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Elon Musk Fires Former FBI Lawyer Who Vetted the Twitter Files

Elon Musk Fires Former FBI Lawyer Who Vetted the Twitter Files

Elon Musk fires James Baker for vetting Twitter Files before their release.

Elon Musk has fired the general Counsel James Baker after it was discovered that he had vetted the recently released “Twitter Files.” People who analyzed the files were curious as to why there was no mention of the FBI’s role in the censorship. When they began digging they found out that someone named James had vetted the files that were released.

After some digging, they found that James was James Baker, who was at the center of the FBI investigation into the bogus Rusia collusion hoax and in all likelihood the FBI censoring scandal with Big Tech. Since he was the one that vetted the Twitter Files it appears he edited himself out. Upon finding out about this Musk fired Baker immediately. They may go over the files themselves to see what else Baker may have cut from the expose.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk released internal company communications through journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday about the Twitter censorship of the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. Taibbi then discovered Baker’s role in vetting the documents before the release. The Big Tech firms had censored the story at the request of the FBI after the request was made by the Democratic party.

Within the batch of documents, Taibbi discovered an email from Baker on how to handle the Hunter Biden laptop story:

“I support the conclusion that we need more facts to assess whether the materials were hacked. At this stage, however, it is reasonable for us to assume that they may have been and that caution is warranted. There are some facts that indicate that the materials may have been hacked, while there are others indicating that the computer was either abandoned and/or the owner consented to allow the repair shop to access it for at least some purposes. We simply need more information.”

The second batch of documents was supposed to be released last weekend but has been delayed after the discovery that Baker was the one vetting the documents. They will be released after a review has been made to see if they too had been compromised. It seems to me that Baker’s action should get him disbarred if not for the fact he is a Democrat. He has liberal privilege.

From The Daily Wire

Musk immediately fired Baker upon learning the news. “In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today,” Musk tweeted.

Taibbi tweeted, “On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of ‘Twitter Files’ – without knowledge of new management.”

“The process for producing the ‘Twitter Files’ involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated,” Taibbi said. “Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was @BariWeiss who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask ‘Jim’s’ last name, the answer came back: ‘Jim Baker.’”

Taibbi said:

“Baker is a controversial figure. He has been something of a Zelig of FBI controversies dating back to 2016, from the Steele Dossier to the Alfa-Server mess. He resigned in 2018 after an investigation into leaks to the press. The news that Baker was reviewing the ‘Twitter files’ surprised everyone involved, to say the least. New Twitter chief Elon Musk acted quickly to ‘exit’ Baker Tuesday.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 21

  1. Spectre7734 says:

    The conspiracy to treasonously undermine every facet of our country is mindboggling! When
    do these treacherous conspirators face their crimes? This has been an astronomical coup!
    This must be met with the full level of punishment! DEATH!

    • DetroitDom says:

      There are MANY in this nation who should be arrested and tried for treason, and/ or other high crimes. If found guilty, they should be, at minimum, serving a life sentence in GITMO, or hanged publicly and left to swing in the wind for a month as a “SEE & SMELL” for all their fellow rats who seem to think they are above the law.

    • Rotondaron says:

      Hopefully…Republicans will make this “Treasonist Scum”, AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO IN THIS REPUBLIC!..[ “OR” FACE FEDERAL PENITENTIARY! ]

      *Adam “Schif-face”, should be holding hands with this Anti-American enemy, { J. Baker}…as well as Slick willie, Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Dr. “Mengele” Fauci, Most of the departing Demoncrat Congress, & almost all of the *Lame Stream Media!

  2. L says:

    This shit is beyond treason i don’t know what we do, but it appears no one is doing anything!! Yeah we see arrests of podophiles.. But these mid rollers from the president on down nope. I want the people way far behind the scenes, these people pulling all the strings.. Cuz were are never going to solve this problem until we get rid of every last one them.. Then maybe humanity can live in real peace on earth. But if we don’t get them they will just do this again and again until they accomplish there goals.. To one change humanity on the DNA level two and enslave us, which they are doing there dam-est do right now.. It still remains to be seen if we can win the 5 th dimensional warfare that is being done to We The People

    • paul reiner says:

      agreed its like no one cares. im old and still care about our children and theres how selfish have we become

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      There are only two options. Either vote them out or throw them out.

    • DetroitDom says:

      Our country faces many challenges, from Free & Fair Elections to Campaign Finance Laws to the DOJ failing to prosecute politicians and their staff members for criminal behavior.

      I have terrific solutions for all but if I ran for office, they’d kill me before I ever reached DC because it would greatly diminish any chances of:
      – cheaters ever being placed in positions of power ever again.
      – becoming rich through campaign donations

    • Rotondaron says:

      Republicans will continue to be “STYMIED”…At every turrn because of totally irresponsible voters, in all the swing statess….[They simply do not understand that this Republic, is “on the way out”…because of their narcissistic attitude towards personal responsibility, & integrity]

      This is the result of no family values, no God in their lives, & “GIMME, GIMME, GIMME”…”anything free that I can get without working for it”!…[ THIS FOUL ATTITUDE COLLAPSED ROME]..LOOK THAT UP, & VERIFY IT FOR YOURSELF! At this moment, it may “BE TOO LATE”, to turn this around! Georgia, & Arizona, Mich, Penn….. & more)…had an opportunity to make this right, & failed!

  3. Stealth says:

    Sadly, most ‘Conservatives’ seemed to have rolled over preferring to have their ‘bellies scratched’ like the dogs they are!

  4. Ted says:

    Is it time for the torches and pitch forks yet? Keep sitting on your fat butts and watch while your families suffer and perish you sorrowful cowards….

  5. Crossram says:

    It’s about time the Republicans do something about these Criminals I know there’s planted Democrats in the party but they have to grow some balls.

    • Edwin says:

      I beginning to wonder how many republicans are in on “The Plan”. All the proof seems to be there but nothing happens. If the new House doesn’t do something you will know the deal. But in the end if you can’t get rid of Biden he can just pardon everyone.

  6. Ted says:

    So, as usual, the criminals get to do the dirty deeds and walk away to screw us another day. How I long for the justice of the 1800s. The nearest tree and a rope….

  7. Drosack says:


  8. guest says:

    Since when did treason become a slap on the hand crime time to hang these crooks take a few of them down that curve it a bit but they keep getting away with there crimes.

  9. Viti says:

    Lets hope Baker was not able to delete any evidence, and that it can be released whole. This country has been taken over people, by the uniparty. The insurrection happened on election day 2020. There is no Constitution without accountability, you see it with your own eyes. The rule of law is dead.

  10. Wes says:

    The FBI has become a watchdog for the Left. Big Tech has become the DNC’s propaganda tool that has conflicted the will of the people with misinformation and fake news. It’s hard to measure the damage that has been done but it will take a huge amount of effort to clean this mess up.

  11. dennodogg says:

    ” Suicides….many, many of them. Begin ! “

  12. Jerry Gillespie says:

    As long as Campaign Money is a priority will will have a corrupt government. Most of the Politicians are for sale to the highest bidders. Right now the money people are big tech, big pharma, China and multi-billionaire globalists. They all want the USA subservient to the United Nation.

    REMEMBER it was Obama who planed to use the UN Military (Peacekeepers) to be the police to take away our guns from our homes.

    • ssilv48 says:

      oboma, the kenyan born muslim e that is still not a citizen of the United States???

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