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Election Workers Signed Sworn Affidavits Against a Country Employee Who Donated to Mark Kelly

Election Workers Signed Sworn Affidavits Against a Country Employee Who Donated to Mark Kelly

4 Election workers in Arizona precinct file sworn complaints against Mark McCall.

Election workers have singled out Maricopa County’s Mark McCall for Election Day negligence and maladministration. Cynthia Schlesinger said:

“Mark, who was the supposed leader, was the cause of most of the issues and did nothing to correct anything that was brought to his attention.” 

The entire election in Maricopa County was botched and I think that was intentional since the bulk of the precincts that had tabulator problems were conservative districts. Tabulators that checked out fine the night before had problems the first thing on election day. And how do you run out of ink? Why does this never happen in deep blue precincts? I think we all know the answer to that question.

According to observations and signed affidavits, three poll workers and an election marshal who worked at the same Maricopa County voting center on Election Day witnessed concerning issues and irregularities at the hands of Maricopa County employees.

With the tabulators down the lines quickly became very long and many got disgusted and left. To add to the problems the voters were instructed to go to another precinct and vote. What they left out was you must sign out first. When those voters went to another precinct they were either denied or had to fill out a provisional ballot, which gets tossed without a count of the votes.

The four election workers who filed affidavits worked at the same precinct and fingered Mark McCall for a multitude of issues with the voting. For instance, if a vote gets spoiled, they have to write spoiled across the ballot. McCall told them not to write spoiled across the ballot, but to bring them to him. There were a suspicious amount of spoiled ballots.

From The Gateway Pundit

Four election workers detailed similar issues at the Grace in the Desert Church in Peoria, Arizona, including ballot reconciliation issues, suspicious ballot spoiling instructions, questionable testing procedures, and potential law violations.

Each of them fingered Maricopa County’s Mark McCall for Election Day negligence and maladministration.

Mark McCall was further accused of stuffing misread “box 3” ballots into black duffel bags instead of the designated transport bins and dropping unused tamper-evident security ties into the duffel bags. This breaks the chain of custody by potentially allowing bad actors to open these bags and reseal them without anybody knowing.

It also appears that Mark was also left alone in the tabulation center with no supervision. It is unclear whether or not there were live ballots in the room.

Marcella Heiman, corroborating Pam Cetina’s story:

“When Mark would spoil a ballot, he wouldn’t write across the printing on the back of the ballot but on the side, said Marcella Heiman, corroborating Pam Cetina’s story that “They didn’t want me writing SPOIL in the middle of the ballot and asked that when the customer was done with it, to find him/her.”

Uncover DC reported that “none of these poll workers knew each other prior to working on Election Day.”

Pam Cetina: I looked over the ballots carefully when the voters came back to spoil their ballots and could see no reason why they were being rejected. I finally went and found Mark McCall, our Inspector, and asked him what was going on; he just acted like it was no big deal. I spoke to others on our team, and they all knew this wasn’t normal. Even the customers were becoming suspicious, asking if this was going to be another 2020. Yami [Martinez], who is a[n] employee of the county and works directly with Mark McCall, would often hover in our area listening to what was going on. They didn’t want me writing SPOIL in the middle of the ballot and asked that when the customer was done with it, to find him/her, and he would take care of it. Yami [Martinez] was also working as a clerk. I started telling voters if they had any more problems to come back to me, and I would print another ballot for them.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 45

  1. Drosack says:


  2. Evangeline says:

    Mark McCall and other election officials must be water boarded and hung for treason and voter fraud!!

  3. PapNitram says:

    So what the hell is going to be done about this? My take is nothing will be done. If these allegations can be found true then this McCall guy needs to be brought up on charges and be tried with tampering with an election. But the GOP hasn’t the balls to do what’s right. It seems that the only one who seems give a damn is Kari Lake.

    • David Barron says:

      Got that dam right!

    • Ima Enyurphase says:

      HOLD, I GIVE A DAMN , and so do MILLION’S of voters in ALL the counties ! I do agree where is the republican party in this? We got screwed out of 3 GREAT state candidates and a senator. They all won, I’m convinced. But these CROOKED dem-o-rat and rino politicians are usurping the will of “The People”. Look at all the crap they pulled in 2020 (only in Maricopa) remember officials giving out those “marking pens” to use on the ballots? Again now in 2020 perfectly operating machines before Nov 8 “magically” acting up on Nov 8, not accidental- ENGINEERED !

    • aleksandar aleksandrov says:

      It isn’t lack of balls. They are in cahoots with the Dems.

  4. Glenn R Shannon says:

    Tired of reading what the liberals do to change who wins and until something is done about it this is nothing but wasted ink. The liberals have been doing this for decades yet the GOP is never ready before these actions take place just complain about it after the fact which is wasted effort.

