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Elon Musk Hammers San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed: She is Investigating Him Over Mattresses He Set Up

Mayor London Breed objects to mattresses made available for tired employees.
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One thing you can say about Democratic mayors. They really know how to get businesses to relocate to a red city in a red state. San Francisco is putting a massive strike at Elon Musk and if he was wise, he would head out to Texas or Florida ASAP. Mayor London Breed is investigating Twitter because Elon Musk brought in for his employees who are too tired to drive home after putting in so many hours.

Evidently, Breed thinks people who are exceptionally tired should not sleep at the office but should be out on the road and hope they don’t fall asleep, killing people and damaging trees and buildings. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

KQED Supervising Senior Editor Ted Goldberg tweeted:

“San Francisco building inspectors are launching an investigation into reports Twitter has converted several office rooms at its headquarters into sleeping quarters for employees. We need to make sure the building is being used as intended’ [SF Department of Building Inspection] rep tells @KQEDnews.”

Musk responded:

 “So city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl. Where are your priorities @LondonBreed!?”

Employee Esther Crawford said:

“When your team is pushing round the clock to make deadlines sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork. Since some people are losing their minds I’ll explain: doing hard things requires sacrifice (time, energy, etc). I have teammates around the world who are putting in the effort to bring something new to life so it’s important to me to show up for them & keep the team unblocked.”

“I work with amazingly talented & ambitious people here at Twitter and this is not a normal moment in time. We are less than 1wk into a massive business & cultural transition. People are giving it their all across all functions: product, design, eng, legal, finance, marketing, etc. I love my family and I’m grateful they understand that there are times when I need to go into overdrive to grind and push in order to deliver. Building new things at Twitter’s scale is very hard to do. I’m lucky to be doing this work alongside some of the best people in tech.”

From The Daily Wire

Musk’s response to Breed included a link to a news article from the San Francisco Chronicle about a 10-month-old baby who reportedly overdosed on fentanyl after being exposed to the drug at a public playground.

The city launched an investigation after Forbes reported that employees at the tech giant had “modest bedrooms featuring unmade mattresses, drab curtains and giant conference-room telepresence monitors.”

Another room had a plant, the article said, while another room had bright orange carpet “a wooden bedside table and what appears to be a queen bed, replete with a table lamp and two office armchairs just begging for convivial workplace collaboration.”

The slightly modified rooms were an upgrade from a photo that gained attention in November that showed one employee sleeping in a sleeping bag behind an office table.

I once worked a 31-hour shift because Home Depot forgot to give us advanced notice. Myself and one other person stayed to help me. We pulled and loaded sixteen flatbeds full of the orange pallet racking you see in their stores and we got the job done. I was tired, but I was happy that we got the work done and we felt accomplished. No one ordered me to stay. I did it because I loved my job and the bosses I worked for.



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Comments 3

  1. Doug Litchfield says:

    Is San Sicko not getting tax revenue for that structure? That leech should be thankful a legitimate business remains in that district to tax. Building code twinks will now be flaming about egress windows from these sack out rooms.

    • DetroitDom says:

      Throw the building inspectors thru the windows to prove they are egress windows. If they survive the fall, point them in the direction of the buildings where the drug users and poor reside. You know, the ones . . . . where the elevators don’t work, pipes are leaking or not delivering water at all, and no heat when cold, etc.

      • Doug Litchfield says:

        I hear there is another structure in that town with exploding windows. Must be an epidemic brilliant minds are baffled with.

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