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Hunter Biden Sent His Business Partner a Curiously Detailed Email on Ukraine in 2014… Did the Information Come From Joe’s Top Secret Documents?

Could Joe Biden Be Imprisoned for Violating the Espionage Act for 20 Years?

Did Hunter's email to Devon Archer come directly from Joe's stolen classified documents?
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The simple answer to the question in the title is yes. Will he be? That is a tougher question. But, if Biden goes down, so could Merrick Garland for withholding evidence. Does this pique your interest at all? What if I said Biden could be facing multiple violations of the Espionage Act? That’s entirely possible, but to be perfectly honest, it could take some time since Garland plans on withholding evidence. Congress wants to see the documents taken from Joe Biden and Garland says he won’t release them.

Let me lay this out for you. At Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware house, classified documents were found pertaining to China, Iran, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. In 2014, Joe Biden was going to Ukraine to meet with high-ranking officials of Ukraine. Two weeks before that, Hunter Biden sent an email to his business partner and fellow board member of Burisma., Devon Archer, laying out a carefully crafted 22-point essay on Ukraine.

This was recovered from Hunter’s laptop. Hunter is not known for his brain and to think he wrote these 22 points is inconceivable. But, it could be consistent with an intelligence briefing. The best way to know for sure is to get the Ukrainian documents found in Joe’s private house. If they match, it is conviction time. To find Joe guilty of violating the Espionage ACT, it would not have to be proven that he shared it with Hunter. Intentional or careless carries the identical penalty and if that should happen, Joe would have to resign as president or face certain impeachment.

It would take a considerable amount of time to force the DOJ to turn over documents Biden held on Ukraine, but it is a step that must be taken. If Democrats can take Trump’s tax returns and make them public, despite no crime being committed, what excuse could there be to withhold the documents on Ukraine? None that I can see. And garland would definitely have a conflict of interest in investigating Biden. His special prosecutor’s close ties to Chris Wray and Rod Rosenstein would be problematic as well.

Mike Davis:  President Biden would have to resign. If they can prove this, if you can link the stolen classified documents to this document, and lining Biden’s pockets, making millions of dollars off of their stolen classified intel on Ukraine, he’d have to resign…

…Much less than this gets sent people gets people sent to prison. There was a woman who was just sent to prison – working for the military in Hawaii, and she took classified documents from her office to her home. There was no evidence that she misused the documents, that she just transported them. The Biden Justice Department had her put in prison. So if you’re going to put someone in prison for just transporting documents from your office to your home, with no evidence of misuse, what’s the espionage crime?

If you’re stealing classified documents and using it to make millions of dollars for your family, Biden would have to resign. There would be criminal charges.

In addition to the documents on Ukraine, the documents on China could very well have been turned over considering the tens of millions the Biden’s received from China. The Penn Biden Center alone received $54.6 million dollars. Proving that would probably be a bridge too far, but in the case of Ukraine, that would be fairly simple once the Ukraine documents have been obtained.





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