    • david angel soto says:

      I say until they change . . . NEVER . . . we do the same thing in SPADES FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!!!!

    • John Sherwood says:

      Living proof that when all of the people leave California and come to Arizona they bring their crooked ways with them.That is Normal for California.

  5. I am so sock of reading about all this fraud. If NOTHING is going to be done, quit writing about it already. They need to call the elections in Arizona and Pennsylvania void and have a new in person only vote, and the Secy of State should never have been allowed to supervise an election in which she’s running in. It’s all a disgrace. The demorats are nothing but cheaters and liars. The GOP needs to stand up to this fraud and DO SOMETHING!!

  6. Ron C says:

    And you can bet your last dollar, the Judges if it gets to court, will be democrat and already bribed to kill all evidence and signed affidavits. Just like they did for the 2020 elections!

    • Michael says:

      there is no like button to push. I just posted on a different site how evidence is brought forwardand ignored. If they don’t see it or hear it it never happened

  7. Yawwee says:

    Fraud and tampering is rampant by the DUMMYCRAPS at EVERY election, how do you think they win !!!! Huge sums of cash are collected by the DUMMYCRAP candidates and used for payoffs, bribes and to ensure only the right people get to vote !!! Nothing will ever become of the corrupt election officials cheating and tampering !!! Money buys the Judges and government heads like the mayor, police chief, state attorney and the media, so it will all be swept under the rug. Wake up you stupid stupid sheeple – stop the DUMMYCRAP insanity !!!!!!

  8. Frank Dominguez says:

    What a disgrace is going on in our country at the pace we going pretty soon we will not be able to vote the demorats stole the 2020 elections they are doing the same in 2022 look out for 2024

  9. It is sad that the liberals are straight up criminals. If something happens to this jerk criminal I could not care. these power leaches need to be punished. The problem is that the judges in many cases are just as criminal.

    • Tangocharlie says:

      Maybe you will have to resort to what the demorats did after the civil war. They started a group to intimidate blacks. They rode around in hoods and burned houses, shot and hanged people. They called it justice. Maybe that should come back on these people, some old time southern justice. It’s not legal justice, but when legal justice doesn’t work. What’s left?

  10. David Barron says:

    Unless the fear of God, that they do not believe in, is instilled in each one of them, nothing will change but it will get worse. Mail in voting must stop, the pandemic is over. Same day balloting should take place and any machine outage should have the machine shut down, sealed, and inspected after the election. All Ballots must conform in size, print quality, and be certified by someone who actually examines them. Ink should be an easy change out like HP cartridges. All machines should have seals put on them once examined for any internet access devices, and connections closed and sealed. Anyone caught tampering with a machine should be detained, arrested, and charged with attempted fraud. Convictions should have a minimum sentence of 1 year in jail and minimum of $10,000 fine. NO candidate may hold any office which oversees or has any connection with any part of an election.

  11. Ima Enyurphase says:

    You might not agree, but these bastards running our State are so corrupted by power they don’t give a damn what voters want. And it’s ducey on down ! hobbs win the last time around was questionable as is this time. NO WAY did she win ! And NO WAY did those “machines” just act up only on Nov 8 ! Not to mention again more “chain of custody” issues moving ballots around. And what about all the triple fencing and police around where votes being counted? Yeah, it was the most “secure” election-secure for them to do their switch-a-roo. At this point if we can’t get any justice, (a “re-do” not “re-count”) getting physical might be the only option. That option crooks understand.

  12. Steve says:

    20 yrs in gitmo

  13. Richard says:

    Something dark & evil is taking place in our nation & our people are unaware of what took place.

  14. William G Munson says:

    A five years in Jail for any violation for Voter fraud with stop this and never be able to vote again or work in Elections Period

  15. Viti says:

    It is an insurrection perpetrated by the democrats and the RINOS! Start calling it what it is folks!

  16. Little Joe says:

    Who is Mark McCall? What is his job, other than messing up elections? AZ has there own problems, and that starts with the current Governor who permitted the person who was running for Governor to stay in her position as Sec, of State with the ability to mess with elections, she should have reclused herself, either that or the Governor should have released her from anything to do with the elections. Things totally stinks and Judges that don’t do their job to see that elections are run honestly should be impeached, in other words, they should do their job regardless of the Party they represent.
    AZ run elections like those of most Democrats, dishonestly and corrupt. They don’t care about the people, they only care about themselves and the Party. Where are the Feds, no where to be seen, as usual.

    • Where is the Arizona Supreme Court? They should present a ruling on the election by saying it should be done again only with heavy monitoring.

  17. baggo says:

    He should be shot for treason.

  18. Jan13 says:

    Looks like it’s time for a new election in AZ. Since I don’t live in there, I’ll volunteer to be a poll watcher, I’m guessing many out of staters would be willing to help. Who knows, if the results change, I may not return to blue NY..?

