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Elizabeth Ailes, Widow of Roger Ailes, Holds First Interview: Slams the Murdochs for Destroying FOX News (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Ailes, Widow of Roger Ailes, Holds First Interview: Slams the Murdochs for Destroying FOX News (VIDEO)

Roger Ailes' widow says the Murdochs have destroyed Fox News.

Elizabeth Ailes, wife of programming genius, Roger Ailes did her first interview since her husband’s passing. Her interviewer was Eric Bolling for Newsmax.

She said the person closest to Roger is President Donald Trump. She also blasted the Murdochs for destroying in six years what Roger built over a period of twenty years.

Ailes knew that millions of Americas were dying for a conservative lineup and he gave it to them and they became the undisputed leader on cable news.

On Thursday, Elizabeth Ailes joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax for her first interview since Roger’s death in 2017. Bolling was canned by Fox News in 2016. Elizabeth (Beth) Ailes did not hold back in their interview.

From The Gateway Pundit

Beth Ailes: I think that Rupert thought that he could do Roger’s job. Remember, two weeks after Roger left in July of 2016, rupert moved into his office.

My mother used to say that Rupert was jealous of Roger. Roger married me. I was 20 years his junior. Rupert went out and married someone 30 or 40 years his junior.

We built a house in the Hudson Valley. He went out and got a house on Center Island. There were things that happened. Zach was born in 2000. He then had two children later. So maybe there is something to that.

** Roger said to me, these useless kids, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber are going to ruin the channel and turn it into CNN. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

** On contacting Tucker Carlson: To give him some insight yes, to give him some insight into what I think is going to happen next. Because not many people have survived this kind of the attacks that the Murdochs unleash on those that once brought them great fame and fortune, when they’ve decided that they’re ready to discard you. It’s quite unbelievable, I think, that Roger never expected Rupert to treat him in the way that he did. He basically Soviet (airbrushed) Roger out of the history of Fox News.

** On Donald Trump: They were friends for a very long time, way before Fox News. And in fact, if you go on Google and go to the Ailes archives, roger did an interview with Donald when he was doing a show on America’s Talking, and Roger asked him, do you think you’d ever run for president? And Donald said, you know, Roger, I don’t know if anybody’s ready for the truth. And the fact is, we are as a country, our country, our government, our culture. It feels like it’s in a state of freefall, but it’s been happening slowly for the last 30 years, and you need strong leadership, and you need people who can tell it like it is. And I think that the only person on Earth closest to Roger is Donald Trump.



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  1. Nicholas says:

    Closet Democrats Murdoch and Board member Paul Ryan seem to be working on destroying Fox.
    Looks like Newsmax is the Network benefitting. Sad.

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  3. joseph ludvigson says:

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  4. CPO Bill says:

    murdoch F*#KED FOX and Sucked biden!

  5. Adonis says:

    Elizabeth Ailes was right in every respect in her comments about Fox. Murdochs are getting exactly what they deserve as conservatives are looking for alternatives to Fox now after being stabbed in the bac.

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