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CNN Fact Check Hilariously Proves Case for Biden Impeachment Inquiry

CNN Fact Check Hilariously Proves Case for Biden Impeachment Inquiry

CNN attempts to fact check the Biden impeachment investigation.

If anyone ever accuses CNN of being overly bright, they would have a great case for defamation of character. In trying to prove that Joe Biden has committed no crimes, they have successfully proven that they cannot make that case and in fact, the opposite is true. This often happens when someone fact-checks the fact-checker.

I mean, let’s face it, liberals don’t do well when they plead innocence.

CNN sought to fact-check Kevin McCarthy’s statement laying out the reason for the investigation. CNN claimed that McCarthy lied and then set themselves up as fact-checkers with disastrous results. CNN begins by disputing the fact that the Biden family took in at least $20 million dollars from foreign interests.

CNN’s response:

Facts First: This is true about Joe Biden’s family and associates, but there is no public evidence to date that the president personally received any money.

Notice that CNN does not even try to deny that the Bidens received $20 million dollars. They also do not mention the 20 shell companies that were used to launder the millions. What is the purpose of having shell companies at all? Simple. To hide where the money came from and where it went. Also, remember House investigators have bank records and 170 Suspicious Activity Reports that can be used as evidence. Why was the money being paid if not to sell influence from Joe Biden?

The next allegation CNN attempts to dispute is that an FBI informant said the Bidens received a bribe.

CNN’s response:

Facts First: It’s true that an informant gave a tip of this nature to the FBI in 2020, and that the bureau had viewed him as a credible informant. But the underlying allegation that the Biden family was given a bribe is totally unproven; the informant was merely reporting something he said he had been told by a Ukrainian businessman.

Somehow, CNN left out the part about the informant working with the FBI for years and that his work was deemed highly credible because of his past work.

.Addressing the claim that Biden participated in calls and dinners with Hunter Biden’s business partners, CNN responds:

Facts First: McCarthy’s claim omits key context about what was – and wasn’t – reportedly discussed in the calls and dinners. A Hunter Biden associate testified that even though Joe Biden was on these calls and at these dinners, he didn’t discuss business. And Republicans have not presented any evidence that Joe Biden himself benefited financially from his appearances at the dinners or on the calls.

From PJ Media

What this fails to mention is that Devon Archer testified that Joe Biden’s participation on the calls was critical to selling “the Biden brand.” It also doesn’t mention the fact that Joe Biden spent years denying having spoken to or having met Hunter’s business associates. In addition to the phone calls and dinners, White House logs show he met with Hunter’s business associates multiple times.

CNN then argues that the claim that the financial transactions involving Biden family members were flagged as suspicious doesn’t prove they were criminal.

Facts First: The existence of these suspicious activity reports don’t prove wrongdoing on their own.

Responding to the allegation that then-Vice President Biden used his powers to help Hunter’s business, CNN comes up with this gem:

Facts First: There is no public evidence that Joe Biden abused his government powers to help his family.

Right, except for the fact that Joe Biden publicly bragged about how he used a $1 billion loan as leverage to get Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating Burisma (the Ukrainian energy company that Hunter Biden had a $1 million/year board position with) fired from his job. Further, Devon Archer testified that Burisma executives asked Hunter to “call D.C.” to help with that situation.CNN falsely claims that Biden’s actions were “consistent with partisan US policy” at the time, However, a 2015 memo concluded that Ukraine had made sufficient progress in implementing anti-corruption reforms and deserved the loan, so Biden had no justifiable reason for withholding it. How much more evidence do you need?

And finally, CNN addresses the claim that Biden lied about his knowledge of his family’s business deals.

Facts First: Joe Biden’s unequivocal denials of any business-related contact with his son have been undercut over time. But so far there is no public evidence that his occasional interactions with Hunter Biden’s business partners led to him getting substantively involved in his son’s financial arrangements.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  2. Donald Cook says:

    yet the Democrats are still blind, to the Facts. Keep defending and maybe you will sink, also. Anybody what to bet that Obama was involved?

    • Bob McCormick says:

      Of course obama was involved. When the Ukrainians questioned slo joe’s authority to withhold the $1B and threatened to go over his head, biden indicated that he had the support of the president. Where does obama’s money come from? Any suspicious deposits to the obama bank account appear around the time of the Viktor Shokin incident?

  3. Stephen Russell says:

    Thanks CNN Bravo for the Help

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  4. Rattlerjake says:

    If all leftists dropped dead today, the world would be a far safer, kinder, healthier, more intelligent place. “Wishful thinking”.

  5. Ernie says:

    Biden actually stated the fact Obama was well aware this was going on, the proof is when the President of Ukraine told Biden that he didn’t have the power to stop the loan, as you are not the President of the USA, Biden replied to him, well give him a call! That’s all the proof you need about Obama’s involvement, he’s as crooked as the Biden crime family!

    • T-200q says:

      It will be interesting when Congressional inquiry investigation will lead to uncovering that some money was flowing to Obamas from one or two out of 20 Bidens’ LLCs. That might be the reason that Democrats are so viscerally trying to prevent that inquiry from happening. It might lead to a total collapse of their poker house.

  6. T-200q says:

    CNN has lost the last shred of journalistic credibility. It’s quickly moving to become regular yellow press.

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