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Democrats Defend Biden Nominee Who Worked for Two Communist Chinese Spy Organizations

Democrats Defend Biden Nominee Who Worked for Two Communist Chinese Spy Organizations

Democrats defend Biden nominee with strong communist Chinese Intelligence ties.
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Democrats make a lot of money from China. You got the Bidens, the Pelosis, the McConnells, and many other liberals who see their income enhanced by the communist Chinese.

So, is it any wonder that Democrats are rushing forth to support Biden’s nominee, Dominic Ng, who has held the title of “executive director” at both the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA) and the China Overseas Friendship Association (COFA). Both of those are front groups for the communist Chinese Intelligence agency.

California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu accused Gooden and his peers of singling out Ng due to his ethnicity. In August 2019, Chu was named “honorary chairwoman” of the Forums for Peaceful Reunification of China, a Chinese Intelligence front group and opponent of a free Taiwan.

Chu is hardly an unbiased observer. Since when is opposing communist Chinese front groups considered racist?  Not all Democrats sell out to China for money. Swalwell sold out for sex.

CAPAC’s press release stated:

“No Chinese Americans — indeed no Americans — should face suspicions of disloyalty or treason based on their ethnicity, nation of origin, or that of their family members.  That kind of profiling is beneath us all, particularly those entrusted with public office.”

Does this also go for communist China front groups, which is what we are talking about here? Make no mistake about it, the communist Chinese government is the enemy of the United States. So anyone providing aid or comfort to those groups is our enemy.

The Chinese have embedded spies in our businesses and our government. They spy on us with computers, phones and I believe waffle makers as well. (Tongue in cheek)

From The Daily Caller

Most recently, the DCNF reported that Chu gave certificates of “Congressional Recognition” to at least 10 individuals who belonged to alleged CCP intel groups, many of whom also made political donations to Chu, campaign finance records reveal.

“Anyone who comes to Mr. Ng’s defense has questionable judgment, but calling members who are simply demanding an investigation ‘racist’ is just sad,” Gooden told the DCNF on Monday.

Prior to Ng’s appointment to APEC, CAPAC unsuccessfully lobbied President-elect Biden in December 2020 to appoint Ng to serve as secretary of the Commerce Department, according to Rep. Chu’s website.

In response to the Republicans’ demands, an East West Bank spokesman claimed that although Ng never belonged to COFA, Ng served at an “executive-director level” in an “honorary position” at COEA, but allegedly withdrew from the organization in 2014 due to “non-participation,” according to an American Banker report Friday. However, the DCNF’s investigation revealed that Ng was listed as COEA’s “executive director” throughout the entirety of COEA’s 5th Council between 2013 and 2017, citing multiple archived versions of COEA’s website.

Reps. Chu, Meng, Lieu and Takano were also among the Democratic votes opposing the formation of the House Select Committee charged with investigating the CCP’s malign influence efforts.

While defending their vote, CAPAC alleged that the new committee might lead to anti-Asian violence, according to its statement.



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