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‘Community Notes’ that Claimed to Debunk Donald Trump Jr.’s Post Have Been Debunked

‘Community Notes’ that Claimed to Debunk Donald Trump Jr.’s Post Have Been Debunked

Donald Trump Jr's debunked video has now been rebunked.
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On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr. posted an extremely graphic and extremely disturbing video that shows seven men who were brutally murdered by an Hamas terrorist. In a community note posted on his X account that claimed the video was from many years before in 2015. But Wired Magazine investigated and found that the debunker was wrong and that the video was indeed current.

X tagged Don Jr’s post with a “Community Notes” with the claim “Video is not from the current conflict and can be traced back to 2015.”  It then posted a link to an Iranian social media site.  Several outlets and social media users criticized President Trump’s oldest son. This tells me that Elon Musk has much more firing to do if he wants X to be a free speech zone. He had better get it into gear as this has been a common occurrence even after Musk bought out Twitter.

WIRED magazine “has now verified that the Community Notes system appears to be wrong.”:

“WIRED has now verified that the Community Notes system appears to be wrong. According to an independent OSINT analysis published on Wednesday, the video Trump Jr. posted is real. It was recorded during Saturday’s attack and does show Hamas fighters shooting Israelis, the analysis found.

In the case of the Trump Jr. video, the Community Notes user linked to a video posted on the Iranian social media platform Wisgoon as evidence that the video was from years ago, not this past weekend. In the post, the upload date on the video is in Persian, which, when translated, reads “15 Mehr 1402,” a date in the Persian calendar. This date translates in the Gregorian calendar to October 7, 2023—the date Hamas attacked Israel.
An open source intelligence researcher tells WIRED that they confirmed the video’s veracity by tracking the original video, which was broadcast by a Gaza civilian on a Facebook livestream on Saturday morning.  
Soon after the Trump Jr. note was published, an account…tried to back up the claim about the video being fake, sharing a screenshot that showed the results of a reverse-image search for the thumbnail image of the original video. The results appear to show a series of links to Wisgoon (WARNING: GRAPHIC!) featuring the same image, all of which have dates from seven or eight years ago. However, this is because the recent video was listed in the related videos list of the older videos, not proof that it is an older video.
On Wednesday afternoon, the note on Trump’s tweet was updated to link to the tweet from the account…”

“…X quickly flagged the video as misleading and provided a community note that debunked the context put forth by the former President’s son.

The note stated that the footage was actually from 2015 and originated in Syria, not Israel. It also emphasized that Don Jr.’s false narrative was being used to promote “violent retribution” against Palestinian civilians.

Hassan Shibly, a prominent figure in the Muslim community, criticized him for pushing untrue narratives and endangering innocent Palestinians. Shibly argued that the video was being used to justify an escalation of Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  3. Americafirst says:

    This is to me; a perfect example of just how corrupt and criminal Musk is. He is part of the deep state and playing a part showing people he is a “good guy”. NOT! He is still censoring conservatives. He hates the truth. I got banned for telling the truth that I have proof and back up to prove my truths. Twitter did not allow me to get that far. I want Musk to be jailed for life for hurting people so badly. They also threatened me which I took for Musk wanting to murder me. I was very afraid for quite a while after that. And I never said anything to hurt anyone! Yet, Musk has said some pretty horrific things and gets away with it.

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