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CNN Reporter Accuses Israel Of War Crimes. Israeli President Immediately Puts A Stop To That

CNN Reporter Accuses Israel Of War Crimes. Israeli President Immediately Puts A Stop To That

Israeli president biotch slaps CNN reporter.
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CNN like most legacy media have sided with the terrorists in the Gaza conflict and they are not even trying to hide their hatred of Israel. CNN reporter Becky Anderson suggested that Israel was instituting “collective punishment” and committing a “war crime.”

This accusation came just after Herzog explained that Israel is abiding by international law, even though Hamas committed many war crimes during their invasion of Israel.

Blame the victim, not the criminal. No wonder crime is up so high in Democratic cities and states.

Herzog fired back:

“So now we’re starting with the rhetoric about war crimes. Really? Truly? Truly? I just said that Israel abides by international law. Operates by international law. Every operation is secured and covered and reviewed legally.”

“I see a huge amount of volunteering, huge amount of mobilization to the army, and a huge amount doing good to each other by helping each other in so many consequences in so many spheres of life. I encourage my people, I bless the people of Israel. We shall definitely overcome. We shall definitely be victorious. We’ve always done so. It will take time but we shall overcome and we shall be victorious.”

“I met the families of the hijacked and kidnapped citizens of Israel. It was extremely tragic and extremely painful. So many people live in a reality of a nightmare, not knowing their whereabouts and real facts of their loved ones. Each and every one of you can imagine that – you’ve met families. Israel will do whatever it can to bring them back home as soon as possible, safely. But this requires an immediate call to the international community, not to sit idly by and do whatever it takes to bring them back immediately.”

“As president of the State of Israel, I ask you all to tell the stories of the victims. I ask you all to remember them because there is a shortsightedness in the cycle of media and news but the pain will remain forever. Thank you very much.”

“This is exactly the moment of truth. Nations must stand up to the truth. … We have to understand [that Hamas] has built a machine of evil right at our doorstep. It is an entire nation out there that is responsible. It’s not true, this rhetoric about civilians not aware, not involved. It’s absolutely not true. They could have risen up. They could have fought against that evil regime which took over Gaza in a coup d’etat, murdering their family members. There’s a short memory in the world.”

“Israel evacuated Gaza unilaterally in order to show that it’s willing to make peace. I was a member of that cabinet. We said to our nation, ‘This will be Hong Kong of the Middle East.’ Well, reality has turned into tragedy. Therefore I must say, this situation impacts the entire vision of people as to the ability to adhere to the same old rhetoric. We are working, operating militarily according to rules of international law, period. Unequivocally.  But we are at war. We are at war. We are defending our homes. We are protecting our homes. That’s the truth. And when a nation protects its home, it fights. And we will fight until we break their backbone.”

Nuff said?


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  2. Happy Warrior says:

    CNN has devolved into the network of lies. When, in the recent past, have they been honest with the public?

  3. Oregon Grown says:

    I have not had CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC news outlets on my telivision since 2010. We also do not listen to FOXNEWS any longer either. I feel from the news outlets I allow to inform me, that I am able to debate or imform people in my life with a more truthful look of what real events are about. I know this effends a lot of people and I just count as a bonus to my debating them.

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    • Billy Camota says:

      Me too. Actually, I threw away my TV sets to avoid CNN and these other fake news.

    • Sid says:

      Check it out all the networks have people connected to Obama or Barry Soerato or what ever he calls him self today. So you will not get the facts.They are married in or relatives. You are right on.

  4. trured says:

    CNN is communist, who cares what they accuse us of. What are they guilty of: lying, cheating, stealing and mis-representing news – just like a good RED commy…

    • sssilv48 says:

      It’s called treason, they have done this with a purpose and hopefully will be held accountable by military trials

  5. CNN= communist news network

  6. John Galt says:

    Right after 1948 and later, the Arab nations, who have extra space, could have invited the Palestinians to live in an Arab nation. But they did not. They wanted the Palestinians to always be a threat to Israel, The present war is the culmination of this plan. Israel must fight for survival however possible.

  7. Oldclimber says:

    People who call themselves “Palestinians” were part of the foreign workers in Kuwait, pre Iraqi raid and takeover. This was perpetuated by “Saddam the Long Neck”, before the advent of the Gulf Freedom turkey shoot, When the Iraqis were scattered from the cracks of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti government proscribed ALL Palestinians for continued worker immigrant status. because they had acted like bird-dogs, pointing out to the Iraqis the Kuwaitis for pillage and rapine, presumably for a “cut”.
    The Palestinians were irate that they would be expelled, after joyously helping the savage occupation, as if they did nothing wrong. Same social stance of blind existence as now.

  8. CHASTRAN says:


  9. guest says:

    When confronted/attacked by a serpent its “relatives” are of the same genetic code and thoughts. Consequently, the only way to eliminate further killings, tortures, treason and destructive behavior to save our world is for elimiantion of its kind. Think saw-scaled viper, Echis carinatus

  10. Old wolf says:

    Yall from cnn must be the most ignorant dumb azz’s ever. No wonder your so called news station is in the trash. Terrorists attack and kill baby’s and mothers and you try to call out them that were attacked instead of the attackers. This shows just how stupid and desperate yall are to report news. Like befor, you can’t tell the real truth. so you have to make up stupid BS like this story just to try to fit back i . Your the lowest type of liers out there. One can only hope karma hit you the same way it hit these baby’s and mothers and by the same ones your trying to make out to be hero’s but are Terrorists. See how you dumb azz’s feel then. Yall make sick . Hope God judges you accordingly. Dumb azz

    • sssilv48 says:

      Maybe the lying douche bags will understand better when hamas comes and beheads their children, wife, brothers, ect, ect. Military trials are in order for a lot of politicians and their co-horts for going against the Country they are suppose to protect

  11. Old wolf says:

    Funny how you won’t address the terrorists running free in our country. Their even backed by the Communist democrats. Yet you never mention a word about the blm and antfia who are burning and looting city’s. Killing police and running drugs over our border at will thanks the the Communist democrats open border. Yet you failed to write story’s saying how you think the people and country suffer cause of it. Your a disgrace to your news station. You suck as a so called news man. You side with the Communist democrats just so you can have a lying job. You are a piece if sh#t in my opinion.

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