  19. Bill says:

    When hobbs threatened Election Officials with prison terms for not certifing the election, that was out and out tampering with an election. She does not have the power! Every person that was hindered in voting should file a lawsuit against hobbs and the democrat party. Don’t stand down on this, your rights were violated big time.

  20. Trish says:

    i agree there needs to be a new election in Arizona. I also believe Ms. Lake will fight to insure that happens but she needs the citizens to back her. Writing comments here is great but take those comments to the press, to the city council, the county officials and state officials. The only way to make a difference and stop the voter fraud is for all Americans to begin to show we will NOT be silenced, doped or ignored any longer. I live in California and we have a dictator here, Recall attempts continue to fail and for the same reason, voter fraud. I also agree, the Republicans elected to office need to start standing up for their communities and doing the job we elected to do. But unless, WE, the people of the United States who believe in the words of our constitution of the United States of AMERICA with letters, phone calls, personal appearances, to our legislators nothing will change. WE, the people, must take a stand and make sure our voices are heard by all government officials. Write, phone, make personal meetings, THEY WORK FOR US! IT IS TIME THEY REALIZE IT. PEACEFUL BUT CONTINUED MESSAGING TO OUR OFFICIALS NEEDS TO BE HAPPENING NOW. Write letters, request meetings, make phone calls, use Twitter, Facebook, etc to get the message out, Americans are not going to let our country go without a fight and that means getting honest, hardworking representatives in office who work for the US citizen PERIOD.

  21. dslady says:


  22. Dutch Dorpinghaus says:

    Until we do away with all the mail in ballots,& the electronic voting machines we have seen the last honest election in this country. When people were required to prove they were legal to vote and the votes were hand counted we always knew the results the next day, Now it drags on for weeks.

  23. Dr Katz says:

    Both parties know that Kari Lake easily won the legitimate voting and the Dems ‘methods’ of retrieving and counting votes skirt the laws of fairness, and some call their ‘sleight of hand ways’ cheating! Current Repub leaders dont seem to do anything about it almost like they are either in on it or getting personal funds for it. There must be no permission to vote without voter ID, mail-in voting eliminated, registration rolls must be updated and purged, a return to secure paper ballots (as computerized systems have proven far too easy to manipulate), no early voting – go back to a one day voting election (Tuesday), and stop ballot harvesting. Cmon Repubs, demand an honest redo of the Kari Lake contest as just a recount of the fixed votes would still be crooked. Our citizens need to see actions on elections because they cannot be trusted as accurate as of now.

  24. RobL says:

    They need to re-do the vote completely. Fraud ran rampant in 2022 just as it did in 2020. They know they can get away with it.

  25. messup says:

    These are “the small fish.” The really big “fish” are hiding behind their jobs in Maricopa County, We’re talking about “the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (Mr. Bill Gates-who was whisked away by his buddy, Sheriff Penzone, to a “secret hiding place”). Then there was Mr. Stephan Richer, Maricopa county Recorder who knew all the “heavy Republican zip codes” and where to send his trusted “computer specialist” to “check tabulators and related processing equipment.” Why is this important, you ask? Well, both these gentlemen in 2021 created the “Anti-MAGA PAC’ called (drum roll please) “Pro-Democracy Republican of Arizona PAC.” Folks, if this isn’t enough to stop this joke of an election with DE-CERTIFICATION don’t know what qualifies. There’s more, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV and Strong’s concordance. Psalm 128 and 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate marxist indoctrination. God Bless.

  26. Steve Armstrong says:

    Until the militia groups and vigilantes out there show they have some courage and blow these MF’s away, nothing will change.

    • Blondie says:

      This crap has been going on in foreign countries forever, but, now we see the people turn to violence & get rid of them. It’s working. Since America is now a 3rd world country, wonder what we could expect next. After while people get tired of NOTHING being done…..

  27. Gerald Ladd says:

    Funny niggeRATS swear up, and down there is no voter fraud.

  28. Bobby G says:

    Unfortunately when I try to post articles like this on FB they block me saying it contains content that “is offensive to some people”.

    • Dan says:

      And yet the rip off ads and lately some pretty graffic sex ads are ok.

  29. Christian Wolf says:

    We need someone with the guts to stand up and say this sh_t is going to stop!!! We need a Wyatt Earp, or a George Patton to step to the plate and kick ass. This is TWO elections where conservative candidates got screwed. All of our judges are so corrupt they need to be hung for treason. Welcome to 1984 in America, where the police state runs wild…

  30. Dan says:

    Love the “nothing to see here” mindset of these scumbags just like the mystery boxes of ballots that showed up in philli in 2020 when they tried to cover all the windows with cardboard.

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