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CNN Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Actually A Good Thing, Citing The Science™

CNN Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Actually A Good Thing, Citing The Science™

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The COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent individuals from catching or spreading COVID-19, and some claim they are linked to potentially fatal side effects, including myocarditis and blood clots. However, the experts now claim some adverse reactions may actually prove the vaccines are simply more effective than previously thought.

According to a recent study promoted by CNN, which supposedly found that mild symptoms – fever, chills or muscle pain – following vaccination can be linked to a stronger antibody response, meaning that experiencing COVID-19 vaccine side effects is actually a good thing.

“Having such symptoms after vaccination is associated with greater antibody responses compared with having only pain or rash at the injection site or no symptoms at all, suggests the paper published Friday in the journal JAMA Network Open,” CNN reported.

“In conclusion, these findings support reframing postvaccination symptoms as signals of vaccine effectiveness and reinforce guidelines for vaccine boosters in older adults,” the researchers stated in their paper.

Experts stress that while they believe COVID-19 vaccine side effects are a good sign, it does not mean the shots don’t work for those who didn’t experience them.

Fauci getting vaccinated by a doctor
Anthony Fauci receives a COVID-19 vaccine in December of 2020 (NIH / Flickr)

“I don’t want a patient to tell me that, ‘Golly, I didn’t get any reaction, my arm wasn’t sore, I didn’t have fever. The vaccine didn’t work.’ I don’t want that conclusion to be out there,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

“This is more to reassure people who have had a reaction that that’s their immune system responding, actually in a rather good way, to the vaccine, even though it has caused them some discomfort,” Schaffner said.

“A lot of people have speculated over the years whether people who had more of a reaction to the vaccine might actually have that represent a more vigorous immune response,” Schaffner said. “And these data would appear to support that.”

While some experts suggest that COVID-19 vaccine side effects may benefit those who take the controversial shots, others have argued that the shots may be harmful for certain age groups.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo earlier this month officially recommended against receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, particularly for males aged 18 to 39 due to an increased risk (84%) of cardiac-related death, Valiant News reported.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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Comments 11

  1. sam says:

    Shove your poison

  2. rick ames says:

    some times you just don’t know what to say, as we move forward in the century the media does as well, while it used to be little sugestions they have now become blatant, they actually lie outright with no remorse, its like their job! Anyone who has read 1984 or The Animal Farm would agree that we live in 1984 now, and as in The Animal Farm the geese fly over several times a day to give us our marching orders, one could ask how we got ourselves in such disarray? The answer of course would be slowly, slowly the globolists have drawn 50% of the population into the thought of the giant hand from above that fixes all, while we rational thinkers know that anything powerful enough to give you something they have taken from someone else is powerful enough to take it away!

  3. Nick1 says:

    Your bide, your choice? What hypocrites Dems are. Vote them out.

  4. OZ says:

    Covid19 vaccine is nothing but a means of population control… many young people dropping dead.

  5. John says:

    Forcing the population to take a vaccine that had NO long term studies and UNKNOWN side effects is criminal. None of these vaccines were fully vetted by the FDA before they were forced on the population. They were only given the “Emergency Use” designation, which our power hungry democrat politicians used to thin the herd. Thousands of people, adults, teens and children DIED because of the vaccines. The democrats and their allies manipulated deaths of people who had terminal illnesses who caught COVID later, who died of their terminal condition as having died of COVID. People who died instantly in auto/motorcycle accidents were being listed as having died of COVID. All this to further their agenda of CONTROL. Anyone who questioned these numbers was immediately labeled a extremist or conspiracy nut. Fortunately enough medical personnel came out with in inside information and exposed the democrat/NIH lies.

  6. Grace Bruno says:

    I would bet my life, without hesitation, Fauci is NOT taking the Covid shot. He knows what the ingredients are. Do they really think people believe this little show they keep putting on.?

  7. Spencer says:

    Same for FJB.

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