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FACT CHECK: Biden Falsely Claimed He Was ‘Raised in the Puerto Rican Community’ but He’s From Scranton

FACT CHECK: Biden Falsely Claimed He Was ‘Raised in the Puerto Rican Community’ but He’s From Scranton

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Joe Biden, 79, falsely claimed that he was raised “the Puerto Rican community” during a speech in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. This is false.

“I, uh, I, uh, was sorta, raised, uh, in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically, and so and we and we came here for a long time, both for business and pleasure,” Biden said.

Biden was actually born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942 until he was 10 years old. While the demographics have likely changed over the last 70 years, Scranton is currently about 2% Puerto Rican by population.

In 1953, the Biden family moved to Delaware, where he has lived the majority of his life and eventually attended the University of Delaware for college. Like Scranton, Delaware has a very small Puerto Rican population, clocking in at only 0.81%.

Biden eventually left his home state to earn a law degree from Syracuse University in New York and famously lied about how he graduated at the top half of his class.

There is no evidence that Biden was ever was “raised” among the Puerto Rican community.

Biden had difficulty speaking and correctly pronouncing words during his speech in Puerto Rico today, turning and asking someone else on stage to “help me with the pronunciation.

“And we’ve announced sic – a hundred and sixty-three million, uh [unintelligble] million dollars to begin construction on the canal to restore can -” Biden stammered before turning to his right to beg Puerto Rico governor Pedro Pierluisi for help.

“Help me with the pronunciation,” Biden demanded, to which Pierluisis replied, “Martin Pena, Martin Pena.”

“Martin Pena,” Biden recited. “The, that entire ecosystem. And we’re gonna clean up polluted waters and restore mitigation habits, m-m-mangrove habitat, mangrove habitats.”

Biden had also strangely uttered something about the state of New York sending the “most congresswoman in the Congress.”

“And New York sent not only a congresswoman, the most congresswoman in the Congress, but a State Troopers and emergency responders,” Biden stammered, leaving many users online confused and concerned about his mental fitness.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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  1. Richard says:

    When will America stop Joe Biden & crony Democrats from making so many gaffs….let’s hope in Nov.2022-24..he has become an embarrassment to himself & America.

  2. TruthLaser says:

    Everyone raised in a Puerto Rican community needs help pronouncing “Martin Pena,” vamos hombre.

  3. Drosack says:

    Haalow mang!

  4. I like Chicken Adobo and lumpia. That makes me Filipino.

    Since Twitter suspended me, feel free to post my QUOTE from me and by me to Twitter FOR me, QUOTE: @JoeBiden
    Today is Tuesday, October 4th,the 622nd day of the worst Presidency in history.Biden’s lies,dementia and blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented” threat to the national security,world economy, and democratic rule of law with equal immunities, powers, privileges, and protections. – John Lloyd Scharf
    If you do repost my quote, please let me know.

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