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Elon Musk Eliminated 20 Janitor Jobs, The Rest Went on Strike…Musk Cans Them All

Janitors went out on strike, so Musk fires them.

In an effort to cut costs, Elon Musk laid off 20 of the cleaning crew that Twitter contracted for. The janitors are in the SEIU union and they decided to go on strike even though they do not work directly for Twitter. So Musk did the honorable thing and reunited all of the janitors…. on the unemployment line. Now, they are complaining about losing their jobs just before Christmas. But, they did not lose their jobs, they threw them away.

China is hurting for money too and they are considering laying off a lot of Democratic Senators and House members, but Joe’s job is safe. I suggest that the Democratic members of Congress do not go on strike against China or they could be laid off as well. They will need all the money they can get to keep the Chinese spies they are sleeping with happy.

The California Labor Federation, which represents 1,200 California unions wrote:

“Twitter doesn’t seem to understand how important it is to keep a clean house and respect the people who take out the trash.”

Au contrare, mon Frere, Musk just took out the trash himself. Most efficiently I might add. There is no doubt that he can find a new agency that can supply janitors, probably non-union.

Former employee Amir Shevat said:

“The way Elon Musk executed the layoffs was really inhumane. At a certain point, I was told that as a manager that I might felt fired if I just gathered my team just to answer questions.”

Said Adrian Trejo Nunez, another former employee:

He chose to fire so many of us during a difficult time period in the tech industry.”

From WSWS:

The workers began picketing the corporate offices at noon to demand that they be rehired and compensated for any lost wages. The janitorial employees have been locked out of the Twitter offices since Friday evening.

NBC Bay Area reported on Monday that the workers, who are members of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 87, were picketing loudly outside of the Twitter headquarters.

SEIU Local president Olga Miranda said, “Our cleaning contractor at Twitter was told by Twitter that they are cutting the contract. So, we have about 48 families out of work. And it just so happens that it’s three weeks before Christmas.”

Miranda said the contract between FlagShip and Twitter officially ends on December 9. The striking workers told local media that they intended to continue their action until their demands are met.

Once the Twitter transaction was completed on October 27, Musk declared himself the sole director of the social media company, fired its board of directors and four top executives and laid off 3,700 employees, one half of the entire workforce.

After advertisers began pulling their spending with Twitter over concerns about content moderation, Musk issued an ultimatum to the staff stating that the company was at a “fork in the road” and any remaining employees had to commit to an “extremely hardcore” working environment. This promptly led to the resignation of another 1,200 employees.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 27

  1. Viti says:

    Shame the union gave all that campaign money to the democrats, they could have saved that money for the union members. Did the union leadership loose any money for calling a strike? Bet they didn’t. Why would any company allow people they could not trust into their work place?

  2. Kevin says:


    • mr carroll j wood says:


    • madmemere says:

      There is a common saying – -“Actions have consequences” and cleaning crew and twit employees all “acted” themselves out of a job. They have no one but themselves to blame.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Elon.Do You need a good honest hard working non-union Janitor?!
    I would probably fit the mold.

  4. David Folsom says:

    It would truly be justice if Elon hired 10 of the “Nuevo Americans” to replace the 50 or so contractors.

  5. jlk7734 says:

    Give Musk another plus in the Democrat’s shit list. He is taking them down slowly, painfully, and professionally. Joe’s first pedofile wife/lady is the POTUS. Joe is a puppet, but very much an asset to China, and does not give a dam about the US or It’s people

  6. Louis Cortez says:

    I think there is a place for Unions to a point. But in our society, Unions over the years have become detrimental to the employer as well as the employee. They are too political. After seeing what power the teachers union has in Cali but actually doesnt benefit the Frontline teachers & seeing how Unions force bad employees unto Contractors (or else) they are abusive to both parties if the need be. Why strike right before Christmas to begin with?

  7. F-BRANDON says:

    Elon was tired of the “feet up, napping” and tamale wrappers.

  8. alan says:

    Boo effing hoo, where were their tears when AT&T lays off 4000 us citizens a quarter since 2014 and replaces them with contractors over seas. Twitter workers have cushy jobs, I did not. I did nothing wrong except age out over 50. SO I have empathy for them but no sympathy.

    • Anna says:

      As my old Auntie used to say , you find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphillis! those left wing humps, let them call Soros , he can give them jbs with AntiFa.

  9. J. R. Justice says:

    If more business OWNERS would take a lesson from Mr. Musk, Maybe then these COMMUNIST UNIONS would get the message that they do not run anything but their collective mouths !!!! It WILL be very hard for them to collect those “UNION DUES” from unemployed members !!!! LMAO !!!!
    FIRED THEM ALL !!!!!!!! That’s RICH !!!!! KUDOS Mr.Musk !!!!

  10. the old Marine says:

    I think he is doing great. I belonged to unions when I was working, they always pushed the Democrats but I voted who I wanted, it was different then we stood in line to vote and never thought of it being crooked. I did not like some things the union done so I became active and tried to keep our local fair for everyone. It was hard sometimes because people make their own problems sometime. I did this for forty years from 1960 to 2020, but things were different and people were also.

  11. Richard says:

    Now there is a man who is a man…..clean house Elon fire all the socialists.

  12. Doug Litchfield says:

    When you have no talent and bring nothing to the table to enhance a companies bottom line, expect to be fodder. It’s called work ethic for the clueless.

  13. Roland says:

    I read all of the posts and it appears nobody seems to have picked up on Musk didn’t actually fire anybody all he did was inform the agency that he no longer needed these people anymore. It is the agencies responsibility to find these people another place to work. I spent many years doing work for a agency. The one thing you always know, is that you work where you work but you work for somebody else.

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      This is the real facts as you laid them out. It isn’t the fault of Twitter or Musk that the agency is the one to screw the people. But like good Democrats they are, they misdirect and use smoke and mirrors to avoid being in the spotlight where they should be.

      • Nexus says:

        One overlooked fact is how amazing stupid it was of the janitors and their union, to get this grabby a week before their contract expired.. it is hard to believe they were THAT stupid.

  14. Jerry Gillespie says:

    Ha Ha……. great read

  15. Joanne Crout says:


  16. Stacy Dougherty says:

    At least they can collect unemployment! Go look for another job. Its not the end of the world but think twice if you want to be Union?

  17. DetroitDom says:

    There was a guy who bought a business in the Detroit area and paid his employees well, including great benefits. One day the union came along. The owner told the employees that unions are not out for their best interest and should avoid joining. Well the employees joined the union anyway.

    The owner? He was very well off so he just shut down the business. The employees now had their union but no jobs.

  18. Tommie Colaw says:

    I am an Elon Musk fan. He is doing his part to stop some of the nonsense. I am also a Donald J. Trump fan. He was the first to openly point out the crookedness of the Democrats and reveal what a swamp they are.

  19. Nexus says:

    A janitor’s union… well, chuckles, if Reagan can fire the ENTIRE Air-traffic controllers union, WHICH HE DID, you jagoffs look ridiculous complaining here.

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