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New York Appellate Judge Smacks Down Far-Left Judge Engoron, Pauses Dissolving Trump Org.

Elise Stefanik Files Judicial Ethics Complaint Against Judge Arthur Engoron in Trump Civil Fraud Trial

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Elise Stefanik has filed a judicial ethics complaint against Trump judge Engoron for bizarre and biased behavior, possibly as a tryout for Trump’s 2024 running mate, but even if that is true, her case is beyond dispute. She is accusing him of “inappropriate bias and judicial intemperance.” She filed her complaint with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct. She is alleging that Engoron is “not honoring [Trump’s] rights to due process and a fair trial.”

She pointed to examples of Engoron’s “clear judicial bias,” including telling Trump’s attorney last year that his client is “just a bad guy” who Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James “should go after.”

Stefanik said:

“If Judge Engoron can railroad a billionaire New York businessman, a former President of the United States, and the leading presidential candidate, just imagine what he could do to all New Yorkers. Judge Engoron’s lawlessness sends an ominous and illegal warning to New York business owners: If New York judges don’t like your politics, they will destroy your business, the livelihood of your employees, and you personally. This Commission cannot let this continue.”

Stefanik also has problems with the gag order on Trump while Jack Smith’s tram continues to plant lies in the mainstream press. On top of the gag order, the corrupt judge has fined Trump twice, once for $5,000 and once for $10,000 dollars.

Stefanik continued:

“If anyone in America must have the constitutional right to speak out against the judge, his staff, the witnesses, or the process, it’s a defendant going through a process he believes is politicized and weaponized against him. To gag a defendant is un-American. It’s an illegal prior restraint on the defendant’s First Amendment rights, which even the progressive ACLU felt compelled to acknowledge after another Democrat judge–D.C. Obama U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan–illegally gagged President Trump.”

From The Daily Caller

Before the trial started, Engoron ruled that Trump and his business had committed fraud by inflating his net worth and the value of his assets, deceiving banks and insurance companies.

Stefanik also noted that both Engoron and his staff are Democrat donors.

From The New York Post

Fourth-ranking House Republican Elise Stefanik accused Judge Arthur Engoron of “bizarre behavior” and “clear judicial bias” Friday in the ongoing civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

Stefanik (R-NY) asked the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct to review what she labeled Engoron’s “inappropriate bias and judicial intemperance.”

The upstate lawmaker insisted that “Judge Engoron is not honoring the defendant’s rights to due process and a fair trial” and is “breaking several rules in the New York Code of Judicial Conduct” while considering allegations that Trump inflated the value of his properties to secure bank loans.

Trump, 77, is the front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and is leading President Biden, 80, in most recent polls.

He testified in the fraud case Monday and clashed repeatedly with Engoron from the witness stand.

“At the start of the trial, Judge Engoron infamously smiled and posed for the cameras. After the defendant won an appellate ruling against Judge Engoron on the appropriate statute of limitations in this case, the judge simply ignored the ruling,” Stefanik wrote in the four-page complaint.

“Judge Engoron entered summary judgment against the defendant before the trial even began, without witnesses, other evidence, and cross-examination,” added Stefanik, a possible Trump running mate.


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Comments 14

  1. Jimmy says:

    I can only hope that these rogue judges and prosecutors get taken down so hard, they create a crater as big as Lake Superior. Remember, the value of something is what another is willing to pay for that something, The Banks.Loan companies will also do their own valuation and in the case of this bogus prosecution of Trump , there were NO victims, NO harm, NO defaults and EVERYONE made a profit. WTF is the FRAUD????? At the end of this, I hope they bend James and Engoron over a saw horse and shove the transcripts of this case up their goat-smell’n asses. Then disqualify them from even prosecuting and adjudicating a freaking Parking Ticket…

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    • Sarah Lucas says:

      Fraud never took place if you look at the dictionary definition of what Fraud is.

  2. Stephen Russell says:

    Bravo Elise Bravo

  3. Donald R Cook says:

    Loch Him up and then go after Soros.

  4. Russ says:

    This partisan hack has no business ever being a judge.

  5. Carol says:

    Donald Cook: Who is ‘him’?

    What kind of judicial system do we have? They are more crooked than the people they’re trying.

    Please clean up the judicial system before more damage is done by them.

  6. bob says:

    This degenerate judge is a DISGRACE and a NUT !! He should be booted off the bench !!!

  7. Earnest T Bass says:

    The GILLIGAN wannabe ought to be HANGED
    in TIME SQUARE!!!
    Can I get a AMEN !!??

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  9. bigger says:

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  10. Don says:

    Engoron needs removed and sent to prison.

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