

Hunter? His sole activity other than pitching his influence peddling was hookers and blow.

Presidents’ children are off-limits, anyway. Going after a child! How dare you!

It is allowable as long a conservative doesn’t do it.


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