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Disgraced Former Attorney Michael Cohen Says Trump Won’t Run in 2024 for This Reason

Disgraced Former Attorney Michael Cohen Says Trump Won’t Run in 2024 for This Reason

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Michael Cohen, the ex-attorney for President Trump, harbors hatred toward the president.

I’m not sure if he feels as though President Trump put him in a bad light or if he’s just pissed off that he was caught acting in an unlawful manner, but either way, he wants to put distance between himself and President Trump. However, it was not President Trump’s fault that Cohen was found guilty of some felonies.

Cohen, meanwhile, has also allowed the Trump Derangement Syndrome to affect him. He truly believes that President Trump won’t run for office in 2024 and that a different Republican has a much better chance of capturing the party’s nomination.

“I do not believe Trump is going to run. First of all, he knows that he can’t win the general election statistically, and his fragile ego will not allow him to be a two-time loser. I just want to be very clear on that.”

“Second. I believe that if, in fact, that he runs, he is not just going to get the nomination by the Republican party, by the RNC. There are going to be plenty of people that are going to challenge him. And rightfully so.”

“He does not want to go up against, like, for example, Liz Cheney, she already stated, ‘If he’s running, I’m running too.’ Uh, and then there’s, there’s so many others that you want to — Ron DeSantis, he’s already lost in a poll to Ron DeSantis, who I think is possible — equally or even greater of a threat to this democracy than even Donald, first of all, he’s smarter than Donald, and I think he’s more sinister.”

Is this guy even being serious right now? She just lost her own state primary. Not by a little, but by a lot! She got destroyed in her primary. Even fellow RINO Mitt Romney said that she wouldn’t win if she ran for president. Nobody is concerned with Liz Cheney at all.


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  1. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus says:

    He is certainly not Donald Trump and he can’t be very clear about anything. He is a criminal who used has position to commit these crimes. He got caught and had to pay.

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